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  1. If Lunar are likely to honour your warranty you have a specific window of time for your caravan service. If the warranty is not being honoured I'd just get it damp checked.
  2. I've also been told that if the blinds are left down in very sunny weather they cause too much heat to build up between the bli as and windows so always use curtains when in storage.
  3. I'm the original poster and ours was replaced under warranty.
  4. The wheel on our2014 Lunar Quasar started display out as we had just left the M6, fortunately another motorist stopped us and informed us so a major incident was averted. Surprisingly the caravan was still towing and showed no signs of the problem. By the time we'd been recovered the wheel had become detached. The damage was not just the axle which had broken along with wearing through the wheel arch lining but the wheel had cut into the back of the fridge. Our insurance company, Lifesure, approved the repairs and replacement of the fridge, that alone cost over £2000, Leisure Sales near Sandba
  5. Think a table might be considerably more than two legs. We have the same legs and hate them, find them so difficult to put up. As a matter of interest, how did yours break? May help the rest of us from having the same problem.
  6. Took us 9 months to get a same keyed lock barrel. My sister waited over 6 months for a bodywork insurance repair. Customer service is definitely not speedy.
  7. We had to have a front window replaced on our 2014 Quasar due to bowing. The bungs were also replaced as it appears some had been manufactured without holes in and were causing a build up of pressure. They were replaced with bungs with holes. My understanding is that blinds with reflective backing should not be left down in sunlight.
  8. We've been waiting from a lock barrel since October, now told it should be in Lunar later this month. My sister's been waiting for parts for a repair since the insurance approved it in November.
  9. I've just cleaned our caravan after it's return from service and had a look at the cutlery drawer. The screws to undo the drawer are under the cutlery tray so looks to be no option other than to pull the drawer out by some means.
  10. Woke too have a 2014 Quasar. Our cutlery draw did the same as yours and I unscrewed the screws inside the drawer to put it right the first time this happened. Have since realised that the drawer gradually pulls out less and less with use. If we give it a really good tug it will come out.
  11. It's going to Campbell's. We've had quite a list of repairs under warranty so far. Seems there have been two problems with Lunars, one was a bad batch of sealant and another was a slight change in construction where the strip that goes across the top of the van has caused water ingress.
  12. I have a 2014 Lunar Cosmos (Quasar) which is going in this week for water ingress to front offside top corner to be sorted. I've now found 2 small 'stress' cracks in the rear nearside top corner. Is this covered under the 6 year body shell integrity cover (can't find a definition of integrity in relation to this)?
  13. Well the key won't turn at all now so looks like drilling it out and replacing.
  14. Genuine input error. Should be 2014.
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