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  1. Hello i hear they have gone back to wooden floor inner on all Swift now? Smart 3?
  2. Great Idea. Wirkshop thinks they’ve fixed it. Resealed a screw that holds the sidewall skirts. X fingers
  3. Try these ...... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Levelling-Caravan-Motorhome-Leveller-MP4606/dp/B0173GWA4M/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=caravan+levelling&qid=1620760695&quartzVehicle=29-10517&replacementKeywords=levelling&sr=8-2
  4. Upload a photo of the pump socket on outside of caravan or inboard pump if fitted 👍
  5. Have you checked the pressure switch?
  6. May I refer you to p6..... https://caravanfridges.co.uk/pdf-manuals/rm-rms-rml-installation-manual.pdf
  7. Just the grille on the outside of van
  8. That's true of older vans...... newer fridges e.g. dometic / thetford - have the flue just sitting inside the fridge rear cavity - and the flow of air out of the grille takes the gas fumes out this way (indeed my latest fridge from dometic says do not fit winter cover to top vent if working on van). Any inward draft through the rear vent into your van can bring in gas fumes. This might be ok if burning ok - similar to having a gas ring on the stove - but if there's an issue - e.g. dirty burner in fridge you could have carbon monoxide in the van - these are not sealed units like the gas boile
  9. Get sorted - if u use on gas - carbon monoxide can seep in potentially 👍
  10. Hi my Estoril is same. whatever you do don’t tow with clothes in wardrobe. Your nose will go even lighter. I have to put all clothing on front benches en route and then put back in wardrobe for stay. 2x gas bottles will help also. And don’t put much in top cupboards at rear!
  11. Try to keep it level. nose down front corners wet / nose up back corners wet 👍
  12. Can you buy a cover for it Diane - or get it under cover in a shed or something? DJ
  13. It’s not a year old yet! 😕 U got Swift Elegance ?
  14. My new Alicanto has a small damp patch on wooden floor - inside - nearside front corner! Hope it’s not going to be a big repair 😕
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