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  1. The guy I saw had an Adria. He said he had asked if it was ok to do so. . . . .
  2. After seeing a man cleaning his van standing on the roof I wondered on what make vans can this be done ?I'm fed up of being wet or covered in showroom shine,yes there’s a way not to but I’d prefer to walk on the roof. . . . .
  3. Thanks Pete I know that road very well but couldn’t recall a campsite . . . And no wonder !!! Looking at that and the fact the road isn’t very wide it would be a squeeze 👍🏽
  4. Makes me wonder what the inside is like!!! our caravan is on the drive and is a bit of an eyesore for us but as we have 6’ hedging all round the neighbours cant really see it . . . I’m on the same page as a lot of others in so much as if it wasn’t we wouldn’t go out in it so often. I have heard from other folk that there are covenants preventing caravans stored at properties and I do think there was one on ours for the first 12 months after the build along with no conservatories ?? . . . . .there are now plenty of conservatories and a few caravans
  5. Has anybody been here ? Is the access good?
  6. We have blown air. . . . . If we start it off on duel fuel it’s ok . We thought initially that there was something wrong with it having had a smaller van with the same system where we couldn’t breath after half an hour because of the heat. Truma had the van (our present one)in and said they had adjusted the thermostat and there was nothing wrong with it . If we try to get toasty hot quickly on electric it won’t happen . Others say the wet system is better but as we don’t do mid winter trips we are not fussed. I have heard you can hear the wet system if the tank is in the wardrobe next to your head. I always put earplugs in as our dogs shuffle and sigh/sneeze/occasional howl in the night so that wouldn’t bother me also with our sliding bed a radiator at the end would restrict the space to get past. But I certainly wouldn’t discount changing .hope that helps
  7. I can’t say I agree more however if your van was stolen today would you want it back ? ,that’s the rub lots of folk don’t .
  8. Over all ,no one WANTS their van back so sharing is pointless or am I being thick here ? The follow up post says just that .is there a timeline that you want it back. . . . . ?
  9. My dad did that too on the way up to Manchester as moms relatives were up there. He wouldn’t stop if we felt sick and we had to take paper bags just in case !! BUT if he heard any tapping he would be straight off and get his head under the bonnet 🙄😁
  10. I’ve got to say it took me a long time to get my head round having a huge white monstrosity looming in the rear view mirrors. Caravanning wasn’t my idea of fun . As a rep on the roads and motorways for years the caravan was a pain in the backside. Over time a lot of butterflies/cockups/disasters and a lot of support and information from here I have come to relax and enjoy . Information and confidence is the key here . I hope the OP isn’t put off by losing a bit of the latter.
  11. A Ford cortina 2.0 ghia estate automatic . . . . . . In banana yellow 😁
  12. Are the sites any better in any way . . . . .is there a better selection?
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