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  1. The previous system I designed was similar to what you describe but we have less storage space now so decided not to fit it. Both internal and submersible pumps had current sensing and in auto mode automatically refilled the internal tank when tank level dropped below 80%. When barrel ran out of water it beeped and retried the pump again after using the tap 4 times (presuming you had refilled barrel). At night when on mains electricity it circulated water using internal pump from hot tank to water tank for 3 minutes every 2 hours to preheat the water to 32deg and this was all displayed and controlled / adjusted by a 8” touch screen tablet using Bluetooth. Andrew
  2. I have never seen this twin system so cannot comment with any true knowledge but thought there was only one pump. If there are two, how do you select which pump that draws water? Andrew Typically we keep our vans for 8 to 9 years and spend 100+ nights per year. Andrew
  3. Yes I think you would need 2 solenoids but still only need the rocker switch. Andrew We Brits use the shower. You are correct, where the switch is it’s not reachable from the shower which is why I will design the automatic system later this year. Because the Clubman is single axle, Lunar don’t install onboard tank and after sales quote to fit tank was £1,800 I went for the £80 solution. Andrew
  4. We took delivery of our new Lunar Clubman just over a month ago and decided not to install the onboard tank system I had developed over several years as our caravanning style has changed, especially as we are now both retired. We found the swapping of barrels annoying as typically it was required half way through a shower so after much thought, I came up with a much simpler solution, although maybe an unusual approach so decided to share it with others. If this technique has been done before I apologise for trying to take the credit. I had our dealer fit a second water inlet next to the one fitted by Lunar and made relatively minor changes to the wiring and pipe work, plus in the short-term a rocker switch located in the locker near the flap. So I fill two barrels and place them next to each other, install two submersible pumps which are plugged into the inlets. Now when one barrel runs out, I just flick the rocker switch and the first pump stops and the second pump takes over. No need to turn the pump off at the control panel and no long delays in supply. In the longer term I intend developing an automatic method (a simpler version of my old system) that detects when the water has run out, then electronically it swaps pumps and makes a beep sound to signify an empty barrel. Andrew
  5. Thanks again for all for your comments & advice and I have decided not to go down the LiFePO4 route. I am buying a LA battery today from my local dealer. BTW the Kampa compressor draws about 15A but it is only on for about 5 minutes so not really significant load. Thanks again to you all and happy caravanning. Andrew
  6. Thank you all for your comments and advice and so far it would appear nobody has invested in this new battery technology. The background to this question is we have caravanned once in Skegness (as mentioned by matelodave post) but because our local club rallies every month of the year and with the luxury of retirement we typically spend +100 nights a year away. We mostly use CLs in the UK and have a 90w solar panel fitted to the roof but with an Alde heating system, motor mover and 3m Kampa inflatable awning our energy demands are high. I have found the Dutch manufacture very helpful and discovered that my older solar panel controller is not ideal, as it doesn’t have a setting for this type of battery which needs 14. 6V to fully charge them. As we might be changing our van in near future this will not be a problem if new models have updated the fitted chargers. The current price locally in Hampshire is £445 for the X30 model which states its equivalent to 90Ah lead acid but weighs only 5. 6kg. More research and start saving I think. 😃
  7. To cure the A frame slack cable issue I prefer to reduce the length of the tail to allow full articulation by unclipping the cable running along the A frame chassis. The cable is held in place on our Lunar Clubman with steel spring clips that grip the chassis with barbs and then retains the cable in a 'U' shape profile. By carefully removing a couple of the clips and sliding the cable rearwards and re-ataching the clips to ensure no cable is hanging down. We only use one car to tow and result does look very neat but if we changed cars the same process can be used to lengthen it again. The picture on one of the clips is the best I can do.
  8. Has anyone bought one of the new lightweight Lithium LiFePO4 caravan batteries and if so how well do they perform? I am looking at the PowerXtreme 100Ah model which the specifications look impressive but they do come at a high price. Andrew
  9. That does sound a good approach and once carefully set-up easy to use. Andrew
  10. Flat battery on your phone, that sounds like bad planning and I thought caravanners were well organised otherwise they might leave a roof window open or forget the safety brake cable 😀 Andrew
  11. Hi No its not a silly question and if you don't have an iPhone or iPad nobody would read any further. I personally want my caravan set to a particular 'angle/slope' and putting black marks on a spirit level and trying see them was difficult because of my vision. Also to keep going back to the door worktop and rotating the level to measure both directions was a nuisance. Some caravanners use an electric steady winder, I never have as thats more to keep charged and that little extra weight, each to their own. Andrew
  12. Hi Stan I always used to use a spirit level like most caravaner's and as you say they are cheap and no maintenance required. The problem in my case is I am visually impaired and trying to see a bubble in a curved tube wasn't easy especially if you arrive in the dark. Since retiring arrivals are always in daylight but the vision problem persists. Also I didn't want may caravan perfectly level otherwise my wife complained about shower not draining etc. so learned how to program and the app evolved. PS yes I do like gadgets as well 😋
  13. Hi Sorry for the delay in responding I just got back from a rally. The idea with may app is you don't need to put your iPhone on the floor but somewhere more convenient and safer, so mine goes on the work surface by the door. With the spoke messages and a cheap Bluetooth ear bud I just wander around the outside making adjustments. I had thought of producing an Android version but to start learning a completely new programming language from scratch is not something taken lightly, lets wait and see. Andrew
  14. I know how your wife would feel and redundance is never pleasant. 😃 Andrew
  15. Hi Black Grouse Yes I agree with your comments, I know I am a bit 'sad' and do have a technical background but I level my van to within +/- 0. 1 degrees in both axis. So my app setting which compensates for my 7 year old iPad and the best shower draining / door flapping slope are:- wheel axle +0. 60 deg and front/rear -1. 30 deg. Andrew
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