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  1. Our Monza must have shrunk in the wash then its barely 2 metre!
  2. I think perhaps some people missed the "old Swift 2 berth" bit which is probably a bit narrower than a modern van I know our Monza is narrow enough to be towed by the Discovery without mirrors, our Swift definitely not despite what some say or think.
  3. yes but it does mean there are more people to admire those of us who can put it spot on the pitch in one . ... . .. . .. . most of the time
  4. Must have: Fixed island bed loo that's not in the shower BBQ point Don't need: Full awning Mover mover (and yes I do have a T/A) Auto change over regulator, (I like to know when I have run out of the first bottle and have connected the second)
  5. We went, no way, kids gone, cheap two berth, TA.
  6. Thanks Cold Inn, booked no just have to hope the vet isn't late coming to do the TB testing.
  7. Cheers, we are in both clubs. Have found Hilltop and Cold Inn, the boss is just checking them out.
  8. Having been cancelled twice by sites in the area can anyone recommend any very quiet small sites in the Tenby/Pembroke area only need apart from quiet at night is hookup and disposal, for late next week.
  9. Agreed, in fact we put ours away for the 6 weeks school holidays :-)
  10. We do similar Dave, not a CASSOA site but made little difference to our insurance and instead of being 27 miles to the nearest dual carriageway the site is adjacent to it and is also just 5 minutes from work so saves a 60 mile round, if we want to make a quick getaway on a workday.
  11. No worries, for us we dont need to compromise and she ẃont on this matter.😅
  12. I use my USB wireless phone charger to charge my Oral B. Only need to remember one.
  13. Permits a must. https://www. gov. im/news/2015/apr/02/new-permit-system-to-control-use-of-towed-caravans/
  14. Seems a sound take on things to me.
  15. Actually to be realy pendantic the root refers specifically to desert travellers.
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