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  1. Well thanks to you all for your very helpful info, that has really been appreciated have a lovely Sunday. Best regards.
  2. Hi thanks for all your replies BLACK GROUSE, yes solar panels have a regulator AJGALAXY2012 can you explain what you mean by AGM please and the setting you have talked about thanks again MR PLODD its a DIY conversion by acquaintance
  3. HI to you all please could someone help me sort out my Leisure battery charging problem Ive had a 2015 transit custom converted complete with solar panels but my battery is showing 14.5 charging when engine is of and when I start the van this reading goes much higher Im worried about over charging the leisure battery. The man who did the conversion thinks it maybe something to do with the alternator on the transit being of high output ? I think I maybe because there is a fault on the split charge can anyone please help me sort this out as I very worried about the battery being over charged I put this on this site as I don't know if the motorhome forum is used very much Thanks to you all in advance Best regards Wombal.
  4. yes that's right they are and this caravan is just a bog standard type but I cannot find the layout or equipment spec at Willerby so it looks like just wait till I get the vin Number to find out more.Thanks for your reply
  5. Hi just bought a Willerby Desire ? but is it ! does anyone know why or whom changes the name of a caravan model, as ive just bought a Willerby Desire and upon contacting Willerby they informed me that some dealers change the name so they require the vin number to establish its original model spec, thought this a bit weird as it is brand new 2018 unused. I will be getting the vin number soon after it is sited by the park owners so no problems in that respect I just wanted to look up for some parts from Willerby parts section that was the reason I contacted Willerby in the first place. If anyone could help to shed some light on this I would be very grateful I will also be following up on the vin number to Willerby to see what the original spec is and if anyones interested will let you know soon. Thanks in advance all the best Wombal.
  6. Hi anyone know where I can buy just a single window panel seitz sliding one I tried all over the web and it seems you have to buy a whole unit to replace one broken panel ! that cant be right If you broke your window at home you wouldn't expect to have to replace the whole window frame as well LOL! any help mucho appreciated
  7. yes got you, how you know when the voltage dropped? was that by looking on caravan metre or something ?
  8. sorry Ern below 200 not getting that ? the site I was talking about is CCC but a small CS site with only up to 5 pitches
  9. The shower had a sign put up saying out of order cause of the electric being tripped a lot David, this site has gone a bit picki over electric the last few times we've been now you have to pay a pound for a ten min shower and there was talk of having metered hookup its only a small CS site so you get the feeling its being directed at ones self
  10. Hi just wondering what the max load you can put on electrical hookup as I was recently on a site and the electric kept tripping out, was told that it was because there was a couple of vans with underfloor heating that was taking a lot of power out the electric so when the on site shower was in use this then caused the electric hook ups to trip. which then caused the shower to be closed so had to use are own washing facilities in van. I thought this was a bit strange got me thinking the site owners were being a bit strict with the electric use, any thoughts on this as I was thinking all electric hook ups where individual circuits isolated so why would other peoples usage effect everyone else and the single site shower ? maybe the site owners have some sort of meter reading and didn't like the amount of electric that was being consumed sorry wofflling on but it really is tickle tackling if that's the case you pay for hook up so you shouldn't be getting policed on what and how much you use and how long you spend in your van and the like. am I wrong or is there some kind of etiquette that I'm missing about the whole issue many thanks any thoughts on this very interested cheers.
  11. Thanks for all your help much to think about maybe it would be a good idea for using them for seasonal use rather then constantly towing all over maybe that way you could have someone/ firm or dealer site it for you just thinking of all options cheers to you all.
  12. HI just an up date on the fridge its not suddenly started to work "OK" again I think it was wishful thinking on my behalf it still wont come on once I turn the numbered dial to 1 the light goes out immediately. any help on this most appreciated.
  13. Hi to one and all its been a little while, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in owning and touring with these Travel trailers, as Im looking to be buying new caravan very soon and these look very nicely equipped and very interested in the slide outs, any info would be very much appreciated, also any body have any other ideas thanks in advance
  14. Hi john no its not new to me I have had it working but that was last season. like I said earlier I had it going on gas today and I just turned it off Gas and tried the electric and for some reason now the green light stays on when I turn the thermostat ? very funny that, cheers to you for your time I will keep an eye on it and see if it has sorted its self out some how thanks to you all for your help just to let you know how its gone. After butting it on the Gas for about 4 hours I just switched it back to Electric and It seems to be holding up ? will keep an eye on it see how it goes, thanks again to you all much appreciated
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