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  1. Just had our 4th trip caravanning. Had 5 nights in North wales and I think it's something we will certainly stay with. Yes, we love our holidays abroad but this caravanning lark is great. Still learning, but enjoying learning by the same rule. .. Took our daughter and 3 year old grandson with us and they loved it. .Here's to many more future trips and seeing this wonderful country. .
  2. Just out of interest - I towed with a Zafira petrol. However, I changed to a 2. 0 litre Zafira tourer diesel and to be honest there is no comparison. I understand that you want and maybe prefer petrol. I had petrol cars all my life and the Zafira tourer is my first ever diesel. .Certainly better in my opinion for towing. I also find it more economical. ..
  3. Took our Chatsworth out for 5 days to North Wales. What I noticed was that during the night the pump would switch on as if a tap was opened - It's the Whale pump. Just wondered if anybody else had noticed that or whether it is normal. .I switched the pump off for a couple of nights - right or wrong? Still pretty new to caravanning so still learning things. .
  4. Exactly the same on my Elddis Chatsworth. Noticed it this weekend. Must get the think looked at under warranty.
  5. Thanks - yes, it was almost instant! I'm wondering whether it was empty on picking it up. I just assumed I'd wait about a minute or so before the water spluttered through and the tank would have filled. I checked everything and all seemed well. I've drained off fully now so in a couple of weeks I'll see if the problem happens again. Also, how do you know there is water in the tank? WEverything else was working fine. Thanks again Wilf
  6. Hi I have just got an Elddis Chatsworth 515 and took it out for the first time this weekend. I thought the set up would have been the sameish as my other van was. However, I had no hot water all weekend. I set up as normal - Got water, pump in, mains on, heater switch on, 230v on. Once I turned my tap on to draw through it was flowing instantly. Can anybody let me know what went wrong and how do I get the water heater filled? Thanks
  7. Thanks everybody - the car I'm thinking of buying is a Zafira Tourer 2. 0 CDTi (165) SRi auto with a max towing weight of 1450kgs. My van is 1400 heaviest so should be a breeze for this car I would say. ..
  8. Hello - Just wondered if anybody is towing with a Zafira Tourer and what they think. . I'm thinking of getting a 2 litre Zafira tourer. . Thanks
  9. Brilliant - Thanks everybody. I've got a few ideas now. ..As for the licence, I passed my test in 1978 so no worries with new rules. . Thanks again. .
  10. Hello I'm pretty new to caravanning and just done a couple of small trips with 3 more booked for the summer. I bought a second hand Lunar Solar 524 and tow it with a 12 plate Zafira 1600 NAV. However, i'm not sure it is the ideal car but does the job adequately. I know I will upgrade the caravan in the next 12 months and will stick with a single axle 4 berth. What I would like to know is what would be an ideal car for towing without spending silly money. . Thanks
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