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  1. You could always book on a course. I think both clubs run them. Caravan club run 2, one for beginners and the other for more experienced towers. Beginners is £189, 10 hours over 2 days. What you’ll learn: ‘hitching up’ and towing safely easy and confident manoeuvring ‘load’ and how it affects towing curved reversing everyday safety checks laws affecting caravanners Course details: £189 per person 10 hours split over two days
  2. The fitment supplied for back of tv has both size mounting holes I believe. Caravan in storage so cant nip out to check for certain.
  3. Brought this up at my second service after being told at first service that it would need sorting at 2nd( if that makes sense) This is the reply I got. With regards to squealing brakes the information we are getting from AL-KO currently is that due to the restrictions on their supply chain due to Covid-19 they are prioritising where they are sending warranty parts for brakes. The information they are giving is that squealing brakes are still safe to use and the noise is considered an inconvenience rather than a safety issue, therefore they are not currently supplying replacement parts und
  4. You need to give a way of contacting you, nobody will give a code out on a forum.
  5. I see that France are going to make UK people quarantine on entering the country for 10 days. Plus quarantine when you return, not much of a holiday for most people then. Glad I decided to give it a miss again this year. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57256859
  6. BF CEO has said its a no go for now since Spain has opened up for the UK, but he says never say never so it may happen.
  7. Well its calm here in Caerphilly, no rain at the moment.
  8. There are no professionals in Portugal who can do this? I sincerely doubt that.
  9. On my volvo, start/stop is disabled on coupling up.
  10. Can't use this app if you live in God's country
  11. Fridge requires 12volt to work, there should be a place to insert dry cell batteries to get your display and controls working if your onboard 12 volt battery has failed. At least thats what happens with mine.
  12. This from my handbook. Press the Reduced Guard button in the centre display function view to switch off the movement and tilt sensors when subsequently locking the car. At the same time, the double lock function is deactivated, i.e. unlocking from inside is possible. If the car is unlocked and then locked again, the reduced alarm level must be reactivated.
  13. We have 2, one full Isabella and a 330 air awning
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