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  1. Fitted the shocks with no trouble. First time of testing them was this weekend. Much smoother journey, as someone has already said, its like night and day. Best 70 quid ive spent, should be fitted as standard.
  2. Hi All, Shocks fitted at the weekend with no dramas, they fitted neatly between the chassis and the mover. I'll have to wait until the end of the month to try them out. Thanks to you all for your help and advise.
  3. Hi all, i plan to fit a pair of alko shocks to our Bailey Verona this weekend, from what ive seen it all seems fairly straightforward. We also have a power touch classic mover fitted. I have accepted the fact that i may need to slide out the mover a bit each side to give a little more room for the shocks to fit. Does anyone know what sort of clearance there should be between the mover and the shock absorber? Is an inch enough? Thanks Mark
  4. I'm sure I've posted an update already, but no harm to repeat I guess. We had our shelves break on the first trip out. We had all of them replaced even though I only needed two, so have spares. The design or material has not changed. So what I have done is sprayed a little silicone lube on the slots before putting them into the fridge door. It just stops the snagging and allows the shelves to sit into their final location. So far so good, it also helps for easy removal when cleaning or adjustment. Regards Mark
  5. Welcome to the forum Gary, We have a 2016 Verona with the same panel, the only thing we dont have on our caravan is the solar panel option, so therefore cannot comment on that. The upper left button show the present voltage of the touring battery. The upper right button is for the solar panel option, im sure someone who has it can comment further. The upper left switch is the main low voltage switch (12v), the upper right switch is for the water pump that connects to the external water inlet. The lower left switch is the main lighting switch and the lower right switch is for the external LED strip above the door. Hope that helps Mark
  6. Hi all, we had this front seat cushion slipping issue too. I raised the problem with our dealership and they forwarded it to Bailey. I also hear it was a conversation point at a show earlier this year. Our dealer asked me to package up our base cushions as Belfield are sending a courier to collect them and to expect them to be away for modifications for 10 working days. True to their words we got our cushions back 10 working days later. They have sewn in two large strips of velcro to stop the two parts of each cushion from slipping over each other. It's a huge improvement, next to no slippage and they seem a little firmer too. So now access to the front drawers is possible. Being fair they do move a tiny bit but that is generally after our two fidgety kids have been on them. So in short, Belfield and Bailey are aware of the issue but it seems it is just the early batches that it affects. Our caravan was build mid December 2015 and we collected it mid January. Our dealership (Webb's Salisbury) dealt with the issue very professionally and promptly. Regards Mark
  7. Hi All, Its our first trip away this weekend in our shiney new Verona. Whilst loading up with all the goodies we plan to take, and having in mind what you guys have mentioned about the fridge door shelves, i sensitively loaded the fridge. Just fitting one of the shelves in place it cracked and the second one broke in the tapered corner slot. Total rubbish, the design is totally flawed. Having a rectangular location peg sliding into a tapered slot that dosent bottom out will only break in a towing environment with fridge contents possibly bouncing in the shelves. I've emailed my dealer to address this, but awaiting a reply. What the latest on this issue? Has anyone recieved a newer design shelf yet. Thanks Mark
  8. So in the name of science i have just taken apart the front seating area of our new peg4 verona to figure out why the seats steadly slip forward. I pushed all the seats back as far as possible and sat down and got up about a dozen times. I sat in different positions as one would in relaxed mode on holiday. Fairly quickly it had shifted forward 4 to 5 inches. Observation made were that at no point when im sat down my feet do not touch the floor. At 5'9" im no midget, likewise im no giant either. But the distance from the floor to the seat cushion is greater than the distance from the bottom of my foot to my knee joint, therefore in getting up off the seat you naturally roll off before your feet touch the floor. That motion in itself encourages the upper part of the seat to slip over the lower part of the dreamsleep system. Further more movement of getting up only adds to more slippage forward. Now both parts of the seat are connected together, but with elastic. I have taken a bunch of images to email off to my dealer of which he will forward to Bailey. I would share them but i dont know how to on here. I'll keep you guys posted on any replies i get and heres hoping, a solution. Mark
  9. So to help get back on track, I too have made my dealer aware of the moving front seats. It's a new problem to them but they are keen to resolve the issue. They wants some photos of before and after so they can present the problem to Bailey. I actually think it's where the two layers of the new dream sleep cushions slip over each other. I'll get the kids to do their homework in the van tonight, that'll test it. No child under 9 can sit still when they are tired. Mark
  10. Hi Ancona, So sorry to hear about your experiance with the new pegasus. We too will be testing out our new verona the week after next. We too have noticed that the front seats creep forward when they are sat on and is quite annoying, I'll be keen to see what bailey come back with. We will also be contacting them about this issue too, maybe if enough new owners bring it to their attention they might act. Not that i should have to, Im going to also check all the nuts, bolts, screws and pipefittings before we venture off. As our van is parked next to our home and always plugged in i have checked the RCD many times and have had no issues as of yet. I also broke the fridge latch in two, design fault i think, so I'll be addressing that myself. With regard to the hot water/heating issue. The manual does clearly state when in boost mode the hot water takes priorty over heating. I have yet to play much with ours to work out the best solution but we were advised during our handover to not expect it to be the same as our home shower. We were advised to wet yourself, turn off shower, soap yourself and then rinse off. As i have said we have yet to try ours out but after watching the truma online instruction video on youtube (approx 7 mins) i do have a fair understanding of what to expect. So i may be talking a bunch of rubbish right now, but i think with a bit of forward planning and creative use of the timer, along with a slick showering method and heating the van first with gas option (its quicker than electric) we can make this work for my family of 4. I'll give an update on how we get on. Best Regards Mark
  11. It is, super fast on gas, close to instant. After posting earlier i had to go and fire it all up, tank of hot water takes longer as one would expect, but when its done its really piping hot and has good pressure too.
  12. Hi All, We collected our Pegasus 4 Verona last Saturday (16th Jan 16) its our first ever caravan and we ordered it mid September. We added the ATC and a mover to it The build date only slipped by 2 weeks, but to be fair we were in no hurry for it therefore chose a post Christmas delivery slot. We are quite a picky couple and like most expect value for money and good craftsmanship. With the exception of a few extra sealant blobs here and there we can fault it. The heating system is fantastic and brings the temperature up fairly fast, but have yet to try it on gas. All in all we are very pleased with our new purchase so far. We are all looking forward to our first trip out in a few weeks.
  13. Malc, I couldn't agree more, hence why my wife and I spoke with every neighbour that over looked our intended storage spot before we even made the purchase of the van. Everyone of them was happy for us to go ahead, in fact some of them wished they had the room to do the same. As i have said already, pretty much every street has a busy body who like to kick up the dust given the chance and that why i like to do my homework first and get real facts from real people who could be or have been in similar situations. So to date, because of the planning requirement in my neighbourhood everyone in our road has been formally made aware of our intent, we have spoken to the immediate neighbours that over look us for their concerns, not one objection. I'm now going to enjoy our family time with the new van and get comfort in knowing that i have given everyone in our neighbourhood the chance to speak up. Mark
  14. Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts. The house is 30 years old and the original builder Heron homes no longer really exists as this type of house builder they were back then. With regard to the planned screening, its going to be hedge and large shrubs, but as you can imagine that wont appear over night. In addition to this we plan to place the caravan beneath a tree and from day one it will be kept under a green cover to stop the bird pooping in the van roof, this will also reduce the shock to the street of a large white box appearing. I think that's all we can do really and visually showing a willingness to screen it will hopefully help. The earliest it will arrive is December so the reduced daylight hours will work in our favor too. In the event we receive a formal letter from someone, which one do we take seriously, from a court im guessing? Once again thanks Mark
  15. Hello everyone, As the title says, its been 30 odd years since i've been in a touring caravan, then i was one of the kids, but now i am one of the parents with our own kids. So today we have just taken the plunge and put down a deposit on our very own caravan. My golly haven't things changed in 30 years So, I am after some help, advice, guidance and info like every other noob that joins a community site like this nowadays. This wasn't available 30 years ago. As you'd expect i/we have done a heap of research relating to all aspect of getting and keeping our own caravan and im sure i'll be asking many more questions in the near future. I am know this subject has risen its ugly head many times on sites like this and i'm sorry to bring it up again but i want some up to date information. I have one main thorn in my side and that is to do with restrictive covenants. We will if we have to do so store the caravan at a storage site, but to be honest we would like to store our "new shiny adventure machine" at home because we have the room to do so. We also have a restrictive covenant on our deeds and it's not the type that says you cannot store a caravan at home. It says this "no caravans or boats shall be kept on the land unless screened to the satisfaction of the vendors representatives". I really don't think it could be any greyer than that. So my question is, has anyone had or known of anyone that has had a covenant like this enforced upon them? I am very fortunate that all my immediate neighbours are totally fine with the idea of us storing a caravan at home beside our house surrounded with shrubs and trees. In addition to that my local planning office has no objections either, but like in most streets everyone has a grumpy moo and im convinced i have the worlds worst. So i would like to hear the views and factual stories from people who may have been in the same if not similar situation. Many thanks for your time Mark
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