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  1. ??? HGVs are supposed to be limited to 56mph, so what difference does a CC make if speed set to 56, over driver flooring it.
  2. Don;t know if this question has been asked before, but I have just found out how to work cruise control on my fun car. Has anyone ever experimented to find if there any difference in fuel consumption by using cruise control compared to manual operation of throttle at same speed?
  3. My OH licence was renewed in August 2019 and expires in November 2022. He was 74 in the August and didn't turn 75 until the November !!
  4. I can remember when diesels first became popular because of the same Dirty Petrol argument. Diesel is the only fuel which is suitable for those who regularly visit remote parts or those who live there as there are so few filling stations now. They also have a reduced fire risk in case of an accident. Bad press and the sheep follow in their droves. Pollution should be measured by miles per gallon of refined crude oil. This would show a massive benefit amongst medium and large vehicles in favour of diesel.
  5. Noisy kids can be a pest but no worse than adults who play loud music "or what passes for music"till all hours.
  6. My dad had a series of Vanguards and I used to borrow my uncles Husky.
  7. How old does a caravan have to be to be called a Classic? Does this affect the value in any way?
  8. Nurse came in today to attend my husband and sporting her brand new Nissan "cash cow". This is a petrol replacement for her diesel. She said the salesman told her that Nissan no longer produce diesel cars, in keeping with other manufacturers. Apparently they are all concentrating on making Hybrids. Please tell me that's not true.
  9. I find Gumtree in this area has much of what you need and usually at a sensible price.
  10. Anyone know what sites in Scotland are fully operational yet, ie. full shower and toilet ?
  11. Thanks for that, but I don't know where to source a hitch mover? (only to be used for bringing van into yard from street)
  12. I don't have a van yet either but been looking at an Elddis Cyclone. It,s a fairly big van and I wonder where I can buy a mover that will fit into the tow hitch as I don't want one of these things that fits onto the tyre.
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