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  1. Yes they are I got mine replace last year when the van was in for it's first service. I could have done a better job myself though the dealer put them on but not very straight. I had the same problem with my Caravel and stuck the edges back down with Evostick myself.
  2. There is a Site just of the M6 at Westmoorland services (Tebay) its a while ago when I last stayed there don't know what its like now. The site is on the north bound side but it easy to get to from the south bound, you go through the car park turn left up over the bridge, if you look at Google Maps Satalite.
  3. Hi The reason I refer to the change to Alko chassis is why change from the BWP chassis the chassis that they have used for years till 18 months or so after the 8" vans were introduced and faults started to develop. Your post is the first I have heard off. We change our van every two years, back in 2014 we bought a Caravel and liked the layout apart from the position of the bed, then a year later they brought out the 8" wide vans and the Cruiser was launched and the Caravel was dropped so in 2016 we got our Cruiser. In 2017 the Commodore was introduced in August we ordered a new Commodore for delivery in March 2018. Your comments about the shower was my thoughts but when we had the Caravel during the night we never slept with the door closed. She who must be obeyed had her mind set on the Commodore layout so need I say any more?
  4. Hi Rich 2020 This might the reason that Buccaneer's are now built on Alko chassis, we have a 2016 Cruiser at the moment and it's been fine, just waiting on delivery of a new Commodore. Hope you get your problem resolved quickly.
  5. I know with the Buccaneer underfloor heating as Durbanite has said you bleed at the highest bleed point which is the bathroom towel rail.
  6. We're on a seasonal pitch and our electricity is metered and it's a great thing because of the way the awning brigade use heaters and they were left on all night. We are charged at 15 pence per unit. The part of the site we're on is new with serviced metered pitches, our part of the site has been paying for electricity for two years now but the start of last season the remaining seasonal pitches were metered and started paying for electricity and that's when the all the awning brigade started moaning. Pay for what you use and that way you will watch what you use and stop the waste.
  7. The fact that the dealer has offered you £500 is a sign if guilt of the dealer.
  8. Good luck with your replacement cushions, I felt the same last year when we got our replacements back and ended up the same way as the first ones. Never bothered sending them back due to us changing the van in March.
  9. Caravaning Les Rivages we stayed there last year http://www. campinglesrivages. com
  10. Honk, we have a seasonal pitch at Keltie Brig site in Callander and the midgets are not too bad and you will be safe at Easter
  11. I was with RAC for years then found out I was not covered due to the length of the van 8. 4mtr, now with Mayday with no problem.
  12. Sound great all you need now is the weather and that will be your season complete. We are on a seasonal pitch at Callander again just 40 minutes from home and 15 minute walk into town. Enjoy your time away in the van. Gordon
  13. We managed to miss the high winds last night and early morning in Central Scotland and been lucky with the snow. Yes the van is a lot warmer than the house never thought I would say that but its true.
  14. We are due to pick our new Commodore up in March, I have started to make a list up after reading all the reports on this forum, this will be our forth Buccaneer and I mast say that we have not had any serious faults just stupid niggling things. Good luck with your new van and hope you enjoy it and enjoy the underfloor heating in this cold weather Gordon
  15. I think you need WIFI for SKY Q to work once we got the Q installed in the house my HD box in the van stopped working.
  16. Durbanite, it was our decision for the March delivery, we never use the van over the winter and we store the van inside a large shed so it was a shame to get the new van and put into storage at the end of October till March. I will be different later on this year because I am taking early retirement so will use the van over the winter. We use the van most weekends March through till the end of October plus normal holidays. I like the layout of the Cruiser but the other half wanted the Commodore layout so anything for a quite life.
  17. What type of wheel locks did you get supplied, the blue Diamond type or the Orange ALKO type?
  18. We ordered our new Commodore in Aug 2017 for March delivery, dealer just informed me that the build will start January 16th so hopefully we still get the March delivery slot?
  19. I think Buccaneer's are now built on ALKO chassis
  20. There is a 70 MPH speed limit on the motorway with normal wheels and tyres but do road users stick to that? I also drive a Audi TTs that had no space saver but there is a jack and insert to put a wheel in the boot, managed to get a space saver wheel and tyre the only proble is that if I get a flat on the front I need to take the rear wheel off and put it on the front and put the space saver on the rear this is due the the front brake discs being bigger. I think its worth the hassle rather than being totally stuck.
  21. Would never go back to a manual its great when it comes to towing, I find it more relaxing to drive and when you get to a roundabout don't have to think what gear you'r in gap, gear, go.
  22. We have had our 2016 Cruiser now for coming two years in March and has a couple of small faults, had the front bottom set of cushions replaced last year and when we first got the van the cold water pipe parted under pressure at the kitchen sink and a fault with the solar panel. We use a 27" 240 volt TV with a sky HD box. We're changing our van in March and going to the Commodore we use to have a Caravel but found the space a bit tight at the bedroom area so changed to the Cruiser and love the van. Good luck with your new van there is lots to learn if you get the Cruiser with all the gadgets.
  23. I wonder how upgrading your MTPLY on the new Buccaneers can happen now that they are now built on the AILKo chassis?
  24. I had the same faulty solar panel not charging the battery, after read a earlier thread I disconnected a couple of plugs down at the boiler and problem solved. I don't know if the fault would clear if you disconnected the 12v battery? Hope your heating keeps working in this freezing weather. Gordon
  25. Personally I don't like grass pitches prefer hard standing or loose stones, I have never had any problems reversing onto a pitch so no need for a motor mover for me plus the cost and weight of the motor mover onto the van. I don't like Blackpool so there will be issue for visiting this site but totally understand the reason for there restrictions.
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