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  1. jjohnd

    Blind spot.

    Thanks. All the replies were very helpful.
  2. jjohnd

    Blind spot.

    Thanks for your replies. I was asking whether the extension mirrors cover the car's blind spot. I am aware that its illegal to use them if your not towing. Hope this makes sense.
  3. Does fitting towing mirrors cover the vehicles blind spot?
  4. I have the same problem in my caravan but I am well out of warranty. I do like the idea of a metal one.
  5. The van is in Wales. Due to lockdown, we cannot get there and suspect that the battery may be flat so we need to remove it for charging (if it's not knackered). Meanwhile we would like to use the caravan while the battery is recharged. Sorry Leeds lad (I too am from there). I made the classic mistake of not reading your reply properly!
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have no intention of using the motor mover. I just wondered if I could 'live' in the caravan whilst having the battery charged.
  7. If I remove the leisure battery for charging, can I hook up to the mains and operate everything safely?
  8. Thanks guys. Very helpful replies.
  9. As my caravan is in storage in Wales and I am in England, I strongly suspect that the Leisure battery will probably be flat. As things stand, I should not need to use the motor mover. However, should I need to use it, would the following plan work? Disconnect and remove the battery and connect the caravan's terminals to the crocodile clips of my 12volt Power pack? I realize that I would not get many moves in this mode (if it works at all). Comments and advice most appreciated please.
  10. Knowing that some neighbours object to caravans being stored on Drives, do Motorhome owners have the same complaints?
  11. On the subject of light fittings, is it possible to check the serviceability of the rear lights without connecting to the car electrics?
  12. Correctly named 'Cavity light fixer'. It comprises of a little rubber grommet with a metal threaded insert and acts as a rawl plug. Bought some in a car a caravan shop near Shrewsbury. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact location but the part number on the pa met is 37729/37731 long. Would have thought that any caravan shop will pop the number into their database and come up with the goods. Hope this helps.
  13. Some varied replies there, so I am none the wiser to my original question! Thanks very much to all that replied.
  14. Am I correct in thinking that the reason that you turn the connector 90 degrees is for locking purposes? If you just push the connections together, you are connected electrically? The quarter turn purely to stop the connection disconnecting.
  15. Andy. I am not the awkward type and think that I am very reasonable. I would have gone to reception and ask to have the tree's cut down.
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