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  1. First Begging Threatening letter came today., should have been paid on the 1/4/20 so there hot off the press. I'm a valued customer at first. then onto------- ---In the LAST FEW DAYS. Try 10 Days we have been subject to new rules lock-down. But we can still station our van on the touring park. funny how its storage in winter. Whilst they have let the staff and wardens go without pay...yes i'am in touch with the ex wardens They can still provide security & maintenance. Like they do in winter for 3 months, No water usage no Electric usage no wage bills, NOW NO WARDENS. Then they remind me again, That my caravan still remains stationed on the Park secure & maintained. Like they do in winter for 3 months. Then THEY appreciate these are difficult times, THE USUAL PARK FEE'S APPLY Job losses, no money, employment prospects low risk of infection & death struggling to pay household bills . But if you wish to remove your caravan when the Government permit ( shouldn't that be when you are able health permitting) the account will be adjusted accordingly. G thanks. We have to remember its the Virus that preventing us from using the touring Park no them. So can anybody point me out any sympathy understanding or compassion within that letter. obviously they have nothing better than to stoop to Harassment of valued customers for money at a time like this sure is the Icing on the cake. So in a nut shell Pay up or sod off. Well that's my mind made up, I'll be sodding off. Hopefully we can stay alive just long enough to pay the bill. To everyone hope you have a better time dealing with your site, hope they show a lot more metal and a lot more compassion, than this shower. Karma's a bitch.
  2. I had a static caravan 18 years ago, so i know how locked in people are, we switched to touring as the site wanted to buy our van back as it was redeveloping our little bit and putting on log-cabins, I had a corner plot and was given my money back + site fee's almost a compulsory purchase , the very same site is demanding as of March 31st £6.5K for a season, no empathy no understanding regarding this situation. The web sites have the same emotion message about the situation aimed at the holiday home owners basically a copy and paste but no mention of how to ease the financial burden. The reason for this behind the scenes money grabbing attitude is possibly 80% of the clientele is of the older pension age Private & or state, equity released capital types, = bullet proof, unfortunately because of the global impact unless your private pension is a gold bottomed platinum topped fully protected extremely highly funded with a healthy surplus invested in low risk investments its not safe, a high % of private pensions are invested in commercial property rental income, high streets, city airports, shopping centres alike. All i'm saying is if your park is not willing to support you through this crisis and adopt a fair pricing policy on site fee's while your unable to enjoy it as a retreat or even for self isolation purposes, meanwhile the rest of the country is doing there bit to try to elevate the pressure, spread the burden, then ask yourself what do they really invest in, your dream or you cash flow. If you don't ask you don't get. then ask on mass.
  3. Exactly, why would you want to spend time on a site that's insistent on demanding full site fee's in a time of national crises. The couple of months made me chuckle. How about sites to remain closed till the end of this season say November time, My guess they will be open next season possible, depending on what happens when they start to lift lockdown & transmission rates don't increase> Virus>>>infection>>>> lockdown>>>> peak>>>decline>>>>reintroduction>>>transmission rate>>>>infection>>>lockdown Rinse repeat. That's my view.
  4. Life after COVID....couple of words>>>>>>> >>>>Transmission Rates<<<< to high back into lockdown, rinse repeat.
  5. People will be left with debilitating respiratory systems that need years of care as well, I understand your statement it's plainly oblivious whats happening to everyone, unfortunately the proportion looks like its weighted towards the caravan site. Holiday home ownership has worked perfectly well for years & years this is a once/twice in generation Pandemic cutting a little slack would not go unnoticed & everyone reaps rewards.
  6. Answer don't suffer from short memory syndrome. remember empathy sympathy & understanding, simply hiding behind or attempting to hide behind a piece of paper or contract at a time like this shows the metal. People will have a different opinion that's life
  7. Personally this event will show peoples real metal, all the Talk of empathy good will and understanding will be put to the test, if your caravan site refuses to refund you or insists on site full fee's being payed ( not reverting to a lesser storage fee or a goodwill refund) then vote with your feet. Every-bodies struggling Lock-down has no end date (as yet) recovery of the entire UK is the main problem getting infrastructure back up and running, leisure will be well down on the the list, no matter how many times you use your caravan seasonally pitched touring or static in the past its been your choice, you pay road tax & insurance MOT but its your choice when and how many times you use it, in-fact its still your choice during lockdown you've not been totally banned from driving. People have been sacked, furloughed (leave of absence) laid-off UK wide. Moneys very tight but some caravan parks want the full site fees , no help understanding or empathy from them, Money grabbing self centred (have they ever been anything else when the chips are down) in reality they are not interested in you or your holiday or the wonderful life & dream they peddle they are only interested in themselves and there own survival at any cost, Once they have your money its all smiles and dreams & big welcomes other than that its How are you paying cash or card.
  8. We've decided to seasonally pitch ours, we had 41 nights away last year which we considered under used because of other commitments, so calculating Storage fee's. The intended 41 nights nights away. It was only £800. 0 between seasonal and touring (same place) so we know get a potential 286 days away.
  9. Not really bothered TBH, I like driving my car it's a nice place to be + for such a large barge it's sips diesel fuel and the tax is only £190 per year, the other car is a Aygo auto Nil tax and about £30 per 6 weeks for fuel. I remember the next door neighbor getting his knickers in a twist about a car tax + fuel increases years ago, so he went out and spent £12K + trading in his car on a Hybrid nil tax vehicle, he was as pleased as punch with his battery operated car, I remember saying "eh bert" Nil tax and 70MPG and it only cost you £22K, there not getting any of your money on the extra tax or fuel increase are they, that'l show the government who's boss. Jesus tonight.
  10. Try reversing on at a slight angle, get one wheel on the curb then push round for the other still at a slight angle, then straighten up on the footpath if you have enough room.
  11. Do you have a motor mover ? it looks like the power has been isolated, this happened to a lady on site with 4 kids in tow, she had a new van (to her) and no electric, she asked me to look at it, after hours of head scratching it was the motor mover the key had been left turned on and it had isolated the system, did the van ever have one it could be the fuse for the motor mover that's gone thus causing the isolation. , did the van have a pre-installed wiring system fir a mover. Just a guess.
  12. Thanks all, I suppose I was overthinking it a bit, we are pitching on the site we use most It's lovely, we've just had out last holiday there and the deal was done, we had the intention of booking 47 nights on this site for next year if a deal could not be struck, but we moved up the list pretty quickly and had a choice of 4 pitches, so the 47 nights turned into 240 odd nights for not very much more than what we were going to pay for the hols + storage. It felt strange dragging the van back to storage for the last time it feels so comfortable towing, I could tow it all day long, role on Feb 16th hope the weathers kind for that day, the + point is we are super-pitched so no more fill ups and drains.
  13. Morning all, Any tips for seasonal pitching ? like supporting the van do you use axle stands, or as well as the type used for static caravans with the screw height adjustment, best place to put them, 2 in the center 2 at each end near the steadies, do you lift the wheels off the ground? or am I overthinking it. After 17 years of vanning the wife has decided for a more sedate way to van.
  14. I mentioned Sub-Prime lending in my OP so no mixing, this attitude to car loans is going down the same path as the sub-prime mortgages, car loans of £60-70K on a new vehicle are now considered to be the norm multiply that by the number of cars sold on cliff edge finance deals and it all points towards a crash situation on the horizon , be it financed by the individual or by some car scheme from a company. People still lose jobs and personal circumstances change over night, 700 good jobs have been lost at BEA in the last week. the two probable causes are 1, False speculation in car market to remain buoyant as it has in the past as finance houses pushed through loans on cars with the ratio of personal debt to disposable personal income fudged by the finance houses who are shoehorning people into deals they can only just afford. 2, Second hand car prices are decreasing faster because of all the new car sale, still leaving people with £800-£1200 per month loans at the top end and average £300-400 per month at the lower (these are Mortgage type figures) = greater negative equity = a crash = to the sub-prime of the 2000's, even though credit and financial markets tightened credit around the world after that crash it's still unstable and another push from another heavy financed market could tip the balance.
  15. I see you've narrowed it down to possibly all Prime lenders, but the scope of lending depending on your circumstances is vast, if we just stick to prime lenders then your theory stacks up but dealers have a vast array of resources at hand when shoving finance through. As I said in my OP It was the sub-prime that caused the last crash,
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