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  1. Once watched a family rolling up the awning and packing to go... Everything all ready to set off until the father could not find the car keys ! Doh !!! Unpacked and unrolled the awning ... Keys found !! GAS ....
  2. Remember reading a very high percentage of fatalities due to RTC"s are within 5 to 10 from your front door during my IAMS revall ... GAS ...
  3. Did the power wash thing but was still dried yon horrible grey sun bleached way... If you can afford it go for composite. Outstanding. Can be expensive but saves a lot a hassle. Have a white picket fence and is a nightmare to paint and clean so composite has been ordered and will get power washed back to new when required... GAS ...
  4. Did the Arrrrrrgh stuff Now time for the Ahhhhh stuff so Wee Berthy will tucked up in Storage for the next 6 weeks... GAS..
  5. Ken a stuck ? Thought I had a major damp issue on Wee Berthy on the front offside front lounge window. Have a large water mark on the windowsill adjacent to the window but after a rigorous damp inspection with my trusted meter turns out I have been very lucky and have no damp but was due to a loose window seal that allowed moisture to settle onto the window sill then drying out. Unfortunately it has left a water mark which my eyes seem to always get drawn to in my OCD world even though it is behind a cushion. I'm sure there is wall paper type wood effect that can be glued or ironed onto the sill. Does anyone have any experience on this type of paper and where can it be purchased ? It has also started peeling and curling in places at the bulkhead behind the curtain pelmet. Cosmetic issue but like to keep Wee Berthy in tip top condition... GAS ...
  6. Van all ready , car packed with bike and goodies and all set for a 0700am departure for Machrihanish. Did not think I would be returning so soon but got invited to a 60th Birthday Bash so thought might as well as make a wee trip out of the occasion. Just hope the weather is favourable . It's no been very nice recently with more of the "Wet Stuff" to come ... GAS...
  7. "Fruitcakes" if you ask me. Maybe "The Travelling Community" that cause bedlam and mayhem every where they go with total disregard of the law are actually misunderstood and are actual "freemen of the land"... Hmm ?? Shall ponder... GAS .
  8. After giving up and selling the lot and now returned to the caravan brethren have been purchasing most of my kit second hand. Just yesterday bought a immaculate water barrel with handle and cover for 20 squid to go with ma waste master I bought for a tenner again immaculate. The seller also had a Satellite dish including stand and electronic sat finder etc all enclosed in a case again absolutely immaculate for 30 squid ! With the onset of Freeview and digital reception is it worth my while purchasing it I ask myself ? The Sat stand alone is a "belter". Are they worth the hassle ? I can not let a bargain pass me bye but I'm thinking this Satellite will most probably end up being clutter ... I'm in a squander.... GAS ...
  9. "Wee Berthy" Being a twa berth cawavan.... GAS ...
  10. I know how lucky I am LTC to have "Gods Garden" only a couple of hours up the road. Kintyre is another picturesque secret but only one road down and one road back which tends to puts off our southern brothers. Trust me its well worth another three or four hours which can be broke up with an overnight stop. Looking forward to my trip as this is new country to me. Have been to Scarborough and Whitby in the past but this trip will only be for me doing Grumpy Stuff . Car Museums mixed with Bike and Beer ..... GAS ...
  11. Thanks John. Yes taking on with North Yorkshire think its a beautiful area but with Glencoe only 2 hours up the way regards to 4 hrs down the way I always seem to head north. Time to get used to bit of distance once again and visit this area more often... 🤔 GAS..... 😎
  12. Been watching yon car Auction programme on the Yesterday Channel about the Car Auction Family Mathewsons in Thornton Dale . Looks absolutely stunning and I have noticed there is a lovely wee caravan site Overbrook Caravan Park right outside it. So next trip I'm offski. Just love the old classics that are getting auctioned some in excellent daily use condition at very affordable prices. Alway's thought a Classic Car would be out of GAS's reach but definitely worth a visit to do some investigating. Also taking my Steed so would imagine plenty of cycle routes to Whitby and Scraborough. Anybody had the pleasure in staying at Overbrook Caravan Park ? Would be interesting to know your experience... GAS ...
  13. to CT... Its always a shame to see older vans in this sad condition. It looks as if it has been much loved as I have seen a lot worse. As you said you don't know the extent of the damage the chassis and the A Frame is in and could be un-towable. If it has been sitting damp it will only have got worse untreated. Damp has been the demise of many an old unit. Have you a friend or family member that owned a caravan maybe get a second opinion and see if its salvageable ? If it is passed its best stick it on Fleaby there is always someone looking for interiors to deck out a homemade van conversion. You never know ? GAS ... Yeh ... We like lots a photos oon CT .... GAS ..
  14. Yip I'm with you on this one and this think its more a confidence and experience issue which will come in time so much so that In my case it is not the first time especially on "long haul" I have forgot we have a van on tow with a mad panic mirror check !! GAS ....
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