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  1. Straightforward it is. Neat it isn't!
  2. I've got one in the centre console of my MG! Redundant now since I put on an electronic programmable dizzy some years ago 😊
  3. We have a 2014 Clubman SE with a 330 Air Kampa. We fit it between the door and front window with no issues. We have the over door LED strip light. The awning spans the bed window but only partly covers the under bed locker hatch. The Kampa instructions are made by the same people as Ikea Mud walls and skirts are confounding as they don't seem to suit either inside or outside the awning - we have found inside is better but there are some clashes where you want to peg, but there is another skirt piece. There are also spurious straps to trip over - not a problem if you have awning carpet though (we don't). They don't seem to cope as well with uneven pitches Maybe the later models are improved - ours is 2016 Its a heavy devil too!!
  4. I agree Those that have them say the electronic ones are good and give a constant pressure irrespective of battery or hook up. As I'm a little tight, I'll stick with adjusting 😊
  5. Probably not strictly necessary, but something I would do without a second thought. Is your current (no pun intended) system pressure switched? Have you tried an electronic pressure switch? Mind you, microswitches and a relay will be a lot cheaper 😊
  6. Although I suspect most of us have done so at some time, its not good practice to carry gas bottles in the car. I think its not a good idea to lie them down either.
  7. Nowhere near you, but Afford rent a car at Stoke and Crewe do a number of different cars and trucks. Well priced too Used them many times for renting a van with towbar for the rally car.
  8. I got out my old MG at the weekend - it has been lying in the garage neglected for about 5 years. Not too much trouble getting the old lady going once I had drained the stale petrol out and used some mower petrol! Then the clutch had rusted to the flywheel, so I had to take it out and be a bit savage with the transmission. Luckily it is easy to do clutchless gearchanges on it. After a run out to the pub, I noticed the wheels to be out of balance - nothing unusual after its been standing, but it normally clears after a few miles. So a visit to my tyre man, and yes, they are not quite round any more. But the condition is tremendous! No cracking or visible defects. Yes, the rubber has probably gone that hard it will last forever. The date code? 405. Yes just 3 digits. We decided on 1995, but then thinking about it further, they must have been made in 1985! Time to change I think 😊 Only the problem now is that they don't make my size tyre with the speed rating I want (V, up to 149mph), so I'll have to downgrade to an H rating for up to 130mph. The original tyres fitted to the car are H, and I probably won't be doing much over 130mph these days. It was a towcar too! I towed a Bessacarr 376/2 on a number of occasions with it. It is probably one of the worst towcars ever though! Plenty of power but not much else. (Sorry - old tablet won't let me resize pic)
  9. Define "newer" A lot of vans have 6 year warranties by the manufacturer. If you are looking at 2013 or later vans then you still have some come back to the manufacturer for the major items like damp ingress or floor delamination. Minor issues such as cooker or fridge failure will probablybe oit of scope for many dealer warranties anyway. Caveat is to carefully check when (and where) services have been performed, as manufacturers can be quite strict on service timescale. You may have to pay a transfer fee too £25 iirc.
  10. New van, nearly new car: maybe play around with loading, but my outfits have always pitched to some extent or other (this includes a very tired Mondeo). After a couple of miles, I get used to it and it doesn't register. Do you know any experienced caravanners that can put your mind at ease?
  11. I would have thought you had 2 issues. The indicator could be either car or van, so as Matelotdave says, find someone with a trailer board or van to connect your car to. If your van is at a storage compound, pay it a visit, and then ask whoever comes through the gate next if you can connect up to theirs. Any decent sized compound will have Sunday visitors ☺ Once you have proved your car, then its time to get the tools out. I would split the plug to see if there is a poor contact or loose wire. Having had the rear light lens off, you could check for some voltage with your multimeter at the lamp socket. Also check for corrosion on the center bulb terminal in the lamp socket - if this is furred up, a new lamp wouldn't cure the problem. Running light? Again, I would check for corrosion on the lamp holder I could be wrong, but I doubt that there is any connection between the two problems - the earths will be too remote to be common.
  12. Great stuff Nikky!! Glad to hear you've got over this little hump. Now get out there and enjoy yourselves.
  13. According to my son, a (hopefully) soon to be qualified MOT tester, there is no facility to test the indicator bulb failure function on the test rig. If the bulbs light up as they should, then its a pass irrespective of any failure device.
  14. The Insurance company may well be trying to get away from a certain risk profile. I have just renewed my brothers motorcycle insurance (he doesn't do internet much). Last year his premium was £348. They wanted £654 this year. Went with another Company for £171. On the comparison sites, his original Company (a large, well known specialist motorcycle insurer) wouldn't quote. Mind you, he is not a usual risk - he has a new 1000cc sports bike. He is 74.
  15. Just like it used to be in the old days when a car indicator bulb failed. Now you don't know if its car or caravan. Progress
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