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  1. segapod

    Best Credit Card for use abroad?

    We've used a Nationwide CREDIT card to make purchases abroad for many years now. No account required, no charge for using the card, excellent exchange rates always applied, Note that cash withdrawals DO however attract a charge for use abroad. If you want to use a Nationwide DEBIT card then of course you need an account and you WILL be charged on all purchases (but I don't think they charge for cash withdrawals these days on the debit card). Moral of the tale - use a credit card, not a debit card for all purchases.
  2. segapod

    Saga & others European length of cover

    I changed my tow car insurance to Saga at last renewal for three reasons: 1) They were 20% cheaper than my previous insurer 2) Their European cover was "fully comp" (most UK insurers only include "legally required" cover in Europe unless you pay a one-off premium for every trip - check your policy small print, they never point it out voluntarily). 3) 365 days European cover I've used them before several years ago when we had a motorhome and they ALWAYS jacked up the premium substantially every year but would always reduce it after an acrimonious phone call. It was for this reason that I went elsewhere.
  3. segapod

    Calor Lite & Flogas Gaslight

    That link isn't free delivery Geoff, it's free local collection only. ............... However, when I lived in the area some years ago I used that seller (TentHireDirect) regularly and can vouch for them. They're an old established company quite near to J10 of the M6 so if you're passing they're always a good cheap source of all sizes of Calor bottle.
  4. segapod

    Zafira Tourer (C) 2. 0 CDTi 170 SRI

    Massive and versatile loadspace. Excellent performance (solo or towing) Cost Ease of driving Comfort Towing fuel consumption Refined, quiet, powerful engine with decent 6 speed auto box.
  5. segapod

    South Brittany

    Seems to me as a relative newcomer that the mods on this forum don't pay much attention to topics that go widely "off topic". I think they should.
  6. segapod

    13 pin socket wiring

    I agree entirely, especially if you have ATC fitted as pin 9 supplies it with power. It's also very important that the supply from the car battery to pin 9 is capable of handling high currents. An ATC unit can demand quite a high current if it's called upon to apply the trailer brakes so the correct procedure is to wire it directly from the car battery with substantial wiring via a dedicated fuse (20 amps reccommended). Unfortunately most towbar fitters don't seem to be conversant with this simple rule, it's the most common cause of ATC unit problems.
  7. segapod

    Van Man

    Could well be true - but try spending some time in London (or Rome, Madrid, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, New York etc. etc.). Rudeness isn't a trait that's the sole prerogative of the French I'm afraid.
  8. segapod

    Van Man

    What a sad statement (presuming it's not a tongue in cheek comment)? Any caravanner (or even more so - motorhomer) who doesn't avail themselves of the delights of France is denying themselves the most rewarding experience. True, the French can have some rather odd attitudes and illogical laws - not always endearing to us - but the country is so beautiful, varied and spectacular that I happily forgive them most of their foibles and I'm just grateful that we discovered the delights of camping in France early enough in life to make the most of it.
  9. segapod

    Van Man

    You definitely will have problems at some French municipal sites due to the "traveller" syndrome. One (very good) site that I use regularly will view your rig from the office window and reject anything that has a commercial vehicle towing or has twin axles (motorhomes included). It's a long standing rule they have and many won't listen to reason, even when it's perfectly clear that "travellers" are not involved.
  10. segapod

    wheel & hitch lock

    Hi Phil I was looking for around £40 but I can give you a bit of discount. It's "as new" with three keys, box and plastic ball. Pick up as soon as you want Message me if you're interested and I'll send you my contact number.
  11. segapod

    wheel & hitch lock

    I think it's a Winterhoff hitch on that van. If so the Maypole Stronghold hitchlock is a very strong, well made unit. We had one on our last van and it's lying around at the back of the garage somewhere. Our new van is an ALKO so we no longer need it. I'm sure we could do a deal if you need one. PS: I'm just up the road from you near Aldershot.
  12. segapod

    Truck European Insurance

    For 180 days continuous house insurance use the C&CC scheme, cheaper than most too. For the car we found that SAGA offered the best and cheapest cover for extended European trips (if you're old enough). For breakdown and health cover, open a Nationwide 123 account and get both thrown in for free (extra health premium applies for extended stays and pre-existing conditions). The Nationwidecard is also excellent for overseas use as there are no transaction charges on purchases and their exchange rates are among the best.
  13. segapod

    Battery Drop Test

    You can easily test the battery yourself if you have some basic skill and a test meter, here's how: Conduct all tests at an ambient temperature of around 21deg, Low temperatures will adversely affect battery capacity. Firstly, fully charge the battery for at least 24 hrs using a good quality "float" charger. Leave the battery to "settle" for at least four hours. Check the terminal voltage - it should be at least 12. 8 volts after 4 hrs (if not the battery is shot). Rig up a test lead with crocodile clips at one end and a bulb holder at the other end fitted with a 12v 21w stop light bulb. Connect your voltmeter and your test lead across the battery terminals. The bulb should light up and the voltage reading should drop slightly. Leave the whole lot connected and monitor the voltage on the battery until it drops to 12v. You can turn the test meter off and just turn it on when checking the voltage. Discontinue the test if the terminal voltage gets below 12v as your battery will be damaged otherwise. On a 100 a/h battery the time to reach 12v should be at least 24 hrs (proportionally less on smaller batteries). If the voltage drops to less than 12v during the 24hrs then the battery is past its best. This is a much more meaningful test than a drop test for a leisure battery.
  14. segapod

    GAS HOSE (not the orange stuff)

    If you have a regulator fitted directly to the bottle then the feed to your van will be at low pressure and you can use normal orange LPG hose. What you need to ensure is that your connections are completely gas tight and that the feed hose connects directly to the caravan internal gas network (not to the input side of another regulator). You should also ensure that the external bottle is securely supported in an upright position at all times as if it falls over you could get liquid gas entering the caravan system - very dangerous.