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  1. Hi folks If got a Bailey Senator Oklahoma s5. My company provide me with a car and I'm due soon to change cars What I'm thinking is a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 4 Any body else got one of these cars? 1) how does it pull? 2) mpg? 3) do you tow on fuel or electric ? / can you tow on electric ? 4) any other points to raise ? Thanks in advance folks Paul
  2. Hi all Just returned from a few days away with our senator series 5 Oklahoma The loo has stopped sending pink rinse when the flush button is de-pressed. The unit makes the usual noise and the pink flush reservoir is full (have made double sure) But no rinse comes thru to the loo bowl Any ideas from you folks ? Apart from the obvious - use the site loo!!!!
  3. many thanks for the replies on this one. I will give the mover a good test on flat concrete ground. .. have a good weekend all !
  4. Hi all Just had a motor mover fitted to my Bailey Senetor Oklahoma! The guy suggested my battery is probably near shot (don't know why), I've brought it home and re-charged it The charge to full only took about 2/3 hours so I'm not convinced the battery IS fully charged but the charger says it is The question is :- 1) how do I know if the battery IS shot And 2) can anyone Say which is the BEST 110ah battery or are they all the same with different labels on? Cheers Paul
  5. yep, but my arm signals are pretty good !!!! can you say which brand of contact cleaner you use, so I can get some off of amazon thanks worth investigating the corroded connection first, can you suggest a brand (so I can have a check on amazon)
  6. thanks for the very quick reply, no it was a very hit and miss affair of how long the radio stayed on, ie a couple of times it went off during the same 3 minute song! - and then it stayed on for 10 or so mins, it was often when the caravan 'moved' - when WE moved around within it!
  7. hi we have a bailey senator Oklahoma and have just had it serviced, found we needed 2 new tyres (original 2007 ones where still on) we used company called tyresonthedrive you could bring your van back to the uk get them changed then back to france? just a thought by the way we had 2 firestones put on our van
  8. hi there a newbie to this forum, so not sure if this post is in the correct forum, (apologies if its not!!) ok, had my bailey senator Oklahoma 2007 for a few weeks now and for the last two weeks, we have been out in the lake district with her found a funny (weird) problem when pitched up if we had the cd/radio on, if we entered the caravan door (which is opposite where the radio is sited) or walked past (parallel) the site of the radio, the internal cd/radio player turned OFF by turning the unit back on again it worked fine, until we walked past it again, and guess what, it turned off. once or twice, it turned off all on its own. all other electrical equipment seemed to work fine - checked all the fuses and they are all OK and are correct rating (ie a 15 fuse where a 15 fuse should be etc) this is not the end of the world, but really annoying. not sure if its a serious electrical problem (JUST had a service and nothing was found) or there is a poltergeist dwelling with us but either way, any suggestions are welcomed and will be investigated thanks in advance Paul
  9. hi there im new to this forum, so not sure if this topic is in the correct place. .... ive had my 2007 bailey senator about 10 weeks, was away in it on holiday for the last two weeks, when I hitched up at the storage yard, found that the rear right hand indicator was not working, drove the 200 miles up to the lake district and during my holiday, bought a replacement bulb and fitted it to the van. when hitching up to return back to the midlands, found that the same indicator STILL didn't work replaced the bulb AGAIN with another new one, but still no indicator (or hazard warning light!) all of the other exterior lights work fine. .. the caravan is a Bailey Senator Oklahoma if that matters. would be very great full of any ideas or suggestions as to why this is a problem. .. many thanks in advance Paul
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