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  1. Totally agree.. Bending the Rules to suit themselves and totally selfish attitude. I know of two Sites who are NOT taking Bookings from higher tier areas...
  2. A total non -starter... Labour will be in Power by then and the same goes for the E vehicle nonsense...
  3. Nothing to do with you ... Obviously a curtain twitcher ....
  4. .... and let's not forget the "Newbies" to the caravan fraternity who have joined to learn so the caravan wheel of knowledge will continuously go round and round and round and round .......... GAS .....
  5. Was sharing a pint with Billy Mc Fadyen last Saturday night. Now a Millionaire... Aye there's money in widd Ancell....🙄 ⛽....
  6. Hello Angie , aye you will get a nice wee starter van well within your budget. I have seen wee 2005 belters going for 3 and a half grand upwards on the private market but can practically double in price in a dealership. This time of year historically as the season ends the private market can blossom but the staycation newbies may have put a dent on that one. As Gordon stated service history and a thorough damp check and I mean thorough is a must. For example I recently went back to the fold after giving it all up and bought a lovely spotless wee 2009 2 berth Elddis . Really just
  7. Brilliant.... Aye just past what used to be the auld Families Club. Great Bar and mixed ranks.... You know when the Camp shut down the married quarters went on the market and you could have bought a 2 bedroom semi detached or terraced for as cheap as a new caravan today even cheaper . 😄 Also it may have been a RAF camp but the difference due to it being relatively small manning wise it held a kind a family atmosphere every one knowing every one. Even the CO would pick you up in his staff car for a lift ... Never ever have that in the bigger camps... Aye great memories... Gas.
  8. Jeezo Silver. Sorry to see this... Not read all the post's but seeing it's in the hands of the loss adjuster I would move on . Just hope there was no personal stuff dear to your heart left in the van . ... Think a mind reading that you had just bought a caravan satellite system and and that 6 berth air awning .... ... Yi know I'm only kidding... GAS ....
  9. A couldn't care less Klyne. As all ready the stated attitudes of some motor homers are the ones creating the issues. Hopefully something will be done as I would hate to see a repeat of this seasons blatant vandalism in some of the most picturesque parts of Scotland. Well anywhere in the UK to be honest... We indeed live in a very selfish world.... GAS ...
  10. ....and so do I .... Did two Tours at Mach and consider myself kind a hawf local... Even rented a flat in Burnside St right across from the Burnside Bar and was nice to see the building has had a face lift. It's just such a shame to see the demise of the Wee Toon with a lot of industry and manufacturing either pulling out or simply closing down. When the Air Base Closed for ever that was the final nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned as it fed and watered a lot of smaller companies associated with camp. Was in the Ugadale Saturday and Sunday for the footy then a lovely w
  11. When in the 70's Odds ? I was Posted there in 1978.... May know your Dad... GAS ...
  12. The locals are calling it "Dirty Camping" and are already dreading next years Tourist Trade. As I stated before maybe if us Caravanners started parking here there and everywhere maybe the bedlam would high light the issue. Why do the MH Fraternity get away with the flippant parking but we would get classed as members of the Traveling Tribe and no doubt get asked to move on... ? GAS .....
  13. Honest to God Gordon the parking area was " to the beak " . large parking area adjacent to an old church . Was like a Motorhome showroom. Suppose we will just have to live with it but there should be far more legislation and Policing . Bring back the Game Warden / Beach Warning ? Vehicle registration taken and a fixed penalty. So simple.....🚐🚐🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓 ⛽......
  14. A see the Kent on Line were stating the residents of Walmer are only one click away from getting motorhomes banned from the seafront for 5 years . Apparently the local residents have had enough of the carnage they leave behind. Got me thinking and I know there is a minority in all walks that spoil it for the " Good Guys " but I'm starting to have mixed feelings on these so called Wild Campers 😏 I passed a car park in Tarbet nr Loch Lomond last night on the way down to Kintyre and I kid you not , it looked like a Storage site .They were that tightly parked I wondered if you c
  15. Well I'm finally here at one of my top 3 sites being sunny Machrihanish and its busy . Was a late arrival tonight being 1030pm after being stuck up in Dundee in the lorry at 0400pm. Latest I have ever been but had phoned ahead and was told to go on the late arrival pitch but as usual the Warden / Owner looked after auld GAS on arrival and had a pitch for me so let me quietly set nr the entrance so as not to disturb a peaceful site. Was going to give it a miss after a stressful day delivering to building sites but that extra mile was worth it and the road was so quiet especially se
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