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  1. Haven't been to a show for a couple of years, so looking forward to seeing everything !
  2. Hi all We bought a 2nd hand caravan in June this year a 2004 Swift Charisma and it was immaculate inside and out, however after during our 2nd trip out with her we opened the caravan door to an awful what I can only describe like cat wee smell! Having traced it back to the bathroom it appears to be coming from the carpet around the Thetford toilet although it isn't wet. I got down on my hands and knees to have a sniff and nearly passed out with the smell! The only other thing I am worried about is that we we entered the caravan I realised I had left roof vent open in the bathroom from our last trip ( we pitch and store on site) and there had been a lot of rain during visits, but there was tarp on the bathroom floor as I store the waste master in there so I can't see how any damp got on the carpet and how the roof vent is designed I can't see how water would get in anyway but maybe the damp air activated the carpet smell? The carpet is not a removable one so my question is how to clean it? the van is now in winter storage so I am dreading opening her up in the Spring with that smell!! Any advice appreciated. Thanks Sarah
  3. Hi, I need to get a towbar fitted to my 2014 64 plate Citroen Picasso as soon as possible. We had waited over 2 weeks for an appointment with Broadland towbars but when we turned up they had got the wrong bar in as apparently our car had the new chassis with side fixing points. Can't now fit us in for another 2 weeks even though it's their fault and we really want to make the most of this good weather. Eas thinking about using a mobile service but we need the specific wiring kit etc for warranty and vehicle instrument features etc and don't know if they would do this? Indespension wired our last car up wrong, long story but needless to say we won't use them again. Can anyone recommend someone please and thank you.
  4. No unfortunately so we may have to postpone trip but I will pull out draw to have a look, thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi, we have a 2003 Swift Celeste which we have just acquired. On cleaning through the water system before our first trip we discovered water dripping from near side wheel arch from kitchen side onto floor. There is also a small amount of water in the inside cupboard where I can see wheel arch and also where all the gas taps are. How can I trace the leak as I can't remove any draws (is there a special Knack!?), or the Thetford fridge to see what's behind. Any advice greatly received. We do have a service engineer coming out soon so should I leave it to him?
  6. Hi everyone. Being previous tenters and folding camper owners we have now bought a 2004 Swift Celeste 194 in mint condition. Very excited about being caravan owners and I am sure our 6 year old daughter will love it too!
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