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  1. Do you have shares in this then ? i have kept the link as it’s a good thing to have in stock for when we go away and I haven’t cooked in advance. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  2. . . . . . I’m none the wiser,anyone want to simplify all the above for me? Preferably in words of one syllable . . . . . .
  3. I don’t think I mentioned fuel consumption?
  4. He’s ordered one as his company car ,delivery in two weeks 😉 Lol . . . . Trust me !! , . .. . Yes I did 🙈🙈🙄
  5. After a chat with my next door neighbour who is “someone technical” in the design of new vehicles and has a proto type Range Rover hybrid on his drive atm . I mention that I didn’t think that it would be any good for us as it’s hybrid whereon he raised his eyebrow and said “I think your mistaken” . . . . . . Am I ? ,I thought that they weren’t a good idea for towing a caravan ?
  6. Hahahah , I got the info I needed but it certainly is “subject creep” territory 🤔🙄
  7. Yes I did That’s what I thought . . . . . I’m just not sure we will use the actual membership.
  8. Is it possible to still have the C&C club insurance but not be a member?
  9. We pack the next days brekky ,and a homemade meal for the day we arrive and stuff that will go off over the time we are away.this all goes in an electric cool box in the car to keep the weight down . Maybe BBQ food and salad . . . We usually decide while we’re on site what we want
  10. It’s a 2016 swift freestyle s4SB . . . . I’m not sure without getting the paperwork out what the front panel is . .. . if it is fibreglass how do you treat it? Just looked . . . .its GRP. 😊
  11. While cleaning and putting the cover on our van yesterday we noticed tiny cracks in the paint where the awning rail curves over the front of the van and goes down to reach the bottom edge. These are on the front panel ,about five or six small ones about half inch long . They almost look like the front panel has been put on after the paint has dried and it’s cracked on the stress points . Does anyone else have these I’m guessing it’s not a big deal ?
  12. What is a diesel particulate filter? A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot (some refer to them as soot traps) in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars. But because they only have a finite capacity, this trapped soot periodically has to be emptied or 'burned off' to regenerate the DPF. This regeneration process cleanly burns off the excess soot deposited in the filter, reducing the harmful exhaust emission and helps to prevent the tell-tale black smoke you used to see from diesel vehicles, particularly when accelerating. Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation introduced in 2009 to help lower car CO2 emissions effectively made DPFs mandatory, and since then, around one in two new cars a year have been diesel-powered. Copied off the tinterweb. I had to look it up years ago when everyone and their dog had problems with them and I didn’t 🙈
  13. I’m standing in the corner now , big hat with “D” on it 🙈💕
  14. Have screen shot this And screenshot this as I won’t blinking remember! 👍🏼
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