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  1. Knowing that some neighbours object to caravans being stored on Drives, do Motorhome owners have the same complaints?
  2. On the subject of light fittings, is it possible to check the serviceability of the rear lights without connecting to the car electrics?
  3. Correctly named 'Cavity light fixer'. It comprises of a little rubber grommet with a metal threaded insert and acts as a rawl plug. Bought some in a car a caravan shop near Shrewsbury. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact location but the part number on the pa met is 37729/37731 long. Would have thought that any caravan shop will pop the number into their database and come up with the goods. Hope this helps.
  4. jjohnd

    13 pin plug.

    Some varied replies there, so I am none the wiser to my original question! Thanks very much to all that replied.
  5. jjohnd

    13 pin plug.

    Am I correct in thinking that the reason that you turn the connector 90 degrees is for locking purposes? If you just push the connections together, you are connected electrically? The quarter turn purely to stop the connection disconnecting.
  6. Andy. I am not the awkward type and think that I am very reasonable. I would have gone to reception and ask to have the tree's cut down.
  7. Thank you vey much. You are most helpful.
  8. It is a doddle to find caravan storage on lin, but I think that asking on the forum is better due to that the people out there may have used some in the past. We need somewhere in Carmarthenshire. Any idea's please?.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys. The general consensus (big word for this time of the morning) is a kneeling pad which I will obtain.
  10. Connecting and disconnecting the car to the caravan (in my case) can be awkward due to the connection socket being almost under the car. Faffing about with it can be frustrating at the best of times, (even more so when it is raining). Is any body aware of a solution to this problem please? Some form of an extension possibly?
  11. Lots of good advice so far. Kampa have a couple of good inflation demo's on Utube which I found very good viewing.
  12. Wooden top, it is butane. Thanks to all who replied.
  13. If the pigtail screws in most of the way by hand, it is a fair indication that the threads are ok.
  14. I needed to change my empty gas bottle today. I carry a spare. I had trouble connecting the pig to the full bottle, in fact it leaked when I turned the bottle valve on. After a few checks, I ascertained that the threads on the new bottle are defective. Does anybody think that it is worth buying a tap to clean up the threads and therefore having this handy tool for future thread clean ups in future or just bite the bullet and buy a new bottle? In future, I am going to take my spare serviceable pig with me when buying a full bottle as opposed to finding damaged threads when I next need to change bottles.
  15. We use 'cheap and nasty' battery lamps when not hooked up. They use AA batteries and help to keep your leisure battery from using unnecessary power.
  16. Are you allowed to use the word 'camp' without upsetting somebody?
  17. The couldn't care less attitude and sloppy repairs? are terrible. One thing that I will say is that I discovered a crack on the back panel of my caravan. I bought the van at Highbridge. I informed them about it and told them that by the time I could get the van to them, the warranty would be out of date. They told me to bring it to them when I could which I did and they carried out the repair as under warranty.
  18. A few slight variations there. Thanks all.
  19. I have watched the erecting of air awnings on Youtube etc. Some of the methods vary slightly. I will give the routine that I intend to use and await constructive criticism from you nice helpful folk out there! 1. Feed awning into track rail. 2. Peg out under van. (Fit draught poles at this point)? 3. Peg out far end corners. 4. Inflate. 5. Carry on pegging and securing guys. Looking forward to your routines.
  20. Had the same situation on one of our first trips. It was the drain valves open. Hope yours is the same. You remember next time you see it emptying underneath!
  21. The first part of my question was do you think that a hose down prior to using Fenwicks would be beneficial?
  22. jjohnd

    Fenwick s

    The 2 part pack for washing a caravan.
  23. Hope that I am in the correct section. First of all. Although when looking at the cleaning demo on utube, they say that there is no need to wash the van first. Surely a quick hose down must be beneficial. Thoughts please. On another site, after spraying with Fenwicks, the van is given a quick clean up with a micro fibre cloth, probably a moist or wet one before applying the Bobby Dazler. On completion, should you polish the Bobby Dazler when dry?
  24. At this time, I cannot specify the measurements but we bought a Kampa pro air 260 which is a porch awning. You could go online or get the dimensions from a dealer. What I mean to say is that the Kampa 260 suits us and is a good fit for the Amara 380 (we too have a 380), a lovely van in my opinion.
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