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  1. Hi It's impossible to diagnose your problem from the information that you have provided, however........... YOU HAVE A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SITUATION, YOU SHOULD DISCONNECT ALL GAS BOTTLES FROM THE SYSTEM AND WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE GOT SOMEONE WITH THE NECESSARY SKILLS TO LOOK AT YOUR SYSTEM. The regulator shown should be connected between the gas bottle and the input to the caravan gass supply, it is very dangerous to connect any gas bottle without a regulator in circuit. The regulator should be fixed to the wall of the gas bottle compartment with the input inlet po
  2. Good advice Wunny and thanks for the link but unfortunately my doors are the FD3 "flush" design and have a completely different system that uses a myriad of tiny plastic locking tabs to hold the whole lock system together.
  3. I phoned Prima last week and asked to speak to a senior manager. I was called back the following day by a manager who explained how the situation has arisen whereby they are unable to supply the correct colour of locker door. She said that it was entirely a problem caused by Thetford (the supplier of the doors). She said that Thetford had suddenly announced to Bailey that they had ceased to produce these doors in the colour that Bailey had used for several years and that they would no longer supply them. They also had no stock and therefore could not supply Prima with units to
  4. That is a possible solution John but difficult to get a colour match and expensive to do properly also my point is that for a 4 year old van the part supplied by the manufacturor should be as originally fitted, not some approximate substitute that looks unsightly. Unfortunately the FD3 door lock uses plastic lock tabs not circlips. Correct, this is a FD3 door, completely different.
  5. Thanks for the links John but unfortunately neither of them supply locks for FD3 type Thetford lockers. I can only find one alternative supplier of the complete door and they're asking £30 more than Prima. I've now received a replacement door from Prima and unfortunately the colour is substantially different from the other fittings on the van. I did wonder if I could simply swap the lock from the new door onto the old one but it also seems that the lock cannot be dismantled without damaging it due to the plastic retaining clips for the mechanism being "single use" only. I'm scratching my
  6. Whilst driving down the M5 last week I noticed our N/S front locker door swinging on its hinges. This is on a 2015 Pegasus. I came off the motorway to close it but discovered that the lock appeared to have simply fallen apart and the bits are now presumably scattered somewhere along the M5. Gaffer tape was required to continue our journey. On returning home and trying to order a new lock mechanism I find that Thetford don't sell the lock seperately so the only option is to purchase a complete new door and frame from Prima at a cost of almost £50 including delivery. Then I notice that
  7. As someone who has moderated forums for many years I am reading several posts on this thread as SPAM. Almost invariably posters who criticise any trader or organisation on their first post are doing it for malicious reasons and just as often they get answered by someone connected to said organisation using an alias. It's sad but true and the bane of any admin/moderators life. Hopefully it isn't the case in this thread but if I were moderating I would have very strong suspicions and would propably lock the thread.
  8. I've looked for a reset and can't find anything, best suggestion woud be to disconnect the battery (and un-hook of course) for half an hour then re-connect and try again. See this thread:
  9. For anyone interested, we've had a quote from one of Whale's "approved repairers" for £330 to supply and fit a new panel, hoping to get it done sometime next week. I'm not too impressed by the cost of the replacement but even less impressed that this vital bit of electronic kit should fail in such a way on a 4 year old caravan. I'll bite the bullet and get the job done first as it's essential to keep the caravan useable but I'm intending to take the matter up with Whale once it's working again. In all my time I've never come across a modern touch screen that couldn't be re-calibrated
  10. Another fan here of hydrocloric acid. We always buy a bottle from any French supermarket on our way home, after a month of use the cassette always needs cleaning and descaling. They sell 500ml bottles for less than €1.00 at 23% concentration for toilet cleaning. Dilute it at 5:1 and soak overnight for a cassette you can eat your breakfast from (metaphorically of course).
  11. Should definitely be class 2 but the height sensors will probably register the bikess on the roof. All the toll plazas have cameras on each lane so if you use the intercon button to inform the operator that it's the bikes causing the excess height alarm they can check using the cmera and will usually change the higher fee to the correct class 2. They usually speak good English. PS: If it's a twin axle van they may well charge class 4 due to the extra axle.
  12. We've used one for several years now for continental trips and it's the best of the "caravan/motorhome" ones I've seen. Rarely makes any errors in road width and its ETA timings are spot-on.
  13. In Germany and Spain "A" frames are not tolerated, the legal position is rather unclear but you will get stopped and told to drive the car seperately. In France it is (or at least it was last time we did it) theoretically legal but try telling the local Gendarmes that when they pull you over! A trailer is one solution but can be very awkward if using Aires. Problem is that on most aires you'll need two parking spaces and the French don't approve of brits taking up an extra parking space just for a trailer so you're likely to get some opposition and aggro sooner or later.
  14. Thanks for the link JanandJay, I'd already found that one and nearly fell off my seat when I saw the price. If you look more closely it does say "Unavailable" under the price which I'm assuming is because Whale are refusing to supply them other than to "Whale Approved" engineers.
  15. Did you ever resolve this problem Speedbird? I seem to have a similar problem which is getting worse, it's been present to some degree (and on certain buttons) since before I purchased the 2015 van from a reliable private vendor around 18 months ago but it didn't seem serious and didn't really affect everyday use. However it now seems to be getting worse and is causing unreliable operation of the pump switching. I naively assumed that it would be a case of a simple screen re-calibration but after a call to Whale I'm informed that the screen cannot be calibrated and the only cure is
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