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  1. If they were using old stock lamp units, it's not unusual for the LED's to fail. Mine is down to 3 out of however many there are supposed to be!
  2. Wheel bolts have a taper where they bear on the wheel. The angle of this taper is often different between steel and alloy wheels. Hence the need for different bolts. In theory, if you have a steel spare fitted, you should be using different bolts. If you have the Coachman handbook it will be detailed in there.
  3. Do plates have to be retrofitted now? I have 3 trailers on my drive, the newest of which may be 30 years old. Home built and no plates
  4. When you do get it out - just check that the ball hasn't stuck in rather than gone AWOL. A poke with a bit of wire is often all that is needed to reseat.
  5. I resemble that remark!!
  6. Check the pump wiring isn't reversed. Otherwise, if the pump is working, then it's a mechanical problem rather than electrical.
  7. My 2013 front locker leaks. It's better since I adjusted the locks. Your lifting hinge is an improvement on mine - my locks bear on the bodywork rather than the metal of the hinge bracket like on yours. It doesn't leak badly now, but I don't leave anything degradable in it any more. Washing the van seems to be the worst thing for water ingress. That's my excuse.... Oddly, I don't. Needing two hands to lift it - with no handles or grips. The hinge arms taking up valuable space because they run close to the floor. No damping so if you let it go when lifting, it slams into the front windows - even providing two rubber dobbers to ensure contact. The jockey wheel handle that's always in the wrong position as you site the van, so you have to move it to open the locker. Well designed?? I beg to differ. Well made? Nope. I've had a weld fail on mine. They may have improved it on later models....
  8. Just hope it's not gone brittle with old age 😁😁
  9. It is a switch that would like to identify as a Master
  10. You could put resistors in parallel with the LED's on the caravan, so any car will think it's filament lamp. But be warned that these resistors are large and create significant heat. They aren't cheap either. Putting a resistor in series on the car will drop the supply voltage so the LED's may not light anyway. It also limits you to a van or trailer with LED's. A filament lamp's current draw will need a large resistor and have heat issues too.
  11. Latch was quite easily overcome using 2 long screwdrivers to lever up the remaining tongue to allow the latch to move. A bodge could have been made - wedging the cassette against the door with a block of wood sprang to mind first. On line prices ranged from £22 to £30. Significantly cheaper if you live in Australia apparently!! Called in at the local Caravan place as I was passing within 50 yards of it anyway. "Yes, we've got one, Sir. £15:01" "I'll take it, thank you" Still daylight robbery but it's right. The clip does seem to have been in stock for some time looking at the yellowed label and dust! Motto: Don't break this one.
  12. Personally, I'm avoiding the Lakes as it is one of the worst infected areas in the country for Covid. My son lives there. We're not visiting him and he's not visiting us. But that's just my personal view.
  13. 70kgs is fine. If you can load the car up with the heavy stuff, so much the better - like the spare wheel. Don't be tempted to move the gas bottle or battery. You don't want a gas leak inside the car! You don't want battery acid inside the car!
  14. Maximum noseweight is 74kgs for your car
  15. Take a picture on your phone before disconnecting anything! Just in case. Remove from the mains and disconnect one of the battery leads.
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