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  1. The wires are connected via scotchlocks Can i check terminal 6 on the relay with a bulb i have no tester just doing it to earth i take it I take it if i have no power it is the scotchlock?
  2. So just been and done as you say with a bulb and nothing between pins 3 and 6 on the car side dont know where to go now
  3. Hi guys i am away at the moment all way to devon without brake lights on the caravan up to now i have replaced the complete 12n on the car inc the relay but still have no brake lights on the caravan i have checked the bulbs and they are fine what are my next steps I have rewired the plug on the caravan aswell Please help
  4. hi I am looking for a new barrel lock for the caravan door on my lunar the key is a WD type I am looking for somewhere were I can get the specific lock barrel to fit my key as I don't want 2 different keys to unlock the caravan and the other locks on the outside can anyone advise where I can get them from steve
  5. hi people im looking at replacing my current towcar 09 plate ford kuga zetec 2. 0 awd for a 2012 Hyundai ix35 2. 0 premium awd the reason is the kuga is getting high on the milage and the interior features arnt that good. the Hyundai looks nice and has plenty of interior toys the weights for my van looks fine pretty much similar as the kuga I have a lunar quasar 1350kg mtplm does anyone tow with the Hyundai and are they good and have they had any issues with them towing and solo also what mpg do you get towing and solo cheers steve
  6. its the daily driving that is bad on my kuga 30mpg round town and 38-40 on a run aint too nice with the fuel gauge dropping like a stone I take the hit when towing as it doesn't matter what you have mpg wont be brilliant
  7. hi people I currently have a 09 ford kuga and am looking at changing it for a standard estate car due to the fuel consumption of the kuga isn't very good even on a run without the caravan so I am currently looking at a 2013 Peugeot 508 sw 2. 0. has anyone got one as a towcar if so what are they like with the caravan on the back we need the estate due to having 2 collies so need the space cheers
  8. hi people has anyone replaced the 850w element in the truma boiler mine is broken and tripping the rcd everytime I turn the fused spur on. I have purchased the new element and its on its way are there any special tools required to fit the new element and if anyone has any pics or a wright up on how to do it it would be much appreceated steve
  9. Ok cheers ill buy the propper maxview one then steve
  10. hi guys im have just baught a maxveiw precision dish 65cm one with the twin lnb. the lnb is one for sky hd and not for skyq i have sky q installed at home and i am aware that you need a wideband lnb for sky q to work. can i just buy a standard wideband lnb and install it to my maxview dish or do i have to buy one from maxview . maxview price is £35 can get a genuine sky one for £10 dont want to shell out twice hence why im asking here any help appreceated steve
  11. thanks ill try the above ill check the 20a fuse on the pcb and try to rev the engine
  12. hi people i have a theftford n97 and when i plug into the car the fridge is showing code 10 i have rewired the 12s socket back to the fuse board re plugged in and still showing the fault i have removed the covers on the outside of the fridge and have tested for power 12v to the fridge and this is all ok also light is on in the fridge at this point any ideas why its showing code 10 cheers steve
  13. where would the habitation relay be in the caravan??
  14. yes car was running and the connector on the car is showing that switch relay is working with the electric tester
  15. so i have been down to the caravan to check everything over before we venture out in the next couple of weeks and i plugged in the 12s socket on my car to test the fridge etc is working and i have a code 10 with a spanner which is no 12v . so i checked the socket on the car and thats fine looked at the plug on the van was looking tired so replaced that. whilst fitting the new plug i have noticed the black wire and the red wire have gone black instead of copper colour will i have to replace the cable to rectify and will i have to take it back to the fuse board to rectify? has anyone had this?? van is a 2007 lunar quasar 524 help appreciated
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