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  1. Thank you. . I’m using the Milenco nose weight scale - the only thing is I’ve never managed it without being onto gravel, but I try and kick all the lose stones away to get the scale onto compact ground. If I put a piece of 4x1 under then that evens it out, and reduces the nose weight reading by around 5kg. The mover is 30kg, then I’ve allowed 20kg for the battery, 25kg for awning, 15kg for Aquaroll and Wastemaster, 5kg for bedding, 5kg for plates and 5 for pans (we’ve only the minimum lightweight stuff). We don’t stores clothes or food /drinks. Ok - that’s 105kg (good point!), but I use Calorlite not the 16kg bottle allowed in MRO, and I make sure everything inc toilet is fully drained. Was thinking of a weigh bridge but I still think I’ve a fair bit off 175kg payload. Tyre pressures are correct for the fully laden car as given on the door pillar (there’s nothing extra in the book on special towing pressure)…
  2. So - I’m after some advice please. I’ve a 2014 Mercedes E class estate (7 speed tiptronic auto) e220, and am towing a new Lunar Quasar 586. We’re brand new to it, I’ve never towed with any other combination. Car to van ratios are fine, it’s around 71%, nose weight around 90kg (the mercedes is listed at 84kg but I’m new and I’m struggling to get it that low), and am well within GTW of around 4450 kg. I’m getting a really pully, tuggy type ride, usually on the 40 mph type A roads. Motorways at 50mph I don’t notice it, but as soon as I leave the motorway then it’s not smooth at all, car jerking and even my wife remarked what a terrible road surface it was - but the surface was fine, it was the towing. I’m stuck. There’s not much extra in the van (payload is 175kg and even if I’m pessimistic there’s only 100kg added in). Oddly, another caravaner asked me last week what the ride was like and whether it pulled and tugged. I said it did, and he told me he towed with an A4 tiptronic box that was horrible; he never realised how bad it was until he changed his car. Any ideas? Or is it normal? Cheers!
  3. We use Robarn Caravans in High Legh on Withers Lane- it's Cassoa Gold and a reasonable price. But best of all it's around 3 mins from the M6 / M56 interchange which is perfect for easy access. Hope that helps.
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