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  1. When I’m towing I call it mph +15 mins for every hour.
  2. We’ve been caravaning since 98 and we’re on our 4th van . The first one was a second hand ranger which we kept until 2002 then it’s been a new van every 8ish years . its a horses for courses, if it works for you that’s all it matters.
  3. Why can’t I make a comment or have an opinion about something & have to go elsewhere?
  4. My club site storage fee has gone up by £40 , that’s 10% . Nothing has changed in yard . You can’t service your van , you can’t wash the van & no washing facilities in the yard. so between storing my van with the club , being a member of the club & going to club sites it seems to me that the club are just taking the P.
  5. Can’t see a cordless one on the B&D site.
  6. Does anyone use one to top up the van or car tyres ? I’m looking at the air hawk max , only reason I’m looking at the max is the hose is 50cm long as a-posed to the pro which is 15cm . 15cm seems a bit short & thus footery.
  7. Hive is the manufacture (owned by British Gas), they do a WiFi thermostat & receiver that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via a smart phone or tablet. The system is for combi or gas boilers. On the face of it it’s expensive but if you’re recommended by someone you get £40 off , this isn’t a special deal . The special deal just now is that you get a free amazon dot (worth £35). This was handy for me as we were changing our thermostat & I was looking for a dot for my workshop. So all in all the saving was significant. the reason I was changing my thermostat is that my original one from Vokara worked via an RF signal, every now and then the signal would be lost & the boiler would kick in. That’s ok if you’re at home,but we’re going away for Christmas and New Year. That left me with the burning question,do I switch the boiler off or take the gamble the thermostat won’t loose it’s signal. whats good about the hive system is I can see what temperature the house via the app. I’ve got frost protection set for 10 degrees. Aldo when we’re heading home ,say 30mins from Storage we can turn the heat on in the house from the car so the house will be toasty when we arrive. ive nothing to do with hive or British Gas, I just think it’s a good system. In fact if you’re a BG customer you get the system for half price. It’s £250 supply and fit now. I got the self fit @ £190 I think less the £40 & got my plumber to fit it for £30 ... 20 mins job.
  8. If anyone is thinking of getting a hive thermostat pm & save £40. It’s nothing special, if you’re recommended by a friend you save £40. if this is wrong place to post this will a mod please move it, I couldn’t see an appropriate place.
  9. Does anyone use a cordless electric tyre pump for the car & van?
  10. I’ve a couple of 4x4 wooden blocks for aquaroll to stand on. I’ve also cut to size a panel from a upvc door , the outer parts are obviously upvc but the middle is foam , so at least it won’t freeze from the bottom up. ive just tried the old heavy winter jacket on the aquaroll and it fits, I can zip & button it up . So I’ll use that.
  11. I’m taking an old heavy waterproof jacket, that might end up being the best solution. i was intending to use the proper insulated jacket then put my old waterproof jacket on top of that . More layers less chance of freezing. I know , I’ll go to all this trouble and the hose will freeze at the tap end 😂 or in the middle where it touches the ground.
  12. I was thinking about doing that.
  13. I was thinking about that, but what I can’t tell from the picture is the grey end double threaded ? It needs to be able to screw into the the end of the valve & obviously screw into itself. I know what you mean about bad winters , once in a blue moon. I just want to cover all the bases . We’ll be in deepest Cheshire & I don’t want to be messing about. i know these insulated jackets don’t help it gets really cold , if it does get Baltic I would disconnect the water & take the aquaroll into the van over night.
  14. Not done winter caravaning for years, this year we’re going away for Christmas & new year. We’re on a fully serviced pitch , this has thrown up a problem. I dug out the insulated aquaroll cover , stuck in the valve on the side. There’s the problem, no way will a hose connect without a bend so tight that the flow of water will stop. Has anyone else come across this problem? I’ve found a couple of right angle hose connectors on Amazon but all seem pretty rubbish.
  15. Not been on here for ages, hopefully I’ll be taking delivery of a XC90 B5 (235bhp ) inscription on Friday . I tow a unicorn 4 Cadiz. Hopefully it should tow the van very easily.
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