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  1. Wow! That is a lot more response than I expected. Thanks to you all. Basically I think for our relatively modest usage of a few hundred Mb a week we had best continue grumpily paying the Caravan Club! Rod
  2. Hi folks This is new to me but I am fed up with Caravan Club wifi. It costs me £50 a year and here at Black Horse Farm Dover it keeps dropping out. They call it a ‘Gold’ site so what is the signal like elsewhere. It should be free anyway! But my question relates to dongles or mobile routers. We both have mobile phones but our joint monthly allowance is a paltry 2.5gb. Can anyone tell me the best way to get a decent wifi signal on most Caravan Club sites for several devices. Is a Trip Mate Titan a benefit as a couple of neighbours have these. Or should we get higher Gb from our smart phone providers. I can’t seem to get. BTFon anywhere on a Club site so I expect that avenue is blocked (especially as there is a phone box (remember those) on this site.) Thanks for reading. Rod
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