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  1. Thanks, yes it is the Grillogas, at least I know it can’t be done, I just thought it was easier when it’s vertical
  2. Bit of a basic question, my wife bought me a Cadac, but when I attach the lid to the side it almost covers it, And you can’t get to the food properly, I’ve seen pictures where people have it vertical on the side but I can’t get mine like that.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense, we just have a standard setup, I thought it would have been a good way to keep my beers cool
  4. It’s the fridge that’s in the caravan we have an Unicorn Cadiz S4 and it comes with a solar panel, not sure of the watts
  5. We are on a seasonal pitch and was thinking of putting the fridge on battery when we aren’t here, will the solar panel keep the battery charged enough to keep the fridge working?
  6. No it’s not, but we asked if it would be ok and was told as long as it was neat and tidy it’s fine, it looks better than when we started. It is, it’s a 480 all season, it’s nice to know you’ve had yours up for so long, we will probably take it down in November as we won’t be going to the van as much, as it gets busy at work, but it all depends on the weather
  7. ‘I found it on eBay then rang the company for a better price, we have 3, each one has 6x (might be 8) 2ft square pieces https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pet-Dog-Pen-Puppy-Rabbit-Foldable-Playpen-Indoor-Outdoor-Enclosure-Run-Cage/191977597615?hash=item2cb2c1aaaf:m:mKpZvIwtRIV729y1i1E7dMQ
  8. I wasn't happy with the awning part pitched on the grass, so we have spent this weekend extending the size of our pitch
  9. I will take a picture when we go back this weekend, they are angled away from the awning, also each corner has an 12” spike holding them in
  10. Just really wanting to know how much give in the sides there should be, as Jaydug said they shouldn’t be too tight, as we have never had one and will only be here at weekends, I don’t want it floating away during the week
  11. It’s not full size, I’ve attached a picture, there is a bit at the edge of the pitch where it goes to grass, one of our neighbors has cut away some grass, it looks like the pitches are bigger than they are, just some of the grass has over grown.
  12. We have recently bought our first awning and spent most of yesterday putting it up, and a few hours today retentioning everything and moving pegs around to try and tighten things up. We are on a seasonal pitch we want it to be right as it’s going to be up for quite a few months. The poles seem very solid and don’t look to be moving when the wind gets up, but the front and side are flapping a bit, do they need to be tight? Is there usually much movement in them?
  13. That is what we have decided, we have been looking at Dorema ones today, a lot cheaper than an air awning as well.
  14. This year we decided to leave our van on a site, and plan to use it most weekends, we have never had an awning, the sun canopy has always been fine for us, but we are getting a bit confused with them, I think we have decided on the Kampa Club Air Pro 390, but have also looked at the Rally which seems a bit cheaper, I can’t find any really difference between them apart from the style, does any one know what the differences are? Also will these be ok left erected for a few months?
  15. We are on a site at the moment and a someone pulled up next to us, unhooked and went, leaving a couple of lads with the van, anyway watching them set up they started using a ratchet spanner to put the steadies down, it took them ages so I went out and lent them my drill, talking to him it was his first trip out, he doesn’t have a towing licence so his mate dropped him off, a bit more chat and I said any more problems just ask. Next at thing I looked out and he was on the roof of the van feeding the awning through the rail, I’ve never seen it done like that before I guess we was all new once.
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