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  1. Cadeside. CMC though, not services.
  2. SamD’s is a compressor cool boxes which are the best and the most expensive. We had one for years but it was just too big and heavy for the use we got from it. We were on a site a few years ago when a van caught fire. It was totally destroyed in about five minutes.
  3. Yesterday I was going to say that it looked to me as though the caravan was on its side but decided not to.
  4. Planning a few days on a remote E York’s farm. Here’s the nearest beach. https://apple.news/AZWUr6t8hTHirrVPTJYholg
  5. Hesitate to ask this but is the clock on the Alde control panel set to the right time? On some vans it needs to be put right every time the van power has been switched off.
  6. My vehicles with aviva went up over £150. Saga a bit better cover but still up overall.
  7. But I didn’t get a reminder. My wife did last year.
  8. Applied for my renewal a couple of weeks ago and it was three days before it arrived. Amazing.
  9. I haven’t been flying for 24 years now. I miss it so much that once or twice a month I sit under the stairs all night and read the electricity meter every hour.
  10. Discovered Duchy Baking Potatoes. Only ones in stock at the beginning of lockdown and absolutely delicious
  11. Or, more likely, the van’s chassis, but I think you can get a sort of shock absorber towing hitch to get round that problem.
  12. Not strictly caravan related but our friend (serious kidney problems) received a letter today (along with 1,499,999 others) telling him what to do during the present situation. Confidence in the system withers a bit with the knowledge that he died 10 years ago. How many of the stretched facilities are being wasted this way?
  13. I should have said in my earlier post that sound on the Avtex (I think ours is an 18” set) is perfectly acceptable to us. I think some of the new sets have twin tuners, ie watch one record another.
  14. Main reasons for Avtex are 12v, DVD player and really good customer service. You can get a good enough model from almost anywhere. John Lewis online would be a good place to start.
  15. We were hooked up and ready to go last Sunday but cancelled. It was nothing to do with the caravanning side of things but we thought that if anything did go wrong (we are a gnat’s whisker short of 80) we were better at home than 200 miles away.
  16. Had a weird email yesterday confirming my cancellation of a booking in autumn. Hadn’t cancelled but it seems the club has closed a small number of volunteer run sites. All understandable but I hope they come back on the network when this is all over. We suggested that the club allow those members affected (don’t misread that!) to transfer their bookings to a regular site but with a goodwill discount of the price difference. We hope the club closes all facilities on all club sites to improve the safety of our staff. Booking in and other office contact can be done ‘bank
  17. I get better mpg towing with my X3 30D than I did solo with my Freelander 2!
  18. If you’re thinking of the M Sport 2L I would recommend going down a model to the X Line and up an engine to the 3L for the same outlay.
  19. Don’t forget the insurance aspect if you have a discount for ALKO ATC.
  20. A gnome on Orkney. I loved that gnome!
  21. Just strike them before use.! I think match sticks are the only way to go. Anything else can be too hard or too permanent. The trick is not to overtighten. Really worried when I read the title of this thread until I realised that Philips and Pozidrive were involved.
  22. Now there’s posh. A handle for each aqua roll!
  23. So we’ve established that the speed limit when towing a caravan in the UK is 60 mph on a motorway or dual carriageway or 50 on a single carriageway unless there is a lower speed limit in force!
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