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  1. I have had this problem as well towing my Commodore, the car went back to the dealer and they carried out a re-calibration and the technician said this was a known fault and they were waiting on a software update from VW. This happened in October 2019, I have not done much towing since then but due to tow the van in early March lets hope is OK. PS I have air suspension and can change the ride height front to back, will check the caravan nose weight first then once the caravan is on the car on a level road I will change the ride height to suit. Thanks for info
  2. It was spectacular today after all rain that we have had I stayed in Invercoe Caravan site last night and the weather was dreadful high wind and rain. This is a photo from Glen Etive just off the A82
  3. I was driving across Glen Coe today around lunch time and there were two tour buses full with Chinese tourists all out at one of the view points, what drew my attention to them was that they were all wearing paper masks (not they will do much use) with the exception of the two bus drivers. Noticed that the other people in the area were all looking wondering what to do, (stay well clear) I kept driving been across that road lots of time so no need to stop.
  4. I am on my third Buccaneer and touch wood only silly little faults, had our Commodore just over a year now and only thing hats it has been back to the dealers for is a leak on the heating system, turned out to be a damaged rubber pipe at the drain for the heating system. I spotted the anti-freeze on the back nearside corner steady pad. Good luck with your new van you will love the underfloor heating. Gordon
  5. Just towed our Commodore for the first trip with our new 2019 Volkswagen Touareg R Line Tec and could not be happier, our previous Touareg a 2017 R Line Plus was a great tow car but the new Touareg is better the suspension is really smooth and the torque is great. Well impressed so far. Gordon
  6. I have two from my previous Touareg's they are fitted to the car as part of the crush area structure in event of an accident.
  7. I was at the caravan show in Glasgow last week and had a look in the new Commadore on the stand and noticed that most of the jointing strips were faulty and that is on a show van. Listened to a few people commenting about it.
  8. You never use water on an electrical fire. Used for Classes A & B fires. Foam spray extinguishers are not recommended for fires involving electricity, but are safer than water if inadvertently sprayed onto live electrical apparatus. Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: Often termed the 'multi-purpose' extinguisher, as it can be used on classes A, B & C fires.
  9. Great wee story, one that you will all remember for years to come, when reading your post it reminded me of my trip last year picking our new Commodore up in Aberdeen and getting caught in the Beast From the East I was luckier than you being caught on the A90 near to Forfar. I managed to get to the CMC site in Forfar which saved the day and stayed there for four days then headed south back home to Central Scotland. Good luck with your van and enjoy all your trips away, and as others have said just take your time and take things at your speed. Gordon
  10. +2 I've stayed there four or five times it's perfect brilliant atmosphere and even better if the weather is good, going back again this year.
  11. Thanks for the info, our van is coated with paint seal direct and as you said it only needs water to wash the van, I have never used caravan cleaner on any van due to any coating or polish getting stripped off. It should be down to the warranty we pay top dollar for vans now. I am going to get a plastic cone made in two half's and fit it over the seal once its replace just to protect it from the UV.
  12. That;s real Midgies the killer type Already have the van is is due it's first service in March, lucky the van is stored under cover over winter.
  13. Prior to putting the van back in the shed for winter I always give the van a wash including the roof, while doing the roof I noticed that the roof seal for the Teleco Teleplus X2/39U Directional Aerial was showing signs of perishing with cracks round the bottom edge. I could not believe this, the van is only 10 months old
  14. Yes when we got our new van in March this year, Elddis contacted me in April with the terms of the service and claiming warranty work.
  15. I don't think there is a service book now supplied with caravans which makes the second owner responsible to find out when the service is due and if any previous service had been carried out. I think this can be done through a dealer electronically? No doubt I stand to be corrected.
  16. I am on my second Touareg and just love driving it and when towing with it, it's effortless ticks all the boxes for me.
  17. Hi Simon, We picked our new van up in March this year and at the start of April I decided to go for the Paint Seal Direct product and opted for the ceramic coating our van has been on a serviced seasonal pitch this year. Over the past few years I aways washed the van most weekends but this year after having the coating applied i have only needed to wash the van 4 times. There are no black streaks down the van and when washing the van after rinsing the van down the water just beads and makes it easy to dry it off with a microfiber cloth. Overall it was well worth the money. Gordon
  18. If you think caravaning is getting full of snobby people well don't go on a cruise, I have done a few now and hate getting greeted with good evening how many cruises have you done this our 100th we're Platinum members I just reply saying this is our first and the British Government is paying for it because I suffer from depression and walk away. Give me my caravan any day nout as queer as folk
  19. I got the recall letter on Monday, It's better to get the recall now rather that the roof getting damaged still is's very disappointing and a real inconvenience.
  20. We're on our third Buccaneer and never had any real problems only small faults but have just had a recall notice from Elddis this morning about a problem with stargazer roof light they want to fit additional brackets. Good luck with your new van.
  21. I am on my second Touareg and love it it tows great, with the air suspension makes it even better. When I bought it new October 2017 there was talk of a new model coming out this year but the deal I got I could not turn it down to wait and pay a fortune for the new model. I use to tow with a Kia Sorento and that was a reat tow car but found it a bit thirsty on fuel that was back in 2010. With the Buccaneer on the back going up some of the steep hills in Scotland its no problem, with the twin axle the only down side is the tail swing when turning on smaller roads or putting the van onto a pitch in smaller sites. I have been looking at getting a rear view camera but need a really wide angle lense.
  22. This is a great tool to keep in your van it just plugs into a 13amp socket http://martindale-electric. co. uk/martindale-cp501-classic-check-plug-240v-socket-tester-p-277. html
  23. Hope all goes well Jampot, we picked our new Commodore up a couple of weeks ago and so far so good fingers crossed. We had couple of stupid wee faults screws needing tightened up on the doors. Just had the van done by Paintseal well worth it first class job. Gordon
  24. I would not recommend what I done but was at the end of line, we were on a large site in Blackpool many years ago the van on the pitch at the back of us had music and TV really loud at all hours of the night after 23:00 Afer a few phone calls to security asking they could get the noise turned down which would only last 15 minutes then it would just go back up again. On the second night it all started again but this time I was prepared, I crept through the bushes unplugged there cable and cut the plug off there cable. I don't how I kept my laugh in but it done the trick. We left the site next morning and never returned. That is one of the reasons I don't like larger sites with clubs and entertainment on them.
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