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  1. Yes good idea thanks 👍🏻👌
  2. Hi robf1234. I wouldn't know exactly what to do to get a plug on the correct wires I mean I could do that but I don't know if the 240 supply is through a type of plug I not seen before which is at the back of fridge or it's something different plus there seams to be power to the fridge just none to the element that's what has got me stopped
  3. Still no joy with fridge folks
  4. Yeah I will ask see if that's an option thanks again plodd 👍🏻
  5. Thanks plodd. I will be speaking to the site owners they are very helpful folk very small site some good options and advice ATB 👍🏻
  6. Height of skirt at back is 19 1/2 inch and front is 14 inch to ground. 5 1/2 inches
  7. Hi I have a seasonal pitch and looking to pitch a full awning but the pich has a fore to aft slope so I was thinking if I dug out a small footing type trench on the higher bit then the awning would fit perfectly anybody done such a thing your thoughts much appreciated ATB
  8. I have used a multimeter on the plug and that has power to it so problem must be after this as where the live goes into feed the element there is no power Wispman iv had it a couple of years and yes the fridge worked perfect till recent Wispman. I had van for a couple of years and fridge was perfect till resent
  9. Yes that's the one but white
  10. Hi yes will most certainly have have an engineer look into this thanks I looked on internet about plug type and it doesn't look like a schuko type one It says on the plug wagg winsta if this sheds any light on it I'm on seasonal pitch on the isle of Anglesey so if anyone knows of a good caravan engineer I would be most grateful. thanks again to you all
  11. Hi it's a 2016 year vip 660 the fridge isn't able to be plugged in with normal three-prong plug. It has a black Anderson type plug
  12. Hi thanks yes all mains sockets and boiler work fine just fridge not the interior light still works but that's from a different feed
  13. Yes your right it all I had to hand seasonal pitch I go pick on up from some where thanks for the quick reply
  14. Hi can anyone help me with getting my fridge to work from hook up it's a dometic MOD NO.RML8230 I have replaced the element as initially thought this must be the issue but to no avail iv since noticed that there doesn't seam to be anypower getting to the fridge element I found this out by using a test electrical screwy driver into the live connection point and it didn't light up so assume no power to element I have checked all fusese and they seam fine I'm just at a total loss as to how to sort it out thanks in advance
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