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  1. Anyone on here tow with one of these (113 bhp)? Thinking of getting one early next year but want to know what they are like to live with/tow?
  2. Anyone tow with a Nissan X-trail 2. 2 2001-2004 112bhp version. Looking at buying one early next year but wondered what they are like.
  3. What is the general opinion on using a caravan cover? Thought I'd give it a polish but do they trap moisture? Don't want to fork out for one if most people don't bother for whatever readon😳
  4. Thanks, I've ordered a complete jockey wheel setup minus the clamp, hopefully this will do the job.
  5. I have a 8'' solid jockey wheel but it easily digs in to the gravel making it a pain to manuever so thought about putting a pneumatic wheel on, any thoughts am I wasting time and money, the van weighs 1100kg.
  6. As I'm new to caravanning what should I be doing before I put it into winter storage? I know I must drain all the water but is there anything else, what about the battery, upholstery, gas? Might be a daft question and I apologise in advance. Might get away beginning of November for one last weekend😀
  7. Thanks, the cowl is in a cupboard, I'll put it on in the morning then turn it off at bedtime, many thanks.
  8. Going on first outing this weekend, it's a gas only water heater do I just leave it on all the time? Or do I turn it off overnight then back on in the morning? Might seem like a daft question but only used to combo boilers in my house,
  9. Thanks, the bullfinch option looks good, didn't realise when you buy cool box they come with a 230 to 12 v transformer so just a 240v socket would do😀.
  10. Thanks, good idea, have a switch that says aux but didn't know what that was for ! Will see if there is airing diagram for my van.
  11. Hi about to go on first outing😳, bought a small 8' sq awning and would like to leave cool box/music in there so looking for best/neatest options. If I can get a flush mounted socket with both 12/240 v that would be great as there is a 12/240 v socket inside van so assume I could piggy back then to the new socket? Need to get it done in the next couple of months while its at my mates house. Any places where U could source parts I need ?
  12. Looking this morning and halfords 40ltr looks good value at £80
  13. Thanks for the quick response, as they don't appear to cool down drinks/food I'll stick will a cool bag/box as it's mainly for keeping stuff cool whilst we arrive at sites, my mate suggested just filling caravan fridge with ice packs and putting food and drink in there to get to site?
  14. Hi don't know if this is in the correct forum but just buying a few things and thought about a cool box. Has anyone tried/have one and are they any good, reliable? If so which one. Don't fancy spending £100 on a load of rubbish.
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