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  1. 2014 i30. Hatchback 1. 6 diseal CRDI active. 110bhp. Automatic Dealer told me it was 1400kg ???
  2. I just not sure what to do. On the one hand I got quite a newish solo car but also need to be well matched as am a beginner tower. Just not sure I can afford to change car as well as buying caravan. Unless I go older on tow car but then reliability ?
  3. Think the auto i30 has a tow limit of 1400kg but not sure what that equates to if you put awning in caravan for travelling etc ?
  4. Hi Already have the Hyundai i30 auto and considering getting a used Avondale dart 556/6 caravan 2002. Car is a 1. 6 diesel auto at 110bhs. Have done a tow car match and it is showing as a 81% match but seems to be showing as 126hp on website matching service?? Any thoughts ? Will normal loading of van including awning be ok ? 1st caravan so beginner tower.
  5. Hi Someone once told me that winter is cheapest time to buy a used caravan. Is this true and does that apply to both trade and private sellers? Thanks in advance.
  6. Seems that neither car has great reviews. Can some estates pull heavier vans (not got a van yet) or should I consider a different 4x4. Only requirement really is automatic Suggestions please ?
  7. Hi. Thinking about changing tow car. The two that have been recommended are Vauxhall Antara and Chevrolet Captiva, which I think are basically the same car, just that the Chevrolet is 7 seats. Would be going diseal automatic. My only concern is that Chevrolet has now pulled out of UK. Would we go to Vauxhall or independent for servicing ? Will that cause a problem. Prob looking at a 3-4 year old in either one. Please can I have some honest opinions, especially from those that own and tow using either one of them. Caravan around 1,700kg if anyone wants to sugg
  8. Does anyone know of anywhere in South Wales that might still have seasonal pitches available for last bit of season and then potentially next year as well. Within about 1 hr or so drive of Cardiff. looking for recommendations. Thanks
  9. Hi We are going to view a sited tourer some time next week. 1) we are worried about handing over £5k cash. 2) what is there to stop the previous owner coming back and towing it off site (forever) after sale. 3) can the locks be changed on the actual tourer. I presume you can get insurance for sited tourers but not sure that would cover this kind of concern. Out of interest how much does that kind of insurance cost ? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys, Probably going to be looking at the slightly newer version. About an 08 or 09 plate. Diseal auto
  11. Hi Is anyone using an automatic ford Galaxy as their tow car ? Thinking about getting a fair size, twin single bed van so wanting to know it could do the job. Know I will need to look up % ratio's etc but want to know people's opinions as well. Thanks in advance
  12. Ended up selling the mondeo as wanted an automatic. At the time wasnt planning on taking up caravanning any time soon but have since seen some nice twin bed vans but understand they will need a larger tow car. I am certainly not a timewaster. I just want to make the right decisions !!
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