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  1. jjohnd


    Thanks for the replies.
  2. jjohnd


    Is anyone aware of a Satnav that shows the correct lane to be in on roundabouts on a planned route?
  3. I am not that experienced with regards to awnings but there are no doubt many on this forum who are ,but my thoughts are; is it wise to leave an awning up for a period while you are away or will you be able to check it out regular? I am thinking about possible wind damage. No doubt you will receive good advice on here.
  4. Yes Andy. I think that it is a good option.
  5. I have not read all the replies so I hope I am not duplicating one. Unlikely as it is but, have you checked the contents of your front outside locker to check that there is not a petrol container in it?
  6. With all due respect, I would rather smell a bit than pay £800.
  7. If I was in your position, I would consider employing a qualified electrician. If there are any underlying problems, he should spot them and sort it out. (No disrespect to previous replies).
  8. As Bubble stated, there is a lot to be learned from reading the threads on here. I certainly have benefitted from doing so and have no qualms of asking when I come up against a problem. Have a look on youtube, there are lots of good video's on everything caravanning. Happy travelling.
  9. I use it quite a lot, especially on the long climbing hills of Bodmin Moor on the A30 in and out of Cornwall. I cannot match it for keeping a consistent speed on the inclines. I cant say that I have seen any significant change in fuel consumption.
  10. I have moved my spare wheel from under the caravan but purely for the reason that after watching the chap that does the annual service struggle to remove it (I asked him to remove it), I could foresee that doing it for real in bad weather, passing traffic and the likes, I now store it over the rear axle inside the van and on site it is tucked away under the van.
  11. From the above replies, it looks like we all suffer the same from lights. As above, we put a towel over the fridge, The remaining lights don't bother us. Red wine seems to help though!
  12. jjohnd

    Stolen caravan

    My thoughts are with you.
  13. I have the Tomtom GPS with the caravan option. last week it was telling me to turn off on to a B road (on the way to Mevagissey). I had done my homework on maps and refused to turn off. (I was in the caravan mode before anybody asks). Chatting to the owner of the site - he confirmed that I had done the correct thing as the directions that the GPS were giving would have caused me lots of problems. A lesson learned.
  14. Yes I am using both stays. Thanks for all the replies. If I find anything out of the ordinary, I will be back on here.
  15. jjohnd


    Over 5 years at least Les. I am just trying to get the showroom shine.
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