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  1. The max towing weight with brakes is 1000kg so would that mean it's ok to tow a caravan of 1000kg or under, sorry to sound a bit thick but everything I read is very confusing ! The driver of the vehicle when towing is a very experienced hgv class one driver and therefore quite capable of driving articulated vehicles if that makes any difference as I read on the caravan club that you can tow max kerb weight if you are a confident driver but only 85 per cent if inexperienced!
  2. We have decided we would like to buy a small caravan our car is a toyota auris 1. 4 d4d 15 reg, has anyone any advice or experience towing a van around 1000kg with a vehicle of this size or similar please, guy in local caravan dealers said nothing is suitable for us to tow, but evidence points to older caravans which are lighter we are happy to buy an older van as we are just starting changing car is not an option as its only 4 months old and therefore too much money would be lost ! Can anyone help with advice and suggest any vans suitable to be towed by this car max kerb weight us 1245 kg
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