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  1. . . . . Thinking about it ,when it was in sport mode it was a funny feeling from stop to run as the engine does stop and restart. I didn’t find that in ordinary drive mode. It was a lot smoother.
  2. I have driven it myself and have watched the eco cut in but not noticed any major issue .i like the drive and I like the car. My main issue was whether it pulls a van or not .it being a company car it would go straight back if he has any issues (and woe betide them if it does) Skoda has certainly come on since the jokes about them being a wheel barrow!
  3. No ,we have one on test. It will be a company car and that is governed by how much tax my OH is willing to pay! We love the Volvo XC 60 (too much tax) but this ticks all the box’s i however said it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding the OH disagrees. It doesn’t matter as we have an Xtrail . But there would be no point putting a tow bar on to look pretty 😁 .the 2.0 Ltr. would cost too much in tax .so I guess we won’t be pulling our van with it .
  4. Does anyone have one of these and If so What do you tow with it?
  5. So you had an Xtrail but bought a CX-5 . . Then bought another ! That’s a good recommendation! The guy in mikes office who deals with the fleet said the omissions were high ,today . That leaves us looking again at the market ,so thanks for your input x
  6. Anyone got or had one of these? If you have can you tell me how it tows ? Good/bad points? or do you have the smaller engine 1.6 ? The OH is looking at one as a company car I have an Xtrail (172 Bhp ) which tows our van at 1500wt fine. He’s umming and ahhhing as to whether to have a car that tows or a small car with less company car tax. He will have a monthly allowance although not paid direct to him so although he loves the Volvo XC60 that would exceed that. Any thoughts or views appreciated .
  7. We went to the broadlane caravan stand and was offered a very good price for our freestyle SE SB which is two years old. . . We then went to lowdhams who offered us £2000 more and there was also room for a “deal” . . . We had to take a rain check as we didn’t go for a new caravan!!! I’m sure we could have easily have come away with a great deal had we not taken a break and the vans were very tempting we would always buy the special editions, we think they are good value .
  8. I can honestly say this has happened to us in our first caravan a 2015 alpine4 ! It was in Lincolnshire on a wet windy day and during a grumpy exchange of expletives between myself and the OH. I put it down to “user error”. . . . . We then drove (don’t tell anyone ) home to Leicestershire with no electrics not speaking . the cost to sort the electrics meant we checked and double checked every time after and still do . . . . . We did chop the van in after not very long as we didn’t like the fact it had come off . . . . I’m sure it was his fault and he’s sure it was mine 😂
  9. Although I don’t particularly like the guy I think Danny dyer nailed the whole thing when on breakfast tv, which I only watched because of word of mouth. It wasn’t put very eloquently but I agree with him. Nobody knows what’s going to happen unfortunately.
  10. Thanks I’ll try that when we move it . . . . I gave up on the phone .
  11. I’ve just redone my insurance and that has gone down (after a haggle) do you mean as an industry?
  12. I gave up waiting ! . . . They put me on hold. And forgot me. . . . Just tried again. . . .im on hold AGAIN . . .
  13. My van is insured with the CCC . we need to move it off our drive while the back garden gets sorted which would probably be about three weeks . The guy that’s doing it says it will be December time 😐 so my thoughts on moving our van to a local site for a week or two isn’t an option. Would my van be insured on someone else’s drive ? The obvious thing is to phone the insurance and ask but while I’m waiting on hold I can ask on here!!! Has anyone done this before . . . Or any other possible solutions?
  14. I think the worst thing on here and me being a relative newbie compared to a lot of people is when folk argue about whether the oscobubblator was made in 1975 or was “launched” then !!! . what I’m getting at is when info is given we don’t want it wrapped up in techno babble . Various opinions are fine or methods to achieve the same thing are great but I take notifications off when the wrangling goes on and probably miss a nugget in the process.
  15. In my book, you can’t teach common sense 😏😂
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