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  1. Ok so we bought our caravan 4 months ago and have been away in it 5- 6 times. We have 2 more outings planned and are thinking of going away over Christmas (shame there's not enough room for the mother in law) ;-) However the big question is should we get a cover for the van or should we just give it a good polish? I should point out that the van is in storage in a open compound and gets parked near fir trees. My thoughts are 'yes get a cover' but have heard that they can cause damage. Any thoughts are welcome,and also if you can suggest any sites that are open over christmas please let me know Many Thanks on both counts Mark
  2. The good lady and myself have a Bailey Pageant Bretagne 2010. and are puzzled as to where to position the little levelling gadget. The hitch has a domed plastic cover over it and I'm unsure where to put it (nice suggestions only) We have tried putting it on the worktop above the fridge but this is giving inconsistent results. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  3. We aren't members of any club and use the serch site listed above, however there is also pitchup. com Its a good site and you can narrow the choice down by ticking search criteria so you can find your ideal site. Either way use them, do some research and go enjoy yourself. Regards from another noobe
  4. I am, as we speak waiting for my usual tow bar fitter (we have 2 cars both with tow bars) to come along and fit the 2nd 7 pin socket to go to the caravan. It may seem unusual but i'm mindful that I may need to tow a trailer in the future and so it would be more practical to avoid the 13 pin system and stick with the converter. Whilst this may be completely the opposite of your plan the point i'm trying to make is that if you use a local mobile tow bar fitter the chances are that he/she will know what they are doing and more often than not be cheaper than going to larger companies such as indepension. £45 to fit and £25 for the adaptor is still cheaper than trying to fit one yourself and mucking it up in my experience
  5. After being an avid camping family for many years we have decided to move to caravanning. I thought I would know a lot of the terms and equipment but alas no. With this in mind I have a few questions and if you, the reader of this thinks that you have some advice to impart please feel free as all info is gratefully received. So Here goes. ! We have only just purchased the 'van and I already have a towbar but it has a standard flange towball on it (50mm) I am due to pick it up in 10 days time but am worried about the towing equipment on my car. . Our new 2010 Bailey Pageant has an alko stabilizer with an added atc? stabilizer system. When I asked the salesman at The Caravan Company he said that it would be fine as long as I removed the grease (I also tow a trailer for a local scout group) and sanded off the black paint. Is this correct? I don't mind buying another towball but would hate to turn up to pick it up and not be able to! With this in mind do you also need a specially designed security hitchlock to accompany it? Another thing is: How important are motor movers? I've read that they are essential and a friend of mine claims that you can't camp without one, however Ours doesn't have one and I'm not sure I can justify the money to fit one if I don't need it. Also: Leisure Batteries. We plan on only really using sites with EHU, the caravan has a 100 amp battery included in the price (part of a starter pack we purchased) the big question is should I try and get a bigger better battery or even invest in a solar panel for the few times we camp on a site without said EHU? I mean how long would my current battery last with just day to day running, not much TV and just the led lights? And finally: I am a member on Pitchup. com, UKCS and use Cades but are there any more campsite finding websites that I have not heard of. I know The Caravan Club and The Camping and caravanning Club have access to their campsites but I was wondering if there are any more unbiased websites to search through? Thank you to anyone who has read through what may seem the most basic of questions and to anyone who may give me an idea of what is what.
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