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  1. ....................and it was all started by Thatcher!
  2. Just filled up (down to betweem empty and quarter), passed 2 fuel stations to get to my usual one and there were no queues. Sensibility rules...............or has everyone else filled up?
  3. They look genuine enough but wow.................prices on the steep side!
  4. It is also a pity the reporter didn't attempt to verify any of the "hearsay" supplied by one motorhome provider. Where's the evidence? I haven't heard of any police reports (I have contacts). Being local to the 500 and in the motor trade, it's much more likely that the sidewalls of the tyre were not "slashed but damaged on the sharp edges and potholes of the single track roads, where the driver isn't used to them and doesn't want to forfeit their deposit! Eggs? Yoghurt? Icing on the cake for the article! Never mind, when did the MSM worry about verification, when a good story can hit the headlines?
  5. Ardtower Caravan Park on the outskirts of Inverness have availability mid July. http://www.ardtower-caravanpark.com/
  6. According to Brittany Ferries, sailing today and returning in a week - £505 to £551 return.
  7. For all the Talk about side effects etc., usage of different vaccines, especially the AZ one, bear this in mind! Vaccine costs - Moderna (latest one) £27 per dose Pfizer £20 Astra Zeneca £3 BTW, I've had both jabs of Pfizer, minor flu like side effects for a couple of days.
  8. I don't think anyone is being "forced" to pay full price, facilities open or not. It would be their choice whether to (or not).
  9. Yes, misleading, not happening in Scotland either>
  10. 1. Say what you like, but I think she's done a better job than the other guy! 2. It will be April 26th (no earlier), if everyone still behaves themselves! Too many people (on holiday) to let loose at Easter! 3. It will still be Ms Sturgeon.
  11. Probably about the same time as their £22-£37bn track and trace system starts working!
  12. Really?!? The recently appointed Chairman of the BBC has donated more than £400,000 to the Conservative Party since 2001, Electoral Commission records show.
  13. https://www.primrose-awnings.co.uk/ For houses but should have something to suit.
  14. That's an AGM, the dealer that the OP is talking about is probably wants to supply a wet (lead/acid) battery. It depends on the amps required, but a good quality 100ah battery can be had for under £100.
  15. Partially correct - quote from gov.uk "This ban will apply to tyres fitted to the front axle of heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches and to the tyres on all axles of minibuses when fitted in single configuration" We use Michelin Multiways in my work, where the date codes are only on one side of the tyre, therefore cannot both be visible on these directional tyres.
  16. Because there are a lot of stops on Silverknowes Parkway (both ways). If it went round Marine Drive there would only be one stop (at the site), as there's nothing else there. Passenger numbers......supply and demand. It's not far to walk, we've done it many times! PS. there's a mini-bus service direct from the site to town.
  17. Nah, we've all waited this long................another 12 days ia a cakewalk!
  18. I wouldn't have thought that they could, unless she was tested?
  19. Screenshot taken from the CMC website
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