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  1. Just a lil update, had the system for just over a year now and love it, no issues at all, and it’s been up n down more then most I can promise that! 100% worth the money and unless we down size it’s a system we’d be using for life!
  2. Afternoon people, now ive completed a few upgrades I am looking to fit a rear view camera, I’m not a fan of the camera fixed on the roof,number plate, back panel, etc, we are away at the mo and just seen a motor home that has a nice “factory” looking plastic panel that houses the camera on the bk, anyone know where I can get 1?
  3. As mine is under 8 years old you can still buy the parts from Elddis I had to cut it down as it’s about 25mm narrower but really happy with the results
  4. This post has made me pull my finger out! Drinks cabinet gone! Cupboard door fitted! Happy days
  5. Oh and I’ve bought a cupboard door from Elddis so I can delete the drinks cabinet, absolutely pointless! I must get this job done soon
  6. 2016 Elddis crusader typhoon, Fitted, weight upgrade, wrap around cushions, ep self levelling, Thule roof mounted awning, led lights inside case can been seen when open, and led strip light full length of van mounted underneath, it gives a nice glow also had the curtains material matched for extra pillows etc, would like to ad a coloured Perspex splash bk in the kitchen, and really would like a reverse camera but still can’t find a system that’s right for me...
  7. There just behind the axle (rear)there’s 3 in a row nothing above them hence why I can feel the lump!
  8. Very nice! You made the right choice in swapping to a Elddis
  9. So got my wife inside and I wiggled the bolt with the nut missing and it is this 1, not sure how to fix this as the threads are mangled... and it’s not very long....
  10. Hi guys I’ve got a lump in the floor on my 2016 tempest, been meaning to sort this for ages and finally had a go today, so I raised the back end right up and went under neath I could see 3 bolts in the area but 1 had it’s head missing, tbh it looks like it’s been cut! I put my mole grips on but won’t undo or tighten so I guess this 1 should have a nut on it... can’t seem to upload pics
  11. Yes that’s wall mounted, I went for roof mounted so I can still use my awning rail, also I went for Thule as I’ve had issues with some Fiamma products
  12. My set up is well over 60k I have every gadget going, and will buy more, I wear track suit bottoms and track suit shorts, (im not fat) I also have tattoos oh and I’m a roofer! Im also a caravan club member, I’m 100% not a snob and I’m also not ruff, i didn’t spead 60k to say look at me! I buy the best because I like the best! Simple
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