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  1. Don’t forget the insurance aspect if you have a discount for ALKO ATC.
  2. A gnome on Orkney. I loved that gnome!
  3. Just strike them before use.! I think match sticks are the only way to go. Anything else can be too hard or too permanent. The trick is not to overtighten. Really worried when I read the title of this thread until I realised that Philips and Pozidrive were involved.
  4. Now there’s posh. A handle for each aqua roll!
  5. So we’ve established that the speed limit when towing a caravan in the UK is 60 mph on a motorway or dual carriageway or 50 on a single carriageway unless there is a lower speed limit in force!
  6. Cadeside or Exeter Racecourse if you’re in the club.
  7. I think you will find that you could override the limiter.
  8. I've been doing this for years using an iPad with an Apple Lightning to HDMI connector which also has a power connection. The cable isn't cheap (It's Apple!) but I would be wary of a a non Apple unit. Except ===== If you have the latest iPad with USBC then the cost of the cable is much higher. There is a good quality Anker alternative but it doesn't have the power throughput. Another alternative is an Apple TV (series 3 and above I think) and Airplay to it. You don't need a network, I think it's called personal hotspot or peer to peer. Should have said that I use it to play stuff from my iTunes library.
  9. Not so. If OP is permanently on mains then a leisure battery is not needed. No need for deep cycling. Constant top up like a regular car is ok.
  10. U2 tyres were often remoulds and were not generally bothered by the low temperatures usually found above 60,000 feet.
  11. I agree with the above. To my mind, the heaviest task is emptying the waste master. By its very nature you are carrying a good half of the weight yourself. Emptying it twice a day would help there. Also, many CL owners are happy for you to empty the grey water in the hedges so that is another thing to consider.
  12. Got the car today. The circuit for trailer control is active. Thanks for all your help.
  13. Or go to Saga insurance for £230 for exactly same cover as MCC for £410!
  14. Van is just filament lights. Was concerned that car is LED lights but it seems my setup won’t be a problem.
  15. Thanks for that. I found that the MCC insurance doesn’t accept BMW’s stability control for a discount. I was therefore faced with a bill of up to £1500 to have the car wiring ‘completed’ or just have the discount taken off my insurance and pay an extra £85 a year which would have been my choice.
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