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  1. I know might not suit some - but we miss out on autodefrost of the fins- something that becomes a pain if you use a manual fridge over a week or so - and the auto power - if the site trips for any reason - you don’t come back to a defrosted freezer 👍 - that is what a digital fridge gives you
  2. It’s a shame that the unicorn is closer in spec to the Phoenix now. If they would have put the new 10 series electronic fridge in the unicorn that would have been a more premium touch. Even a digital version of the Series 9 fridge would have been nice. This puts me off unfortunately. swift use the new fridge style in their mid range now. shame 😒
  3. Thanks everyone - valuable comments 👍 what made me see Alicanto as more premium was the higher spec Digital Bi door fridge - something I wished was on Unicorn - so that when parked for an hour in motorway station etc the fridge could switch automatically to gas ? Of course a crash sensing regulator would be needed - but these sort of things are the premium things u should get on a £30+ k van? I think top of range needs to be a bit more than a few inches wider for me. Also at weekend - leaving a cc&M site in Dorset - I was glad mine wasn’t 8ft wide - as I struggled to get round a tight corner with my Vencia 😬😬👍
  4. Looking to change my S3 Valencia - website range looks quite confused. is unicorn now mid range? not everyone wants a chubby eight footer? will there be a standard width Alicanto? :(
  5. Mayday’s (C&MHC) offer new Premier Plus Uk cover - which seems to offer at home cover for the van itself and an enhanced package of driver care - combinations of which now seem to be similar to the RAC arrive package- but also includes accidents / vandalism/ snow / mud etc DJ
  6. Check this out guys! just taken this out as my van is coming up to 3 years old - and not sure when to change yet. https://mbgdirect.com/lifetime-warranty.html £19.95 pm rolling / can cancel any time / gives flexibility until I decide to change. Same company Bailey use for extended warranty!
  7. djadria


    Every recent Bailey I’ve seen has a pump inline by the boiler. DJ
  8. Take a look at your service logbook that has a wiring diagram that might help get the colours right? Just a thought. DJ
  9. Got one fitted! Easy job. works really well - chuffed with it! tested the run dry - works well - goes off under 30s! Brill - now the missus can be trusted with not running the pump dry 😂 Shame Bailey don't fit as standard on their premium vans. thanks for all your tips dj
  10. On Valencia - the boiler is behind the unit and it looks tight to get a screwdriver between the T piece connected to the inlet? Thanks
  11. Ok thanks - to fit it - it looks like u need to pull off the water pipes to get access - push connectors - but weary of causing future leaks. .......
  12. Hi anyone installed this accessory? https://m. youtube. com/watch?v=owGWGfnFNY8 ta DJ
  13. The new Bailey unicorns 4 have fully sealed wall liners that step over a plastic edge on the tray - thus no sealant needed - - although they put some cosmetic sealant around the bottom for tidiness. This is because previous silicone domestic type setup always had problems with tired silicone. also coachman use single unit plastic showers - will having a close look at the show! it will be interesting to see if the 19 year swift models are changed? thanks for your help CB DJ
  14. No charlieboy. Fully lined refers to a sealed (one piece) unit like other manufacturers have so no need to rely on silicone coming away from walls as the van goes through all sorts of temperatures and bounced around on the road. my experience is that they often leak! dj
  15. So do you think perksm, that the workshop put these in instead of the Alde factory original screws? If so I'd be even more cross about this? DJ
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