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  1. Nah, we've all waited this long................another 12 days ia a cakewalk!
  2. I wouldn't have thought that they could, unless she was tested?
  3. Screenshot taken from the CMC website
  4. The Fire Service is already doing it, recent retirees are being recalled and being given refresher training.
  5. Yes, recently bought a diesel Santa Fe. I'll still buy diesels as long as they're available and the fuel to run them!
  6. 13 pin electrics are different, pins 1& 4 ARE adjacent. And as it's a 19 plate Rexton, we can probably make the assumption that it's 13 pin.
  7. Just what was going through my mind after watching the video!
  8. Tesco dropped 3p yesterday!! Now 130.9
  9. 3p cheaper than local supermarkets
  10. The Flogas steel cylinders are the same size as Calor versions. The Gaslight 5kg and 10kg have a base diameter of 305mm, whereas the steel cylinders eg the 7kg is 256mm. I've put a 10kg Gaslight to my Rimini but it doesn't fit at the base. I'm going to fit a removable bracket at the rim to secure it.
  11. As you've said, your van has a bulkhead regulator, so no worries. I'm in the process of converting my own van at the moment and purchased a 10kg GASLIGHT from B&M stores today and have ordered the adaptor. Quoted from another supplier - "This adaptor will allow you to use any Propane cylinder with a 27mm clip-on outlet, in conjunction with Butane Pigtail hoses and a bulkhead regulator fitted inside your gas locker. Normally you can only use standard Propane cylinders with pigtails, however this adaptor will allow you to use BP, Gaslight, Patio Gas and BBQ Gas cylinders in the UK.!
  12. I think this is what you're looking for. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Pigtail-Caravan-Motorhome-Regulator/dp/B075752LJW/ref=pd_sbs_201_1/262-9915149-6167540?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B075752LJW&pd_rd_r=0378325a-6479-11e9-8386-0582f4e74252&pd_rd_w=9uSTh&pd_rd_wg=umfAY&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=2551Z8J3V89JXFRJW2X4&psc=1&refRID=2551Z8J3V89JXFRJW2X4
  13. Sunny Pooh Corner Certificated Location - Ashwater , Cornwall (East) Rosebud Farm Touring Park - Bodmin , Cornwall (East) Tregainlands Touring Park - Bodmin , Cornwall (East) The Pickwick Inn Certificated Site - Padstow , Cornwall (East) Medros Farm Certificated Site - Par , Cornwall (East) The Meadows Campsite - St Austell , Cornwall (East) Timaru Certificated Site - Wadebridge , Cornwall (East) Cornwall (West) Bracken Farm Caravan Park - Helston , Cornwall (West) Higher Carthew Farm Certificated Location - Helston , Cornwall (West) Maple Leaf Farm Certificated Site - Helston , Cornwall (West) Resparva House Touring Park - Newquay , Cornwall (West) Rosecliston Holiday Park - Newquay , Cornwall (West) Antron Bungalow Certificated Site - Penryn , Cornwall (West) Wayfarers Adults Only Caravan & Camping Park - Penzance , Cornwall (West) Frenton Farm Certificated Location - St Austell , Cornwall (West) Badgers Folly C L - Truro , Cornwall (West) Carnon Wollas Touring Park - Truro , Cornwall (West) Chacewater Camping & Caravan Park - Truro , Cornwall (West) Chygwyne Farm Certificated Location - Truro , Cornwall (West) Fays Touring Park - Truro , Cornwall (West) Higher Hendra Park - Truro , Cornwall (West)
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