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  1. Taken the van on a half term trip. After a trip to B&Q for some hose (tap too far away) I hooked up the Whale Aqua source mains hook thing. The taps worked, water heated up etc. I did notice a leak & the tap & hose join outside, so turned off the tap to sort in the morning (too dark). A little late in the evening I noticed a small pool of water & a damp corner of a mat. A drain down & mop up & left until the morning to diagnose. I checked the Aqua Source manual online & noticed the instruction to remove the in line strainer, which I hadn't done previously. Removed this, sorted the hose joins outside & reconnected water this morning & no visible leaks? I did notice some water on the plinth that the tank sits on last night, but this could have dripped on there during the mop up panic. Any idea where the breach could have come from? 30 minutes in as I type & no leakage. EDIT: Water coming from the bottom on the tank housing! I have a service due, I'll get my mobile man to sort it. We did use the van as guest quarters over christmas, I did drain down, but didn't run the pump dry. Oh well. From reading various stories for & against I think I'll use the aquaroll with float valve instead.
  2. Yes, I wouldn't tow with it like that. Vango Air awning at the front & then me later in the video when it shakes a bit.
  3. I'm pretty sure there isn't a subforum for this. .. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=_ScAYN7U49I
  4. Indeed https://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-41028321
  5. May well be speedo differences. No idea how speed limiters are calibrated. When I say 60, it's usually 63, which is actually 60 on my sat nav.
  6. Another CC fan here, set it at 60 & put my feet up. This is just right to pass the artic's who are (mainly) limited to 56.
  7. When you say discharged, how low is it? Have you checked the display in the van or put a multimeter across it? If it doesn't register on there it may be beyond saving. +1 to that. Do you have a Kwik Fit, ATS, National or any other place like that near you? They'll all do a free battery test & give you the printout with the result.
  8. You get a 16 amp supply on most sites. The only caravan specific thing we have is the kettle which is 1Kw as opposed to 2Kw. It's all about being sensible like you say, don't put on the toaster if you're microwaving etc. My OH now grasps the concept after she was admonished for turning on the kettle when I was outside cooking breakfast on my Lidl dual electric mini hob. If you do trip the electric jut pop the breaker back on the power post.
  9. I did a survey whilst driving back to Nottingham from Kirkcudbright last Friday, pretty much a 50/50 split on towing mirrors fitted/not fitted on outfits travelling in the opposite direction.
  10. I have a power meter on the socket, it started off at 60w then dropped to 50w when I checked later. The charge cycle had finished this morning. I've not looked since. I'll chuck it in on Thursday & do my motor moves & see what happens.
  11. I reckon so. I've chucked it on the Lidl for now though, already over 13v, but a proper tester will tell the story.
  12. Update. After a couple of days on charge the battery has recovered to 12. 4 volts or so. I gave it a test with the 3 overhead lights on for about half an hour which didn't seem to bother it. It was still reading 12. 4 this morning. It's going on a run on Thursday so I'll do some motor maneuvers then & see how it holds up.
  13. The installer fitted the isolator switch in the battery box underneath the hookup point, meaning you can't have the motor mover on when hooked up. In answer to the question, yes it was isolated.
  14. With the switch correctly positioned & night of juice I'm getting 13. 1v from the battery now. I'll give it another night & then some motor moving to see if it's still up to the job.
  15. Perhaps consider switching to a Nationwide FlexPlus Current account? £13 pm, UK & Euro breakdown cover (including caravan). Also worldwide travel insurance for all the family & mobile phone insurance. Also decent in credit interest on the account up to £2,5k
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