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  1. Hi all. A couple of months ago, i noticed a small crack appearing top left hand bend on the shower wall. I have always been mindfull of plastics in caravans and use either plant based cleaners or thetfords own. I once had a shower tray to replace on an elddis which was a nightmare, it broke up all round the plug hole. Very dismayed at this for such a modern high tech caravan, I sourced a replacement wall from Don Amotts, decided to do it myself at the enormous cost i was quoted, although they are not bailey, there does seem to be an air of avoidance when i ask if it is a recurrent problem, but basically, it is. This crack grew and grew, until I had the opportunity to sort it this week. I finally ran my thumb down the corner and without any effort the plastic cracked all the way down and parted company with its neighbour. We hardly use our shower, always dry it down after use and use plant based or thetford chems, as i said. It was a bit of a fiddly job, but dismantled, shower parts, screen door, and roof section, remove old plastic, not easy getting out the van. Laid down on top of new plastic and using a stanley to score the new sheet to trim to shape then just bend back and take off the excess. Role that up and position in the van. Roof part didn't seem to fit in the same place for some strange reason even though its located by the back, side and bed bulkhead, but once the sky light trim back in place it covers the gap. I now have a new looking shower again. But disappointed in the quality issue of this. I previously had a swift conq, that was over 20 years old when i sold it with no problems like this? I have also at the same time replaced the trim seals on the U1 between those front corner covers with the coloured trim on as they go weathered and rough. Its 2017 how long have we been making caravans and we still use materials which degrade after a couple of years???
  2. Hi All, just finished replacing the shower wall, enclosure on my Valencia yesterday. I think i had the same problem as the OP, I noticed a small crack in the top corner, of one of the corners, it did appear to be getting worse without much happening, ie. the van ever moving. I ordered the shower wall from don amotts, about £90. Took the plunge a couple of days ago as have finally got the van home. It took a full day, but complete new shower now. What completely annoys me about this is caravan manufacturers using materials which will not stand the test of time. It doesnt matter how much these would be highlighted to them, they are not interested.
  3. Hi John http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/172384740353?_trksid=p2060353. m2749. l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT this is the one I got, it came with a giff gaff sim card which had £5 on i topped it up further with another 10 to activate it. You can set many features including continuous tracking. I have used a couple fo pounds up to now but mainly setting up and demonstrating it to the wife. ... There is no ongoing cost other than the sim card top ups. Not sure how often you need to top up, there is the old theory of having to keep a sim sctive, not sure if this is one of those, I now have an online account with giff gaff so i can see my balance and top up. Have tested the Alde remote switch on and it works great usually within 3 seconds. It is similar to the one you linked, some have different names on the case but all the same. Size should is in the palm of a hand, I would say like the old cooks box of matches. I have it in a place seperate to where the original trackers are, and not easily found, but not difficult to get too if you know where it is, if you get my drift. I always think quality DIY security is a good deterant as, its unknown.
  4. This is a 2 4 1 post, you are all so lucky! I will explain how to fit your own tracker and you get a remote start for your heating. I had trouble with my S1 unicorn valencia battery going flat, found out it was the tracker battery dragging it down, there is also a small lithium batery that was at the end of its life. Not wanting to subscribe to tracker due to the expense and zero discount on many insurances, i was inclined to remove it. However the Bailey alarm is integral to the tracker system and the PIR in the living space is wireless connected to the same. On removing the batteries, i found the alarm still worked, which I wanted. I bought a TK104 GPS cell tracker. This came with a giff gaff sim card. loaded with £5 I topped it up to £10 giving me £15. So in a nut shell how this works, although i dont want to go into too much detail on this unit, this is about the application. It has magnet so you can just stick it under a steel chassis, it has its own built in anntena for GPS and Cell phone. It has movement sensors, it has a 6AH battery which lasts 4 months. Comes with external antenna for GPS and Cell phone. Relay for mainly use on a car for cutting the fuel pump. OK, so mounted this in the van, its hidden away but because its a unique system doesnt have to be as well hidden as a tracker. .. isnt! as a theif wouldnt inherantly know where it is, conversley all unicorns will have a tracker in the same place! So I connected it to the 12v system but it would power itself If I removed the leisure battery. You assign it a main phone and 5 others, no other phone can then control it. You can set 3 levels for shock sensor. You can set it to alert you if it moves any distance, say 10 metres. You can set it to a coral measurement. ie if it moves out of a imaginary box say 5 metres square, it alerts you. You can set it to constantly alert you if it moves so you can track it, but its response is usually within 3 secs. Finally, and the best bit, if fitted to a car and it alerts you its moving, you can send it a command to stop the engine either immediately or when it drops to 20mph. This is via a relay. I used this relay to connect to the external start on the Alde system. So on my control panel, I enable ext start, set the temp. Then if we go out and we are late or whatever situation and we decide we want the heating on in the vam before we get back, I simply text the unit, 'Stop' it operates the relay and brings on the heating, brilliant, and the proce for all this, I got mins with a sim card for less than £80.
  5. hey thanks so very much for that, i had done a search but was struggling to come up with a listing. I will measure the rad at the bottom see which one will be best, I got it through southdowns motorcaravans so they got me the shortest elbow by the looks of it. I guess there will need to be a gap at the bottom for convection so the 150mm might be the best one. The rad is interesting in that it is just a U shaped pipe but uses the case as a heat sink. ..
  6. Hi All I have bought the 700mm Alde radiator to add to my washroom in the Valencia series 1. Received it in the post today and checked it over. I wonder if anyone has any experience fitting these, as, although I have the 2 rubber 90' bends to connect it inline, the rubber bends do not appear to be long enough to clear the bottom of the frame of the radiator? I would expect after the radiator is mounted there should be an air gap for convection and the rubber connectors should extend down to then connect to the pipe on each side?
  7. Thanks for all your help and comments. I currently have the tracker batteries off, the tracker is connected but only for me to have the alarm function. I have a small solar panel on now to top up the leisure battery, but I suspect I wont get many days of power now. The plug to the alarm is 5 cores, 2 are pos and neg, I suspect the other 3 are from the PIR at the front of the van, if they are, its good news and I can use these on my new tracker. The PIR is not probably wired in normal alarm cable, it is probably incorporated into the van wiring. When I get chance I will remove the PIR and check the wiring.
  8. The previous owner had a lifetime subscription on it but I was so shocked by how much they wanted from me, compared to how much it saves on ins. premiums. I did phone bailey for a wiring diagram, they gave me there stock answer, 'phone your nearest dealer' phoned the dealer and they were reluctant to help as they found it to much hassle to get a wiring diagram also.
  9. Hi Thanks for the info. The leisure battery is a fairly new 85ah and is in good condition, or was. I have charged it and it seems to be holding voltage since it removal, I am not sure I could trust it though, 6V is too low generally for this kind of battery. The sounder does work and the alarm works after I have removed the 2 tracker batteries and powered it from the leisure battery. I found the other leisure battery I put on was down to 10V after a week. I have disconnected the tracker batteries. It maybe that the lithium battery should be 6V as it is connected to a PCB. as mentioned for the config memory. The master switch is always off and I do not normally charge the battery, but has never been a problem previously. So as of now, I have disconnected the tracker batteries, I am not interested in the subscription to tracker but I wannt the alarm function. You mention you time power to your van for 2 hours, this is insufficient to be honest for the charger to go through a cycle. It will power up every time on a full charge and you will have interupted the power before the charger can get into a float cycle, really you should leave power on for about 6 hours but you could get away with this say once a week and allow the charger to go through a complete cycle.
  10. Hi John. Its frustrating to have this see saw effect, like yours was, my Valencia is great at keeping the temp constant. Like a well set up central heating at home, when the van is 'soaked' the temp never moves on my display, every now and then the heating will kick in, run for a little while then shut off, the system will stay just warm to keep the temp, obviously the colder it is outside the more this will happen and the warmer the system will be. This is of course down to the hysteresis of the system and digital thermostats make it so much better. A traditional bi metal stat cant see the temp rising so you get a big see saw effect. A digital stat can see the temp rising by whatever steps the designers wanted to use, be it 0. 1' steps or a little more, the display of course is in 0. 5' steps but this is not the capability of the system it can be finer but only display 0. 5' or 1' even. Hence this is the hysteresis and its more efficient too as the boiler is working so much less instead of with a bi metal, running full bore for a while. So its strange to hear about your systems behaviour, I think your well clued up, so you would have checked that the stat is in the right place, not near draughts etc, also when the system reaches a target does the boiler shut off? Sometimes the pump runs on to get rid of residual heat out the boiler? but shouldn't be enough to take the living space sky high in temperature? Like you say, use a remote sensor and see how it goes.
  11. Hi John. I will be drasining totally off. I was exploring all the info i read, I am not sure exactly how I am going to do it yet, I do want to flush it out and I will be draining to fit the rad, armed with all the info I have read, when I get the van home I will come up with the best method for me given I have all the gear and a method of tilting the van enough.
  12. The trips on the bollard are probably C or even D type which are slower to react to overload, they allow for motors etc starting in some applications. The load monitor on the Alde is instant and it will knock the boiler consumption down in increments of 1kw, if need be to nothing. So starting at 3kw, it would go down to 2kw, but if the load dictated it would go straight to 1KW if you really wacked something on it would cut to 0kw. It is handy on low power bollards and I have never tripped one yet, even with wife with hair dryer and straighteners. ..
  13. The main reason i would say and the initial reason for that sticker. The Alde boler works like a sealed combi, with a pressure compensator. The water pumped into the alde has an air space above it, this is to take up expansion of the water when heated. My old swift used to spit and water was expelled at very high pressure after I first filled the system and heated the water. It doesn't happen on an alde as like a domestic combi boiler the pressure is taken up by the air gap being pressurised, you can compress a gas but not a liquid type of physics. However by having this space in the heating area, there is a risk of legionella, that is why the alde control panel allows the water to be heated to 70' every night at 2am. for half an hour, you can initiate this at any time by selecting 'more hot water' it simply heats the water from 50' to 70' for 1/2 hour. This will kill any bugs.
  14. Hi all, have collected the G13 antifreeze today and ordered the 700mm radiator to fit in the washroom of the Valencia. Thanks to everyone for posting in this thread, I am hoping to replace my fluid soon. I intend to blow out as much as poss then fit the new rad, I like the idea of pumping pre mixed fluid in, as the total volume is unknown. To this end I guess a hydrometer is invaluable in any case. After refilling and running, it would be easy to check the SG, i have found I have needed to top my system up, assuming some is lost from the header tank due to evaporation, (prob why the wardrobe door warps?) i thnk I am right in thinking that topping up with water does not alter the original SG? Also what is the best water to use? there is no instruction with the G13. Is it distilled or de ionised?
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