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  1. Thanks for the advice folk! I think I will just pay it myself through our local repair shop, they are good guys and appear to know what they are doing!
  2. My thoughts as well, I once claimed on car insurance for the theft of a spare wheel (mounted under a Santa Fe), and have more than paid for the £800 value of the new wheel and mount since in higher premiums!
  3. Last summer we caught the side of our caravan at the check in kiosk of Irish Ferries in Dublin-basically, they had parked vehicles close to the kiosk exit, leaving very little room to get a long outfit through-I was being very careful and keeping an eye on the right side but the ‘over-swing’ of the long single axle wagon caught the off-side rear corner on their open gate. Irish Ferries needed someone on the ground directing long outfits to a different kiosk but it was all extremely disorganised. I took pics and have been corresponding with Irish Ferries in the hope that they might offer some compensation but they have now said that they won’t take any responsibility. My local service/repair shop say it will cost £6/700 to fix and mentioned insurance-but, it raised the question of whether this might be covered by my car insurance as I was towing at the time, or my caravan insurance. It may be too late to claim anyway as it happened some months back but it got me thinking-anyone any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the info folks! Unless We bomb out of Europe whilst we are away I hope we are pretty well prepared!
  5. Recently purchased a 3 year old XC60 Lux Nav, 2.0 190, towed around 110 miles at Easter and it was great, no shortage of pull, solid on the road, though conditions were calm. I never intend to be towing over a field so FWD was all that I need, loving driving it and £30 road tax is a nice bonus! Very happy so far, which I would need to be as we are heading through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia soon!
  6. After months of planning we are heading off soon on our Big Trip through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and just wanted to confirm some road advice. I know we require a vignette for Austria and Slovenia but do we require a vignette for Germany and Croatia? On past experience, is it better to try and purchase the vignette before entering the country (as in, when leaving France close to the German order etc), or is it acceptable to stop at the first garage where, I think they can be purchased? Cheers for any advice forthcoming!
  7. My tuppence worth, I quite often use the showers in the washrooms but my wife wouldn’t be without our on board shower-it’s a good shower and everything is to hand, why walk to the washrooms, especially if you are on a fully serviced pitch? Also, on the odd occasion that we have been away in colder weather, there is nothing better than hopping straight into the shower if I have been out mountain biking or running in the cold, invariably my wife has been sitting with the heater on so everything is cosy-wouldn’t dream of walking to the washrooms!
  8. Thanks for the replies, obviously there aren’t many on this forum who tow with the 2. 0l version! Undecided. ..........🤔
  9. . .............and if you sail in and out of N. Ireland, you don’t need pet passports! Just your ferry price and fuel costs the same as anywhere else in the UK!
  10. If you are travelling from Scotland into either Belfast or Larne you simply have to do the Causeway Coast route towards Giants Causeway, voted best road trip in the world by Lonely Planet and is simply stunning with good roads! You can head North, lots of great Campsite’s, then head over the border to Donegal, roads aren’t as good but scenery is again stunning and you will have the ‘step back in time’ experience-beaches are world class and virtually empty! https://www. ireland. com/en-us/destinations/northern-ireland/county-antrim/articles/belfast-causeway-coast-lonely-planet-2018/
  11. It’s time to change my car and we were thinking of a 2016 Volvo XC60 but not the widely recommended 2. 4 litre model, does anyone have any towing experience with the less powerful 1969cc front wheel drive model? Is the R design less recommended as a towcar? I have had 3 1/2 trouble free years with the excellent Hyundai Santa Fe but quite fancy a change!
  12. That’s great info folks, especially the info regarding inland Slovenia Burstneraddict! We’d be very interested in this area, thanks!
  13. Thanks again folks! Loving your blog Belle, you’ve done a lot of the things we are planning 😁 Once we get a few more plans made I may be asking some more questions!
  14. Thanks Blackpool Belle, Camping Grubhof is in deed the site we have chosen in Lofer, great to hear some firsthand experience and I will be reading your blogs (and no doubt asking more questions!). Thanks to you too Not So Big John, I’ll be investigating some of the sites you mention and might be asking you some more questions as well, we still haven’t nailed down our plan for Croatia as yet!
  15. Thanks Bubble, sorry to hear your trip didn’t work out, I hope your wife’s health has improved! We have spotted a lovely looking site in a little ski village called Lofer which is an easy day trip to Salzburg but we may stop near Innsbruck on our return journey!
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