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  1. You should have taken the plunge! Quite useable for an oldie. Fuel consumption not as horrific as it could be - generally mid to high 20's. Can get it to 15 if being silly though. Spares all available. You can't beat the sound of a V8! Downsides are no power steering, little suspension and wind noise even when stationary. Room for two and labrador! Looks like a boring MGB, but now keeps up with modern traffic as I've done little bits of naughtiness to the engine. Can you believe a 3.5 litre engine came out of the factory with 135bhp! Probably pushing out 200bhp now. It is a culture shock when you drive a modern car though 😊
  2. At 19, I bought this MGB V8. And I've still got it, some 43 years later. Even towed the caravan with it back then. It was a horrible towcar. Other cars I had in my 20's that I wish I'd kept.... Lancia Fulvias and an Escort Mexico. Others are best forgotten.... Hillman Avenger. Mini van. Datsun Violet 160J SSS (another towcar, but better than the MG). 1100. 1300. All-aggro. Cortina. Escort Van.
  3. Lunar Clubman (2013 onwards) has longer front seats than the Quasar and other Lunar models. That's why we bought one (for our sins!!) No island bed though 😕
  4. W3W remembers your last "fix". Were you in Bala the last time you used it? Although the map or sat picture will show where you are, the 3 words will remain at your last position fix, which may be some time ago. What is one of the adjacent squares called where you are now?
  5. Sorry, had to ask. How much coke do you get through? Powder or liquid?
  6. There is plenty of evidence on here of people doing this or similar - and that's from those who admit it!! And I am one of them. I can't recall anyone damaging the chassis. From your description, the van was hardly moving, if at all. The chassis is built to take decent loading and a singular 18 inch drop isn't huge. The breakaway cable has done it's job. It is immaterial where it broke - that is what it is designed to do - and it worked. On the lighter side, nobody who has dropped a van off the hitch has ever done it twice! So you will be more watchful, careful or whatever the next time, and the next time etc. Don't worry about it, just get it fixed and enjoy.
  7. It is only 2 Ah. And 12 volts. The bike is 103kgs, and the only way to get it into my car is by dropping the wheelchair ramp........ it's a 250cc KTM.
  8. Took my new (secondhand) bike battery out last week to waterproof all the electrical connections prior to a winter riding through swollen rivers. I was literally stunned at how light the battery was! I knew Lithium was light, but this was amazing. Shame it's only 2 AmpHour.
  9. Assuming your boat battery isn't wired to the permanent 12v car feed,, there is really no need for the Habitation relay IMO, as the boat effectively has no habitation connection. Do you have a 12v fridge? Of course, you are discussing a non standard wiring configuration which some people would not be happy with.....
  10. Don't say that! Clutches create dust too. As for the brakes.......
  11. Much neater than the supermarket/takeaway bag hanging from a hook. Yes, you get more gash in a Tesco bag, but then you have to squeeze past it every time you go in and out. Just like SWMBO, small but useful.
  12. Don't be concerned about fuel consumption. It will be a minor issue unless you are doing lots of towing. Just accept it for what it is - and it will change with your driving style, traffic, weather etc. My (petrol) car averages around 40mpg solo. I tell my wife it does around 15mpg with the van on the back - but I may get less at times.
  13. I had this issue with my 4 series BMW. With the Alko stabiliser, hitched up there was "reasonable" clearance, albeit less than Alko's clearance figure. But hitching up at much more than a few degrees out of parallel was impossible without hitting the bumper. After a couple of trips out I got fed up and bought a BPW / Westfalia hitch. No more problems! BPW is a straight swap and it's a quick job.
  14. This is a WAG, but... Check your plug and associated wiring. Pin 13 to earth and pin 9 +ve feed to battery. The charging sense voltage - effectively the fridge supply - has its own earth connection. The road lighting has its own earth too. So the road lights work. The awning light going out as the car engine runs indicates that the fridge circuit is good as the habitation relay operates. Neither proves the "permanent" 12 volt feed and associated earth is good - and it's this that operates the ATC.
  15. You need to remove all the side light and marker light bulbs first, otherwise you will be reading the resistance of the bulbs. Your test has shown a continuity from the power side to the earth side, probably via the relevant bulbs, but it may be that there is a short circuit from the power side to the actual caravan chassis which is blowing your fuses.
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