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  1. Agreed - none taken! πŸ˜† you have been down the same blind alleys as me! TBH I wished it was a CS and as you say can’t use the AES feature fully. 10/10 fir picking out all the clues like I did πŸ˜† on a helpful note - when I stopped in a service area for a couple hours recently- i just turned gas bottle on - then the fridge did switch onto gas - at least didn’t have to go into van for that πŸ‘(but remember the 15 min auto cut out 1st as it thinks you are in a petrol station πŸ˜‰ don’t forget to switch the bottle off again before setting off again ....... i
  2. Agree Mr P! Hi Stan8 - if you don’t trust your fellow bloggers πŸ˜‰ _here is the horses mouth: Dear Mr Jones Yes we do a non crash sensor model, the screw connection is the test point. Kind regards Rachel Roberts Truma Customer Service The Bailey Alicanto regulator is their Basic non-CS version - hence no yellow button! The over pressure - as you don’t seem to understand - that if the regulator fails - it can overblow any gas flames that are on - and blow them out - with a potential gas leak - the fail safe in the regulator
  3. Hi Stagn8 this was my reply from Bailey : β€œIn regards to the Truma gas regulator. I have checked and we do not fit the Truma monocontrol CS safety gas pressure regulators to our caravans”
  4. Alicanto does not have a crash sensor standard build. I confirmed with Bailey. The crash sensing version says CS on it. The button on the Alicanto one is a reset for over pressure not crash. if u want a CS I’d check with your dealer if ok to fit on Alicanto and then you will need the rupture hose. Think u looking at about Β£150 for both plus fitting. to conclude - it is confusing- Alicanto does not have a CS fitted.
  5. As I say best refer to a qualified expert than speculate here. Truma sell these in the UK for caravans πŸ‘
  6. Brecon - that is because the CS is not installed standard - if someone wants an upgrade - and it’s legal and safe - what’s going the problem? a motorhome with a gas bottle and a caravan with a gas bottle is no difference- πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I say - ask an expert Ern, - that is the correct action πŸ‘
  7. Yes sure - Dometic V10 as in Alicanto πŸ‘
  8. I think heating I agree - but these auto fridges go into a fuel station mode when u switch engine off Ern, they don’t go to gas mode for 15mins - therefore keeping u safe. Mine comes up with a petrol pump symbol even πŸ‘perfectly good for fridge and safe πŸ‘ It’s really handy in the summer - when u stop for an hour’s stop for rest - the fridge automatic switches to gas etc - great feature
  9. They are perfectly legal in any touring trailer as long as has the CS function - and use a correct hose with leak detect /pressure drop hose. In fact that is the purpose of an auto select fridge πŸ‘ if you are interested email Truma - and they will tell you the correct rules πŸ‘- in fact Compass fit them on their top of range vans πŸ‘ Make sure you get the CS version and the special pigtail with pressure drop sensor πŸ‘
  10. I asked Bailey a few weeks ago - they confirmed on Alicanto is a standard Truma regulator without a crash sensor. Truma make a similar one β€˜CS’ - which is not installed on the caravans sadly πŸ‘ PS you could get one fitted though?
  11. πŸ‘ I am on 4th! Always expect minor issues. Find good local dealer - and stick with πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Warranty good usually πŸ‘
  12. If you read up about standard marine ply - it’s not protected at all - apart from glue that remains intact with saturation. Ply is excellent at drying out - keeping its shape - and resisting rot due to its tight grain - I think this is Why Bailey use it. Yes some exceptions with issues - but perhaps inferior ply used just like other items that are faulty now and again. That’s how I see it. I’ve had 4 Baileys now - they all had wet edges and corners in rain / including my new 2020 model - and never had any issue - but oldest was 4 years at trade in πŸ‘
  13. I think the point is they are designed to get wet and then left to dry. my last garden fence lasted 25 years with the British weather - as it dries out now and again πŸ‘
  14. Solar panel only tops up 12v battery. fridge only works on 12v from car alternator when connected whilst towing πŸ‘ microwave etc 230v only
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