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  1. We took delivery of our new Seville 2 weeks ago and I must check the nose weight. Our mover is in front of the axle and we are using a 7. 5 kg safefill in the gas locker. We asked the dealer for the weight upgrade as part of the deal. We take it away next week and when it's on level ground I'll get the milenco guage out.
  2. Edited as I've now read someone saying the Bailey floors are treated. Does the treatment require maintenance?
  3. Woodentop, can I ask how you are getting on with your new Seville? I'm also interested in your weight upgrade, did you get that from the dealer or directly via the factory?
  4. mrsfallon

    Nose Weight

    Pebble, we are also Delta owners (we have a 2017 RI). We originally had ordered a TI and had to cancel the order because of nose weight. Our Audi Q3 has a nose weight limit of 80 kgs and we managed to get the factory to confirm that the ex works nose weight on a TI was 91 kgs, so we cancelled the order. The dealer did come back very quickly to confirm that if we still wanted a Delta then we could consider an RI as the nose weight on that caravan is only 67 kgs ex works. That was a weight we felt we could work with, but even now our preference is still for a TI due to the longer front seats.
  5. If you find the Lunar Cararavan Owners Club on Facebook and a few have Alaria's on there. 2017 models as you probably know share the same body dimensions as the Delta, but are wider for 2018. I loved the 2017 models but found the "disco" lights a bit cheesy (they have gone for 2018). The upholstery in 2017 was very grey, but it did work and would have been pet friendly. As you've already discovered there is an additional layout this year and the grey colour front panel has gone. From what I can see the panel was wrapped and based on the experience of the black one on our Delta they do get affected by stone chips. I hope that helps.
  6. Yes absolutely, my post wasn't that clear. A TI ex works has a noseweight of 91 Kgs. An RI had an ex works nose weight of about 67kgs. These are the exact figures sent to me by Lunar on 24th January for a 2017 spec van. Our Q3 has a nose weight max of 80 kgs and so the TI would have been a big no no for us. I have a friend who bought a TS and was towing it with a Volvo V70 XC, he's had to swap the car to an XC90 because the V70 wasn't great towing the TS (also an 80Kg max car). Nose weight of course is only half the story, to quote Lunar's own words, however I wasn't confident that we would be able to load a TI and get it to the 80 kg mark, so we swapped the order.
  7. We are on our second Lunar, after making a terrible mistake and buying a problematic Sterling. We have a Delta RI and tow at 100% with an Audi Q3. Originally we were having a TI but the noseweight was significantly more than on an RI, so swapped the order. We also did strip some weight from it. The standalone table stays at home, the spare wheel carrier was removed (we have the wheel under the bed as per in the Sterling) and the jacking points went because we have the mover beind the rear wheels.
  8. We have a Delta RI that was built and delivered in March. It's our 3rd caravan since 2015. We started off with a Quasar 462 which we p/x'd for a bigger caravan as we had a new rather leggy puppy and needed more space. The biggest issue with that 462 has been little nicks on panels here and there but the dealer (Swindon Caravans) were sorting them all under warranty. Other than that it had a misting window in the door at 12 months old and the cooker ignition had stopped working. We made the great mistake of trading it for a Sterling Elite 560. A mistake in that although it was delivered in perfect condition by Swindon Caravans, after 9 months we'd had 42 faults on it. It was all stupid things, but the list added up and up. We decided to p/x it and ordered the Delta, purely because we considered we'd had a better caravan built by Lunar. Even on the day of swap over we had fault 43 occur, when the Gas Locker Door Mechanism fell apart when emptying the locker. Our Delta is almost 6 months old and it's had 1 trip back to Swindon for warranty after 40 nights use. Around 20% of the items on the list were items I just wanted checking rather than definite faults. Ironically we quite like the new Bailey Unicorn and went to view them last week. If we'd had a problem Lunar I liked the Bailey's that much I'd have ordered one, but the big thing stopping us is at present we think we have a really good un, whereas Bailey do have lots of horrendous stories about Alutech. I certainly recommend to people seeing their van once it's arrived at the dealer. We saw out Delta the week before once it had been delivered and I can recommend Swindon Caravans for those of you down the M4 corridor.
  9. It was my understanding that you had to buy the display.
  10. I work for a Kia dealer and I've just been sent a brochure for the new Rexton. Will definitely go and have a drive in one as a possible replacement towcar for our Q3. Funny isn't it that although I can get staff discount on a Sorento I wouldn't buy one.
  11. The reviews regarding the Seville do look quite positive regarding the layout. I know it won't be for everyone but it having seen one yesterday it certainly did work.
  12. So a quick question and this is a genuine question from someone who last owned a Bailey pre Alutech. Are the latest Alutech construction vans problematic, or have they resolved most of the issues. I know all caravan manufacturers have problems are the Bailey builds any worse?
  13. Excellent suggestion Frank and thank you,
  14. A quick question for those of you with more knowledge of Air Awnings and who have seen the door/kitchen window/gas locker position on the new Seville. I know an awning will fit but would it have to be a full awning or would one of the Kampa Air Awnings work. If so which sort of sizes?
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