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  1. The Coachman brochure seems to suggest that the jacking should be done under the axle tube if you don't have jacking brackets. This is incorrect. You should place the Jack under the reinforcing plate close to the suspension unit. Using the tube can cause it to distort.
  2. I have never understood the advantage of heavy duty steadies. Surely they are attached to the same floor area as the light weight ones so I would have thought that the floor was the leak link in the argument for them or is the floor strengthened as well. The standard steadies seem robust enough to me.
  3. I have not heard of water in the locker door before but I have experienced water in the front locker. The problem is the shape of the front panel behind the upper edge of the door which allows water to run onto the top edge of the door and then drip onto the locker floor. Adjusting the stay in the top of the locker did not work for me and if the front panel is pushed out too far it can cause the front panel to crack. I solved the problem by sticking a strip of foam from Seals Direct inside the door just below the top lip. When the door is closed the foam makes contact with the lip of the front panel. This solved the problem for me. Hope this helps.
  4. A possible reason that the waste pipe tends to sag is that it is fitted with the floor inverted, therefore any excess pipe is not immediately obvious.
  5. You could also look at woodturning supply web sites. They usually list lots of clock inserts in different sizes.
  6. I was told that washing in the machine with some white vinegar would solve the problem but I haven't tried it.
  7. I have had the same problem. Adjusting the strut in the top of the locker can help but if you apply too much pressure with it, the front panel can become over stressed and split. The problem is that water running down the front of the van drips onto the return lip of the locker door where it runs inside and drips into the locker itself. My solution was to get some self adhesive foam strip ( 10mm x 3mm) from Seals Direct and stuck it inside the top of the door inline with the return flange of the front panel. This has totally solved the problem although I did have to add a second layer to complete the job. Just another solution.
  8. Also be careful of the edges of the windows, some of then can cause cuts.
  9. I have recently installed Co Pilot app on my i-phone which allows you to input the dimensions of your caravan and adjusts directions accordingly. You can also add additional profiles for other vehicles. It correctly directed me to Limoges in France admittedly with out the van and has been used on several occasions in this country. Excellent, really glad I have it
  10. Highball, Is the disquiet you refer to concerning the fact that the water ingress warranty only applies to the first owner. I intend to take up the matter with the factory next month.
  11. If it is excessive sealant then white spirit can be used, in moderation, to move the excess but personally, if it is not too unsightly, I would leave it alone. Too much is better than not enough. For other sticky bits try WD40.
  12. Hi elyman, I live in Soham. Eeco can remanufacture windows using the old, possibly broken window as a pattern. I have used them in the past and found them very good. What is the problem with the window?
  13. Deeps Don't loose sight of the fact that this forum mainly represents a small number of owners who have had problems. You very rarely hear from the owners who are satisfied with the product. I have been round the factory and I was impressed with the quality of the product. There will always be failings in what ever item you buy be it a watch or an aeroplane so we must keep a sense of proportion.
  14. Upyonder, The 10 year water ingress warranty only applies to the first owner! but at least the rest of the warranty is transferable.
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