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  1. A bit more info for those that have asked. I don't have any solar availability and I run a 32" 240v Samsung tv in the evening as I get bored once the sun has gone down. I know there's 12v TVs on the market, but I've yet to find anything that rivals my Samsung for inbuilt satellite, picture quality and ease of use - I'm happy to be informed otherwise but I'm not going smaller than 32" - I'm knocking on a bit and my eyes ain't what they used to be
  2. Morning all. I'm looking at getting a bit further off the beaten track so I'm considering a portable generator. What are the current thoughts on these and which are recommended for weekend use? Ideally looking for something which is light and quiet, which won't cause problems with the van electrics. Recommendations please? Thanks.
  3. Hi folks, just after a bit of a steer please. My cousin has been looking for a van and has come across the above. The seller is looking for £2500 for it so firstly, is this a fair price (the van appears to be in good condition) and are there any known issues/fault areas he should be checking other than damp checks?
  4. The info you require is written on the inside of your fuel flap :-)
  5. Hi folks. Being a bit of a muppet, I decided to travel with a spare battery underneath the bed. It was completely secured to prevent movement, but stupid me forgot to take leakage into account! Yup I know, dumb move! So, to cut a long story short, I cleaned up the leaked battery acid and fortunately, all was ok (or so I thought) until a couple of months later when I noticed what appeared to be a bit of damp on the edge of the two bed panels where they joined. I lifted the panels and discovered that some of the acid had seeped along the underside of the panels and that was what had caused the issue. I left everything alone for 6mths in the vain hope that it would dry out, and the laminate would look ok (yeah, I know now that would never work but I was full of optimism at the time!) I've contacted my local coachman dealer, and after the lightning response from Coachman themselves, it appears that my local dealer must have a part time job wearing a mask and robbing people on the highway! £106 PER PANEL! I'm absolutely astounded, how can this be even remotely justifiable when a sheet of laminate is around £50 maximum, and I'd probably get 5 panels out of it! So, does anyone have recommendations as to who else can supply the pre-cut panels at a realistic price, or am I going to have to get my jigsaw and router our of the shed. Thanks in advance as always.
  6. Nah, it can't possibly be scuffing (can it?) there's at least 25mm between the panes, and, it appeared to be spreading when I was on my last site without moving for the last 6mths?
  7. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the photo. It's really difficult to get a shot of it with an iPhone! Lol It's definitely not them rubbing together as there's roughly a 25mm gap between them. Cheers. The 'mould' is the blob that you can see, it looks like 'scuffing' on the panel, but it's In between the panes.
  8. Hi folks, I have what appears to be 'white mould' growing in between the window panels on my front window. It started as a small patch about the size of a 2p piece, but has now spread to an area of about 120 x 120mm (5" x 5") Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did you solve it? Oh, both of the stud bungs are in place as the have been since day one. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm a snob, I have a mahoosive 32" Samsung goggle box. My days of sub 32" are behind me! Clearly, I'm normally only ever on EHU, but I have an iPad for 'roughing it' :-D
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