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  1. Just found this thread so a bit late replying! Had a similar problem with my 2016 Pastiche 520. I traced it by putting a multimeter measuring amps in series with the battery lead, leaving everything switched off then removing each fuse in turn until I found one that cut any current draw. It turned out to be one labelled 'fridge ignition'. With that in circuit it was drawing 100mA which over just a few days would drain the battery. I now take this out when we're on storage. Perhaps someone else can explain why this happens and perhaps a better remedy but it worked for us
  2. Not sure it'll be in Apple Store, I got it on Android
  3. Apologies if this has been covered before but whilst whiling away my time I came across a great app which I think is a must for TV addict caravanners! It's called DTV Antennas and it searches out and displays the terrestrial TV transmitters nearest to where your location is. It gives direction arrows for them all (listed in distance from your location) and you can tap the nearest / most convenient one and it's displayed on a map from your location. Also displays the channels available on that particular mast. Means you can line your aerial up quickly and easily (also tells you if it's Vertical or Horizontal) It's free to download but usual ad-free one available for £3.49. No links with the developer just struck me as a very useful addition to a smart phone.
  4. Cheers I'll bear that in mind. Not due to pick up until early December so hopefully they'll be up to speed by then
  5. Stopped over in Salisbury earlier this week and called into Tilshead caravans (actually the dealer we use despite living in Devon!) 'just to look' and mentioned we'd heard about the new Acadia range. Turns out they'd just received the Acadia 520 for their upcoming open week-end. The 520 is the model we've always had so really had to inspect it. As soon as we stepped in it felt 'right' to us. Despite supposedly being a cross between the Vision and Pastiche range it felt pretty well appointed to us. Nice light airy interior. Well thought out front end, good lighting throughout and sensible switch layout. The twin front lockers allowed a much more open front seating area. They've reverted to the pull-out wooded slats for the bed which IMHO is much easier than the previous metal pull-out frame which was at the wrong angle when trying to manoeuvre it. Main bench cushions now go practically all the way along the seats avoiding that join just where you want to sit. Cupboard doors really nicely shaped. Bathroom is well thought through. One addition is a HEATED cupboard on your right as you come in the main door. The double front lockers I was dubious about but having seen them they do seem to work really well with a separate gas locker. The doors open very wide to make access much easier. I hope they're more waterproof than our current one though! Only disappointment was that ATC was not standard fitting but available as an add-on. All in all it came over as a very well thought out van. So impressed were we …...we've got one on order for delivery early December (oh, and we payed the extra for ATC and we've got a free motor mover being fitted)
  6. So how did they enter what is supposed to be a secure site ? Does it suggest an 'inside job' ?
  7. Oh....lots of good ideas there !!! Went the way of buying some 22mm plastic water pipe and splitting along the length then clipping over the tube. Nice to know it wasn't just me...what a daft idea it was. Also the internal pump can be quite noisy compared to the in-tank pump ! Cheers everyone
  8. Has anyone else got problems with the semi-rigid tubing on the water inlet coupling on these vans ? They seem to take a curve then stay that way so don't reach the bottom of the aquaroll (or rise away from it as the water level reduces). I'm thinking of either sheathing it with some rigid plastic tube to keep it straight or swap out a length of it to the pickup filter with rigid tubing. Anyone else got a remedy ?
  9. If anyone is concerned with their tow-ball going rusty if it's not greased, buy some rust-inhibiting paper (dirt cheap !) and put a piece inside your tow-ball cover (you do use one of course !) I do this even though I have a removable tow-ball stored in my garage. .
  10. Thanks for all your comments. It does seem strange that there should be an unswitched 12V circuit running all the time. the drain I measured was about 100mA which doesn't sound a lot but over several weeks in storage was clearly enough to drain the battery. I'm guessing I'll have to learn to live with pulling the fuse every time I leave the van for a long period 🤨
  11. Hi everyone, long time since I've been on here due to lots happening but just thought somebody might throw some light on this problem I've been having . My leisure battery has been draining rapidly in storage (in the caravan) and I finally settled down to try to trace the problem. After working through all the circuits to find the drain I discovered that if I removed the Fridge Ignition fuse the current drainage stopped (checking with a multimeter). Seems to me the circuit should be disabled if the main switch is off and the fridge switched off. Anyone else had this and come up with a solution ? Should I mention it as a possible fault when the van goes in for service ? Thanks in advance for any pointers 👍
  12. No it's GOT to be a green watering can
  13. I had a similar problem on my old caravan last year. Turned out the 'hole'that one of the turn-buckles went into had a crack so although it looked like they were locking the pump into place, under the water pressure the pump block twisted and allowed water out. Had to replace the whole unit
  14. Don't know whether this has been posted before but a VERY good illustration of why loading is so critical https://youtu. be/SXQt-8SZYT8
  15. It was razor sharp. .....didn't notice til the blood was flowing
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