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  1. That sounds like a great (cost effective idea 😄) plan. Might be a silly question, but where can you stay when opting for "off grid"? We are new to caravanning and get our Vigo out of storage tomorrow, woohoo! So what are the options please? Are you pleased with your Vigo? We got ours in November and have had one six week stint in it over Christmas so far, but we loved it, the heating is very efficient as was everything else. Have a great time.
  2. Yep chrisbee we like to be different that's for sure Btw the van stays in the UK and we travel to and from Spain.
  3. Haha! We live in Barcelona area and are wanting to buy a home in Suffolk, hence the caravan so we can search areas that we like and have holidays too. ..
  4. Not long now until we retrieve the Vigo (or Vicki as she's known!) from storage. Visiting Suffolk and the Cotswolds so we're getting excited now! Just a bit alarmed about the post regarding mouldy spots recently, hope we don't encounter problems as we left the duvet and pillows in there. ..? We had to as our home is in Spain. We never had a problem in the early nineties when we owned our first van, surely the modern construction methods would be less prone to damp and mould? Not long until we find out. ..!
  5. Very pleased to say that since collecting our Caravan on Nov 19th we have been having a wonderful time. The TV we purchased in the end was a Samsung 28" LED and as both the sites we've stayed on thus far have had electric hookup we have had no problem in having the television to watch in the evenings, it works perfectly well. So we are very pleased. It seems to me from my experience in caravanning so far that one should almost always be able to get onto a site that has EHU, and seem far more common than in years gone by, especially on the CL sites which is great.
  6. Thanks, yes we are snug as a bug in a rug. ..!
  7. Gypsyblood

    Run Cottage

    Very well laid out site in a lovely setting in the village of Hollesley close to the market town of Woodbridge. Very friendly owners who keep the site and facilities spotlessly clean. Heated showers, laundry facilities too. Will definitely be returning.
  8. Very well laid out site in a lovely setting in the village of Hollesley close to the market town of Woodbridge. Very friendly owners who keep the site and facilities spotlessly clean. Heated showers, laundry facilities too. Will definitely be returning. Click here to view the UK campsite review
  9. Having a really lovely time in our caravan which we collected on November 19th, despite gale force winds and torrential rain 😏 for the first week of our new adventure! Had first 11 nights on a CL site which was a bit muddy so moved to another site which has hard standing pitches and a washer/dryer on site 😊 So far, very pleased with our caravan, the Alde heating is very efficient, and so pleased we opted for this model (Vigo) with the fixed bed. Two very happy campers here!
  10. Thanks for your reply, this is Gypsybloods other half here! So I just want to make sure I understand. You have the Samsung tv and it works fine for you on both the mains and the battery. Did you purchase a separate unit that switches it from mains to 12v and if so please can you tell me what you have and where I would get it from. Also does it drain the battery very quickly? We decided to get an LED because of the low power they use but would like to hear from someone who has that particular TV.
  11. Thanks everybody for your input. So I don't need to buy the very expensive Avtex as first thought. ..I like the Samsung LED 22" smart TVs from Richer Sounds (as suggested by some of you) but assuming that to use it on mains is fine but if you are off mains hook up you need a transformer and/or another leisure battery. ..is this correct?
  12. We are sourcing necessary equipment for our caravan which we are collecting in November. Exciting! 😄 The LED televisions are very low amps and seem to be so much cheaper in the electrical stores than the ones offered by our dealer. .have found the following one as an example online: Where does everyone usually buy their tv's? http://www. amazon. co. uk/Digital-Freeview-TV-Caravan-12-Black/dp/B00JEBJJQC
  13. Gypsyblood


    Collecting our van mid November, so my thoughts are turning to kitting out with essentials etc. Not a great fan of melamine, but don't want to put any unesessary weight into the equation, so guessing Corelle is the best of both worlds. ..? What do the majority of caravanners choose. ..? Would like to see how many choose china crockery over alternatives? Must have our cuppa tea in a china cup though, that's a given! I see some of the Corelle collections do include a 'proper mug!'
  14. Seems like the Powertouch is the way to go then. ..thanks everybody for taking the time to respond.
  15. Please could I have some help with choosing a motor mover? There seems a lot of choice out there! The caravans MTPLM is 1500kg. How much of an advantage is it between pulling the caravan manually (as we did way back in 1990, when we were much younger and our backs were stronger. ..!) and buying a manual motor mover, or should we just go for an automatic one? I just had a brief look online and had to sit down after I saw the price of an auto one! Thanks in advance.
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