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  1. That was me Andy with the "laughing gear" .... Aye we are all a wee bit "twitchy" at the moment .... Lay aff the wine cyber pal .... GAS ...
  2. Good on you for maintaining your professionalism GA. As all ready stated we live in difficult times and is just another example of the selfishness we have witnessed for years but sadly now at a Champions League level.... Stay Safe... GAS ....
  3. Some of the media reports are very concerning plus I am receiving many photo's of absolute lunacy on FB from friends . Car owners moving Car Park barricades at a beach so as to park their cars resulting in the car park being full and full of people and many photo's of shoppers disobeying the 2 meter rule in busy shops. Military presence is now required to assist the Police in all matters. Received a media message from our local council that the bin collections shall be halved due to a shortage of drivers. Remembering the Bin Strikes in the early seventies we don't want to go down that route especially in the inner cities. Why do the Councils not put a call out for volunteers ? Gladly drive the bin lorry to help keep the country safe. My mate who lives in darkest Wales has a Red Card Green Card scenario in operation in his street for the more elderly and vulnerable neighbours. If the Green Card is displayed at the window all is good but if a Red Card is displayed the house hold requires assistance. It's more for getting shopping etc. Fantastic effort. Stay Safe Troops.... GAS ...
  4. Your talking absolute mince mate . Your a Troll as far as I'm concerned your hatred and constant bullying on your Prince and The Actress Thread was somewhat bizarre and actually quite concerning and that's why I have come to this conclusion. You also are the only Member on CT who calI's it the Wuhan Virus again I find concerning . ! shall put you on the my CT Ignore List and will see no more of your Post's.....
  5. I wonder why ?? GAS... ...apart from the Wuhan virus bit being a rather racist comment ... Similar to the comments he made about what does he call her again. Oh aye "The Prince and The Actress... GAS ...
  6. Very disappointing that auld Charlie can disappear up to his highland gataway when the rest of the population were told not to... Very poor example indeed... GAS...🤥
  7. On my way home tonight after my Day Shift in a very quiet Glasgow Airport. M8 and M77 was like a Sunday morning and not like the usual nose to tail snail race tea time traffic on the way home. Army have taken over one of the Hotels at the airport and large convoys of Army now in Oban and Lochgilphead. Something going down .... 🤔 GAS... 😳
  8. I think you miss my point OB . Military presence may send a message out to the minority that are not paying attention to the present situation. MP's from Army,Navy and RAF could be detached to assist . I am not suggesting Martial Law and lets be honest we do not have enough Police in these trying times.... GAS ...
  9. Well, its not going anywhere. As my FB Memories keep reminding me this very time last year I was down at Machrihanish with the van, out on my bike looking for cake shops, chilling at night with a Guinness... Heed Up these day's shall return... GAS ...
  10. ....and why not use Drones ? Can be operated safely and in safety. Great Idea... Still disappointed at the News this morning. Still seeing shoulder to shoulder packed trains, construction seems to working as normal even though Wee Smeesh has been told not to turn up for 3 weeks who works for Advance Construction up here in Largs. Seems London priorities are different from the rest of the country. God Help Us ! GAS ... To be honest I would like to see the Troops on the street 's to assist maybe get the message across to the "Dafties"... GAS ....
  11. Due to the seriousness of this outbreak and the worry it has created to many CT Members the persistent Trolls should simply be Banned. Many on here look for support and advice and I would like to think we look out for each other but when you get a Member at the constant "wind up " . BAN THEM...They are also an unwanted virus.... GAS....🤐
  12. Scotland is not Closed ! Sturgeon is only implementing government guidelines. The public not all are simply stupid thinking they can outrun the virus by endangering others in the rural community . Once this is done and dusted you get yourself up here. You will love it... GAS...
  13. You sound as if you have your house in order Joanie. Stay Safe and follow the government guidence and I'm sure you will be just fine. Was NS last night in the Fire Station and just can't beleive some of the ignorance that is happening up and down the country. Some of the tourist hot spots were busier than a Bank Holiday Monday... Denial indeed and simply sheer stupidity..... GAS🤪🤪
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