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  1. 47 and still coming! Switched off the notifications. Think I'll dump the card as it's still 3p more expensive than our local Morrisons.
  2. Loads here just check what you have first. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=caravan+13+pin+plug+wiring+diagram
  3. My card arrived on Thursday, I haven't verified/registered it yet and I think I'll wait and see how prices compare. Got the usual text from PK this morning with diesel at £1.269. Local Morrisons and Asda are £1.237, with Tesco at £1.259. Think I'll wait a little longer! When first announced and I started getting the weekly text, Esso card prices were 2 or 3p cheaper than the supermarkets but their prices have gradually crept up above them. Mmmm...................I wonder?
  4. Yes, agree with all of the above. I live up here and travel these roads a lot for work and I would agree with Black Grouse and go via Ullapool. A bit longer, but the scenery is just as spectacular and as said, it's good double track to Rhiconich. From there to Durness is single track and about 15 miles, depending on traffic, maybe 35-40 mins towing your 'van.
  5. They don't do anything to them, just ship them straight to the mart.
  6. Yep. .........Cara Clean does work. .............this is the same stuff at £1. 69. .......choice is yours! Peroxide Cream
  7. Might be a bit of a taboo discussing folding campers on here but hey-ho! We've had a couple of them a few years back - Pennine Fiesta and a Pennine Pullman - before changing to caravans. I do miss them at times! Great pieces of kit, very light to tow, beds stay up (no faffing about every night/morning), easy to store (in garage in our case) and loads of room with the awning up. As previously said, the downside is packing away damp but if have room at home, it's not too much of a problem to dry them out. BTW, both our campers had heating fitted to them.
  8. Showing 1 previous now. Maybe got wind of this thread!
  9. Can't help with pics of the lighter set-up. The Piezo lighter on mine stopped working over 2 years ago. Never bothered me, I just use one of these.
  10. We go to lots of music festivals throughout the year, and yes, hook ups at them are expensive. Our local festival is £95 (plus booking fees) for 3 days/nights! As others have said, there is a huge amount of work setting the areas up, so no surprise at the cost. Generators are banned, for obvious reasons, get caught using one and you're ejected from the site! Although we always take a spare battery, we've never needed to use it, managed fine on the 'van one with out being too frugal with the power either.
  11. Berriedale (already mentioned above) and there's two bends, one worse than the other. Quite manageable in the right gear. Artics are up and down the (North) A9 all the time.
  12. A Focus 1. 0 weighs in around 1270kg. The OP would need to check the plated weights of the vehicle, to be given valid advice
  13. Yes, soot from towing vehicle exhaust, particularly diesels can cause this. At 9 years old, I'd be looking at replacing the pads, but a clean with emery and brake CLEANER would help in the interim.
  14. Just buy another diesel, they're more suited to towing. I wouldn't worry too much about all the government bluster about diesels, it's going to take years to sort out. They've only done this to appease all the jumping up and down about NOx emissions from environmental bodies.
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