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  1. I can vouch for any product by Mudbuster, or MB14 as I believe they have been rebranded.
  2. That sounds like Speedcoat. Sounds good in principle but I've heard the finish isn't great Update: After some Sterling work (see what I did there) by my supplying dealer it turns out that Swift are now willing to stand over the shower and repair it under warranty. Apparently this will involve cutting out the defective shower tray and replacing it with a new item. Obviously this will leave a seam that will have to be sealed, but I've been assured that is the only fix available. Same goes for the wall panel too. Lets see what happens I guess.
  3. MB14 Precision Polish Haven't been disappointed by any of their products yet
  4. Hi A crack about 2 inches long has developed in the shower tray on my 2016 Sterling Eccles 590. Another crack has also developed on one of the shower side panels. To add insult to injury as the van is just out of warranty Swift want nothing to do with it. The shower isn't used that much so I am at a loss as to how this has happened. Any feedback on effective repairs would be welcomed.
  5. Hi I changed to a 2016 Disco Sport 2. 0 TD4 quite recently and the jury is still out to be honest There is no doubt it tows very well but it has been back to the dealer several times for niggles and issues I wasn't expecting on a so-called 'Premium' vehicle The rear brake discs & pads have been replaced due to excessive corrosion. The rear calipers are quite badly rusted too but JLR are digging their heels in about replacing them. ...watch this space The car is full of rattles, buzzes, creaks etc which are difficult to pinpoint. ...still to be investigated When fuelling the car the pump cuts out constantly; obviously something in the filler neck is triggering the automatic pump shut off. ....still to be investigated The fuel economy is nowhere near what JLR claim. ..expect low to mid 30's The fuel tank is woefully small for a car in this class. ...expect around 350 miles per tank I'm in no way trying to scare you, just sharing my experience so far. ....Although I can't help thinking I should have considered an XC60 more seriously
  6. I have the same windows and to be honest getting them to stay open in any of the 'click' positions is a bit of a lottery I sometimes find if I close the window for a moment and then try again it seems to work
  7. This was the same advice as on my old Mondeo I just left them on or near the towing pressure all the time
  8. From the research I did I cannot see a storm tie-down kit for the Revo available from Kampa Happy to be proved wrong
  9. Resurrecting this thread as I'm seriously considering a Jaguar XF Sportbrake at the moment Looking at 2014/15 cars, preferably a Portfolio model with the 3. 0 litre diesel engine Any feedback out there? P. S The 75 kg noseweight limit is not an issue for me
  10. I saw a roll-out canopy up in Portstewart at the weekend I wouldn't say it was particularly windy, just the normal stiff breeze coming off the Atlantic The canopy was wafting and billowing to such an extent that one of the supporting legs pulled right out of the ground and was swinging about. I dread to think what would happen if it hit the side of the van I'm now convinced more than ever that these things are more suited to the calmer conditions on the Continent I now know why they aren't that popular in the UK!
  11. Considering the Revo myself at the moment Be interesting to hear if anyone has first hand experience yet
  12. My opinion re. towbar would be slightly different I would never let a franchise dealer anywhere near my vehicle to fit a towbar, in fact in my experience most dealers would sub-contract the job to a third party fitter Lets face it, a franchise dealer is not going to put their highly trained master technician on your car to fit the towbar; the job will be given to an apprentice or a junior technician They don't fit towbars every day, they mostly do simple PDI's and routine servicing I went to a reputable local towbar supplier and got the job done right. They do it day in, day out and knew immediately about stuff like dedicated wiring looms etc The rear valance on my car required a small cutout to facilitate the towbar, which was done so well it looks factory and even then I'm hard pressed to see it. I wonder what the finish would be like at the hands of the 2nd year 18 year old apprentice at my local Ford dealer
  13. I didn't claim the repairer was competent No longer own the van, lets just leave it at that
  14. There is a new facelift model out now, so I take it the deal is for the previous version? Even so, cracking deal you have got, difficult to look past Great car, only hampered by relatively small boot IMO
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