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  1. Colner

    Time to sell?

    I'm looking at selling our Swift Elegance 645, as it hasn't been used for over a year (renovating an old farmhouse so no time). Can I ask how/where you advertised yours?
  2. Thanks all, will make a point of buying something suitable for the job. ..
  3. I was chatting to a couple on our last trip to Wales who told me that they use a diluted pink flush to clean the shower, sink and toilet. No bleach, smells nice and doesn't smear etc. Has anyone else tried this? If yes, how much do you use in a litre? Many thanks. ..
  4. I can't remember the exact numbers now but I had approx. 50kg spare on the towball. The extra weight shouldn't affect the car as it's a Q7 with self-levelling suspension. If I can't turn a 90 degree corner then it will have to come off unfortunately That's a job for the weekend, great suggestion. ..
  5. Well I managed to get it off eventually, Ian16527 was correct in that automotive adhesive double-sided foam tape was holding it on. Very strong and very sticky! The bike rack has been installed but I haven't tried the bikes on or hooked it up to the car just yet. I don't think there's going to be much room between the bikes and the rear of the car when cornering though I may consider refitting the cowl and drilling holes in it once I'm happy that the rack works ok, as it looks rough without it. When the jockey wheel is stowed/raised for towing, the rack can't tilt forward enough to allow the front locker to open fully. I don't think it will be much of an issue though. One thing I'm not sure about is the black cowl had an LED light on it, marked up as AL-KO ATC. I had to disconnect it underneath the caravan so I'm hoping it doesn't affect anything. ..
  6. Thanks everyone, the hair dryer is a great suggestion so I'll try that this week. ..
  7. I bought an A-Frame bike carrier the other month and went to fit it last night but couldn't remove the black plastic/pvc cover, are they stuck on with glue? It's a 2017 Swift Elegance 645 if that helps? There are two cheapo screws at the front but that's all I can find. ..
  8. Thanks, do you know the model number? Found it, I think. .. https://theleisurewarehouse. co. uk/products/thule-caravan-a-frame-superb-standard-fit-bike-rack
  9. I need one of these, can you post a photo or two?
  10. That's the same as ours, 2017 MY? Not really although it doesn't help my OCD. .. If that's the case, I wonder why the opposite window has two downward facing handles. ..
  11. I remember saying to my son "Oh look a National Speed Limit sign, thank god for that!" To answer your two questions: No idea Too trusting!
  12. Correct and well spotted, I only noticed it today and I've had the caravan 6 months! The right-hand latch looks like it's a left-hand latch fitted upside down. The opposite window has the correct latches so I'm wondering if this was a Friday afternoon window install Hope not
  13. Just had a great week at Chatsworth Park with my son but took the wrong route home today and will probably have nightmares about it tonight. Heading towards Stockport, the Sat Nav directed me off the A6 and onto the A624 but I must have missed a right turn and ended up being rerouted onto a country road which became incredibly tight. Car and caravan measure 13m, not sure about the width but at some points, I had just 1" on either side of the caravan front corners. The parking sensors were beeping non-stop and the overhanging branches and leaning trees increased my heart rate while my road speed dropped to 1mph. .. Absolutely terrifying but we managed to get through it with no obvious damage to car or caravan although I'm sure it's wiped a year or two off my old age! Here's the offending road if you're interested, drop into Street View and follow it right up to the A624. You'll see what I mean. .. Google Maps. ..
  14. As per the title, can you see what's wrong in this photo? (It's not the best image I admit)
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