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  1. Thread drift, but there is a lot of Talk about the inbuilt rechargeable battery only lasting until just out of warranty with Nextbase cameras. Mine expired around 14 months - but still works otherwise.
  2. There doesn't seem to be any market for these things! I have 2 from my previous BMW's and I can't even give them away ☺
  3. Cue lots of party games with 3 word locations! Combinations of the 3 words where my car is: At home, Alaska and the Red Sea ☺
  4. My pal had an AKS2004 with an Alko lock from a previous van. He had lost the keys in a house move, so I offered to grind off the lock so he could sell the hitch - shameless plug; It's for sale in the Classified section ☺ - I expected to have a bit of a job doing it, but it lasted less than 2 seconds before it literally fell off! Now, I had obviously cut it at the "sweet spot", but I had done this without serious thought, and the ne'er-do-well's will know exactly where to cut!!! Many years ago my caravan was the subject of an attempted theft. The hitchlock was easily chiseled off it seems, but the bit of U shaped metal channel with a padlock on the corner steady thread stopped them. Its a bit greasy, but it was very cheap and certainly effective.
  5. Slightly off topic. For those of you with SOS buttons in their cars, along with some sort of emergency contact, do not believe all tge sales hype. My experience is poor with BMW's version - although it was 6 years ago, they may have imoroved. I was involved in a serious collision with a chap in Rally car (on test) who attempted to overtake on a bend and hit another car before hitting me. I was expecting a call from BMW because of the (multiple) airbag deployment. Nope. I hit the button and outlined the situation to the call centre. They kindly transferred me to 999 who could not then triangulate my position as their call was routed via the call centre, rather than mobile signal. I did know roughly where I was though. My phone at the time didn't have any internet or GPS, and the car satnav was disabled as the car had killed most of the electrics. What3words thing to be downloaded now! Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt, although the wannabe rally driver had to be cut out of the car as he was trapped in the roll cage. He was insured, even though it wasn't his car - or what ended up as 2 halves of a car.
  6. I wouldn't have thought it a major problem as they won't get too hot. But try unscrewing it from the floor, and maybe put some soft insulation, foam or carpet in between pump and floor - it should make a big difference.
  7. Did you find any faults in the caravan?? Hopefully no more smoke!
  8. Back in 2004, my BMW 530 checked all the lights contantly, once the van was plugged in after the first press of the brake pedal.
  9. It struck me that most of us on here will have their caravan serviced regularly by a dealer or accredited mobile. We look after our vans, check tyres etc. Some are more concerned about weights than others - to the extent of going to a weighbridge. I would have thought any enterprising service provider could purchase a load cell (Reich or similar) and charge, say, a tenner extra for weighing the van at service. Time to do it would be minimal and the equipment cost would be recouped quite quickly. OK, most of us would only do this once to get a baseline. Others may well be shocked and frightened at the figures!! Maybe thats why its not been done before - or does your dealer provide this service??
  10. Yes. I'll do it myself when I get the time/inclination. I've wired my van so the battery charges from the car. No fridge but I don't use it on 12v so no loss to me.
  11. My 4 series retractable was a £750 option. At the time, I could have fitted a detachable Westfalia for just over £600. Plus coding. The extra £150 was a no brainer for me - even though I now have no fridge/charging from the car!
  12. The concensus seems to be Milenco Aero or Grand Aero for a medium priced set. I ran cheap strap-on's for more years than I care to admit. Just done 200 miles with my Milenco Aero's and they are better, particularly as you can extend outwards for a better view. The Aero's are steadier too. I do aim to get a set of straps for them - just in case.
  13. I have LED lighting on my bike trailer. My previous car detected trailer presence by a load on the brake light circuit. 90% of the time the car didn't detect the trailer but lights all worked. When the car did detect the trailer, the indicator load wasn't sufficient so got double time flashing. LED's were better even so, as I was forever changing filament bulbs due to vibration and bouncing of the trailer.
  14. If you are concerned about ATC, then don't be. It will be fully ooerational and certainly in my 4 series, fused correctly. No fridge supply, so therefore no battery charging either. As for BMW's stability program, it does operate! I've just had a rather blustery 100 mile trip with my (empty) caravan. This journey did result in a few exclamations of dismay from my wife (!). Cross winds on suddenly exposed dual carriageway causing some quite marked twitching. For the first time ever, I have had the traction/stability light illuminate briefly a couple of times. It didn't seem to do much to be honest and the twitching was damped quite well. At no time did the ATC kick in.
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