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  1. I've learned from hard experience, one of the most lethal things on the road is a Range Rover driven by a yummy mummy entering a roundabout.
  2. I’m not the one screeching hysterically ‘make it go away! It’s a rubbish idea’. Which seems to be the sum total of responses here. Top tip? Don’t like a gadget, just ignore it.
  3. if you had been driving a car, there would still have been an accident caused by her dangerous driving.
  4. really? See the many asks on the interwebs about to ‘how to secure my aquaroll’ and other such. My onboard tanks can’t freeze, it’s warmed by the blown air circuit, and I’ve got a plug in electric pump option to pump aboard water from a water buggy which fit’s very nicely in the gas locker. Can’t be dealing with all that Aquarolls and insulated water jackets business. Bulky things, where do you stash them?
  5. off-board water tanks freeze, get muck on them or get stolen Ball valve in the inboard water tank - it’s all good. It’s really not hard, oh look, the tank is 1/4 full, I’ll go and put in 30l!
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Schreyer Honda have tried very hard, without success, to wean the brand away Its old people image, in the U.K. The average age is 62, but in the US, the Jazz us seen as a young persons car.
  7. why would I want to fill the tank at under 1litre/min? Easy enough, tanks empty, let in 45 litres - voila, full tank. Aquarolls with floats? Why not just put a city water connection to your tank?
  8. All finally sorted and harmony will ensue. Connector, flow meter, filter, stop valve.
  9. Don't forget Dauercamper, a relatively rare thing in the U.K.
  10. CC Wardens are there to police the sacred pegs and ensure compliance!
  11. The UK caravan market is a very strange thing, very few people actually camp. It’s a for many a weekend hobby where you drive to a pitch And sit inside watching TV while studiously avoiding any other campers. As long as you have enough payload for the TV and a dog bed, it’s all good.
  12. Ve haf ways of making your experience unenjoyable!
  13. What about the windbreak fortifications?
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