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  1. Sounds like a good way to start Ern. What sort of voltage drop would you consider reasonable? If it drops significantly whilst under load you can move the leads further back towards the battery to see where the drop is occurring. It could be battery itself, battery connections or isolator switch. You could turn on an inside light & see if it dims significantly to give a clue as to whether the fault is in the wiring specifically for the mover. Bob.
  2. Allan I appreciate your comments entirely. Our main reason for chosing not to go the most convieniant crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff is to explore eastern France a bit more. We have been down the west coast so many times, mainy without the caravan, over the years & last year spent an enjoyable 3 weeks in Brittany, having previously only traveled through on our way further south. The Portsmouth to Le-Havre route seems a reasonable substitues. Regards Bob.
  3. We are looking at booking a Brittany ferries economie return trip from Portsmouth to Le Havre for the summer. Having travelled from Plymouth to Roscoff more times than I can remember, I am a bit suspicious as to what the economie service lacks. Any tips anyone? Bob.
  4. What will your warranty situation be if you accept the deal for a new van?. Will you get the full warranty with the SOGA cover or will there be some other potential "get outs" built into the deal. Personally, I would go for the deal offered, we have looked at the 2015 574 & it is top of our list. .
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