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  1. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Scottish Holiday

    Will do my best this year to pop in and finally meet the face behind the words . ... GAS. ...
  2. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Scottish Holiday

    As you know Ancell been many many times. Was going there before the new toilet block was built and that's been up a few years now. .. Many, many a laugh being friendly with locals in their statics. First time with my van in 1987. Used to camp before then. Too popular for me now. Many a time we would just turn up and pitch up. Not know . ... Quite fancy Dunaverty down in Southend but again very difficult to get a seasonal pitch. Would say a far better location but a bigger site. Maybe having a 2 berth they may squeeze me in somewhere who knows ?? GAS . ..
  3. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Scottish Holiday

    Wee housing development with fantastic panoramic views. .... Aye it's a dreach wee village well past the "Glory Days". Doesny matter if the sun is out still looks dreach. Cycled the Kinlochleven loop. Smashing wee run round Loch leven with a bumper of a hill into the village. ..... GAS . ..
  4. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Scottish Holiday

    Eh ? When was the last time you were oon the 82 BC ? Used to go up and down that road from Harthill to Mallaig two sometimes three times a week in a six wheeler with Co Op and recently took a fully laden 18 toner to Kinlochleven full of Coils and concrete sections no issues. Road is fine but there has been very recent upgrades. Only issue I had and still have is Johnny Foreigner at peak season . .. GAS . ...
  5. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Scottish Holiday

    Been up and down this route many many times in lorries, car and caravan and have had very few "near misses " to be honest. Local lorry drivers can be threatening at times especially with they mad suicide aluminium mirror covers but in general are mostly considerate. My tip when on the Tarbet to Crianlarich stretch if you feel compromised slow down and pull in as tight as you can and come to a complete halt. If the oncoming vehicle hits you they are at fault. This stretch has been upgraded quite a bit cutting out the more tighter parts but be aware of falling boulders on the edge of the road land side not loch side. Even to this day they still seem to work loose due to winter rain and can be a hazard. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. Always envy first timers in the highlands as you are in for a treat. ..... GAS. ...
  6. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Cowboy Dealers

    Yip. .. One of my New Year resolutions . ..to keep well clear from them. ... It's a sad world we live in unfortunately. .. GAS . ..
  7. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Car battery replacement?

    Yip found out recently to my horror for the wife's Fiat 500. Thing is I have never had the pleasure in witnessing the stop start function working. Think the battery was the best part of £150 Squid !!! GAS . ..
  8. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    I think I need a new windscreen

    Only had my Mercedes 2 days and "bink" stone chip on ma windscreen but at the very edge right above my rear view mirror position on the window. Has no impact on my vision what so ever but still a nuisance. When I picked up my S Type Jaguar many moons ago another 'bink" but this time the stone chip took a chunk a paint off the bonnet . ... ARGHHH !!! Seems the more you care for your "steed" the more damage you get. ... Maybe its just me ! GAS . ......
  9. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    What you carry a 150kg gas cylinder ?? GAS . ..
  10. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    How much damage do you think this would have done to a caravan ?

    Never mind the width hazard CD a corrugated flat roof is just a big sail. I would be more concerned the roof coming away due to the under draft and hitting other road users. A dangerous load indeed. .. GAS . ...
  11. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    Seems an awffey lot of bother just to save a couple a squid. With combi cookers, electric truma heating not a thing I will be considering but agree gas is extortianate as I heat my "Man Hut" with one of those gas effect log burners and it eats it up. Being a low user in the van as I'm usually hooked up not something I would be interested in and in a professional capacity being a Firefighter for nearly 40 years this DIY set up is something I do have reservations about. GAS . ..
  12. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Vauxhall amongt the most reliable cars

    Think KIA are value for money in todays market. Had a KIA Ceed for a few years when I gave up the van. Then bought a wee light weight tourer two berth so tow bar on and the Kia Ceed was a smashing wee tug returning excellent MPG . Ditched the KIA for A Mercedes E350 Coupe which is more a weekend car and part time tug but bought a 55 plate Kia Picanto for £800 and now on my third year as a run about. 130,000 on the clock and all I have done is change the oil, put a new set of tyres on, new exhaust flexi pipe and a bulb. Fill it with logs, do skip runs, etc. A smashing wee basic motor that just goes on and on. ... GAS . ..
  13. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Did Santa bring you anything caravan related?

    Very nice. .. Have the E350 Coupe . A big comfy barge with with edge when required. .. GAS. ...
  14. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Did Santa bring you anything caravan related?

    Nope !!
  15. Grumpy Auld Smeesh

    Which Club should I join?

    Find them both too expensive and standards are falling behind the commercial sites I use. Still pay my C&CC Membership but don't think I have been on one of their sites in 5 years. Keep it for when I go South of the border. .. In my experience smaller family run sites are more desirable but that's just me. .. GAS . ..