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  1. This fridge was supplied second hand at a cost of £600.The caravan repairer gave me 3months of warranty but ran out before I could test it.I now wish to sell the van but will find it difficult as it does not work on 12v.I went back to see him but he would not help and as he is a mobile repairer did not offer to come out to have a look at it.Anyway I need to get it fixed so wondered if anyone could help.It does not work on 12v.When switched to 12v the corresponding led does not light.No fuses have blown so I am thinking the 12v element has blown and wondered what sort of job it would be to swop
  2. I agree with everything you have said and a mobile engineer is the only course of action.Do you know if it is possible to check the 12v operation other than connecting it to the towing car.The instructions for the fridge clearly state that the caravan battery would be quickly discharged so is it possible to use it just to test the operation.I am thinking the reason the 12v selector light does not come is no 12v or blown element.Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi thanks for that.I have already been back to him and the conversation was not too pleasant.Sort of what do you expect with second hand stuff.Problem I only use the van about 3 times a year.The fridge was fitted in November and we didn't use it until June although tried it on mains ok.A decent repairer would have said nip it back and I will check it out.Looks like I have been conned.Many thanks.
  4. My original caravan fridge failed and a replacement dometic rm7271 was fitted by a local caravan repairer. The fridge worked ok on mains but did not on 12volts.The repairer said the fridge had to be on and really cold before it would work on 12volts.My previous fridge worked ok on 12volts. while travelling.I have checked all the fuses in the van and also the 12volts from the towing car.When the car is running the selector led for 12volts is not on but is ok for 230v and gas.I know its a bit of a gamble with second hand stuff but this cost £600.Can anyone advise here.

  6. Anyone know how to separate the tails of a mixer tap from the water supply.There is a black connector and I have tried all sorts to separate the tails.
  7. Thanks all for advice on my 12volt problem. I decided to tackle the problem again. Checked the 12volts from the charger ok. A colour change in the wiring didn't help but finally found the fuse box under the seat 2 fuses blown car type plug in fuses Sorted thanks
  8. I have a 12volt power problem in my swift denford caravan. I have lost the 12volt supply to the radio,the aerial amp,and the 12v socket. I assume a fuse has blown but I cannot find any fusebox. The owners handbook says there are 8 fuses but where are they. I removed the esm2 but it is a sealed unit and does not seem to contain any fuses. I have not removed the esm2000 transformer/charger as this looks a bit small to contain 8 fuses. Any ideas
  9. Hi I have a swift bedford caravan with a flyscreen which needs to be retensioned. I have read many blos on retensioning the blind but as yet nothing has been mentioned about removing the blind to do the retensioning. I have removed the 2 blind guides but that did not help. Either side of the blind is a plasic cover which I assume covers the screws which would enable me to remove the rest of the blind to retension it. The plastic covers seem to be firmly fixed and I am worried about breaking them you do not seem able to pull them back far enough to get at the screws to remove the blind or
  10. I have a water leak as above. The ingress of water has soaked the small cupboard next to the truma heater. I need to remove the cupboard to repair it but some of the screws retaining the cupboard are not accessible without removing the truma heater,I have removed the 2 screws at the base of the heater but cannot budge it. Anyone know how to remove the truma heater
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