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  1. It may be that by the time you notice you have a caravan puncture, the tyre will be well past the tin of goo stage!
  2. Are you an experienced caravanner? If not, remember the hot water cylinder in your van is quite small, and will take a finite time to reheat. So a shower will "empty" the hot water reservoir. I tend to leave 15 to 20 minutes between showers to ensure full heat. My Alde system has a "superheat" setting where it increases the hot water temperature to allow more cold water mix for longer showers. I'm not one of the water on/off whilst I shower - its on all the time! What sort of heating do you have?
  3. No indicators of course! Stereotype is true, but I've never lowered myself to an Audi
  4. My previous BMW activated the tracker module when it detected a reasonable current flow through the brake light circuit. My bike trailer had an LED lighting board, and normally, everything worked fine. All the lights would operate......but the bulb failure device wasn't actually on! Mid way through a journey, the unit would somehow sense a little more current flow and activate the module.....but then the LED indicators wouldn't draw enough current to be detected, so it threw the fail alarm. Which was a double quick flash. Then I had to make a decision whether to stop and brief
  5. An ex colleague described his first caravan outing.... He was driving south from Pitlochry where he lived, en route to Cheshire. Driving through the centre of Perth, he was a little surprised to see his van going straight on as he turned. The van ended up against a Police Officers car! Thankfully there was little damage to the car and the van just needed a new cable. How it had stayed on for that length of journey, on varied roads beggars belief. He was adamant that he'd checked it was connected properly, as it was his first time towing it.
  6. A lot of haulage Companies have a weighbridge. I used a local timber yard...they still have to be calibrated and checked as they are used to check loads. Most, if not all, have some tolerance for accuracy, and the owner will know this so just ask. 5% isn't much, but in relation to a 1500kg van, it is significant!
  7. Good luck with that.... my advice is to put the empty caravan on a weighbridge to get a firm starting figure. Then load carefully. Don't be surprised if your van is closer to the MTPLM than you think.
  8. Nothing much CASSOA around Lincoln is there! I've recently moved here and struggled to find a space . In Shropshire, CASSOA Gold was £320 (Longpools - Highly recommended). Paying around the same here now for an "ordinary" storage site, but its about 12 miles away.
  9. ....or cover the lens with an opaque material?? This is often done for motorcycle MOT test purposes where the existing lighting, even though its as per manufacturers spec, doesn't conform to MOT standards. Known colloquially as a Daylight MOT, the lights are taped up, and the advisory "No lights fitted at time of test" sometimes added. For clarification, I had a 2005 Honda that came out, quite legally, with a light at the front, and a light at the back. Just one lamp. No switch. No dip/main. Certainly no indicators or brake lights. These were taped up for its MOT, then
  10. Yes. Before I put my van on a weighbridge to find I was grossly overloaded, my pressures would easily increase by more than 15psi. Ignorance is bliss!
  11. I'm at the limit of tyre capacity (although I am pretty conservative on the tyre capacity) and chassis weight. 10psi rise is quite normal for me. I did over a hundred miles in the warmth of yesterday, and although probably 20 or 30kgs below normal full load, the tyre pressures increased about 7 or 8psi. The temperatures stayed a cool 15 degrees. By comparison, my car front tyres stayed within a couple of psi and ran at 26 degrees. The rears (driven and loaded well) increased by 5psi but the temperatures were up in the low 30's. I do tend to drive in a spirited manner though....
  12. And, there's no "could be" 85kgs over....you either are or aren't.
  13. For that sort of offence, a weighbridge isn't necessary, as the figures can be had from manufacturers plates on car and van. It won't matter about the actual weights. I would suggest that being pulled for that would be at the few Ministry sites next to major routes where they do random checks. Otherwise, to be stopped for that would be as a result of some other behaviour as well (speeding, 3rd lane motorway etc).
  14. A quick Google shows that the 35TDi has a max Gross Weight of around 2100kgs The Alpine has a max of 1220kgs So the Max train weight, or whatever its called now is under the 3500kg limit of your licence. The Alpine MTPLM is below the various numbers quoted for the Audi kerbweight so towing should be OK, even with the 150bhp engine.
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