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  1. Lies, Damned lies and Statistics โ˜บ
  2. Slightly off topic.... The chargers sold by Lidl are often compared with C-Tek ones. I'm not going to go into that - but I have 4 Lidl ones ๐Ÿ˜Š I was surprised at the self protection that the Lidl units have. One of my units is connected to my classic car. I had been connecting it to the boot light for convenience, but this meant having the tailgate open all the time. I decided to wire the charger to my 7 pin towing plug (yes, my classic is used for towing!). But when I fitted a high output alternator, and subsequently tested it, not having the tailgate open as a prompt meant that the car was started and run (in the garage) with the charger connected and on! No ill effects were suffered by the charger and it continues to give good service.
  3. Looking on Amazon, someone has said the Economy is about 4.5kgs. The original has a shipping weight of 5.8kgs.
  4. Limiting factor on this car is the ancient design of the suspension! It's always been very tail happy but still very controllable whilst quite sideways. The tyres aren't 20 years old though...... And I'd love to drive it faster ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. They still grip surprisingly well!
  6. These tyres pictured are from my car (one from the back, one from the front) Excellent condition tread-wise. No cracks anywhere. So when do you think they were manufactured?? No prizes awarded - I do know the answer ๐Ÿ˜Š
  7. If either or both of us were to wear the soap, it would have to be a mighty large bar of soap as neither me nor SWMBO are particularly slim. If soap is dropped, then bending over is not an option. Did I say I am ex-Merchant Navy??
  8. We continue to use the old fashioned system of 2 barrels. Swap the pump over to the full one pre shower and we know theres enough for us. We do tend to shower at different times though, so if we do need a shower one after the other, we can both squeeze into the shower cubicle. So much more fun โ˜บ
  9. My wife steadfastly refuses to do any contingency towing! She says that if the need arises, then she'll start there. For her: whats worse, towing the van (she's never towed anything except a farm trailer with tractor - and that was 40 years ago), in my car (that she's never driven), or having me in the passenger seat? For me: whats worse, a debillitating injury or wife driving my car, with caravan? She is insured, and I'm sure she is more than capable of towing. But the mental strain on both of us would be immense๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. Holy thread revival, Batman! I would first check the voltage whilst the battery is on charge, and after it has been on charge for a while. I would be concerned at anything over 15 volts or so. The proper way would be to use a DC clamp on ammeter on one of the cables, but not many people have them. Your multimeter may read current, but for it to do this, you must have the meter in series with the battery i.e. disconnect the battery lead and connect the meter between the battery and the lead. BUT take great care and do not do this straight after the battery has been on charge. Batteries produce gas when being charged, and a spark can ignite this gas. Not something you want to happen as you're standing next to it.
  11. If you're on F*cebook, don't discount their Marketplace. There are a surprising number of cheaper vans in my area. Yes, some are utter garbage and you wouldn't want to set foot inside them, but there looks to be some gems out there if you're not bothered about up-to-date.
  12. It's an epidemic !! Admin Comment - Topics Merged
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