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  1. We stop at Camping L'Escale which is about 200 yards off the A16, at Wacquinghen, junction 34. They have an area for "one nighters" just by reception. Units can leave at all times of the night (and arrive!). They have good facilities, and cafeteria. Distance to tunnel is about 20km.
  2. The new range is even heavier, with measly payloads. I will look elsewhere at the show for our next van!
  3. One is tempted to insist that, before taking delivery, we insist on our new caravan being weighed empty, to ensure we are getting the full, measly, 155kgs promised in the shiny new brochure!
  4. Spotter info on Bailey site re updated Unicorn range, with black decals, wheels and minor internal changes. Will be interested to find out if the payloads can be upgraded!
  5. We are looking at replacing our 2 berth with a 4 berth fixed bed van. The payload of the current crop of Unicorn 4 berth single axles cannot be increased, nor could the previous crop of Pegasus models. My target is a payload of around 150kg after fitting of mover, battery and solar. Will be studying the coming 2020 models carefully!
  6. There is a video on U tube featuring Mr Briggs putting up a large Isabella awning on his own from start to finish. It was only after watching this that I followed his method for the most part, resulting in a neater awning going up quicker! If only I'd seen it 6 years ago.............
  7. My 2013 Honda CRV had symmetrical dipped pattern headlights, so no action was needed when we went to France. Changed the car nearly 2 years ago, with the "updated" blinged up front with smaller lenses, chrome surrounds etc. Guess what, now I have to get the scissors out and tape off certain areas of the lenses. So much for progress!
  8. You can get the exact same straps, branded "Fasty", from Roofbox.co.uk I can second the good performance when used with the awning frame. We experienced very high winds in the Southern Rhone valley last year, with no problems.
  9. Mike, the blog is very good news for us, as we're off for a tour of Extremadura next May (not using the van, but by air to Madrid, then to Zafra, Caceres, Trujillo). We'll save Avila and Segovia for the year after, God willing. Great photos by the way!
  10. We were atCAMC Baltic Wharf earlier this week. Watched the occupants of a campervan opposite allow their beast to dump on the grass right next to their neighbour's caravan!
  11. If your route takes you down the A20 autoroute, try the municipal at Vatan. Huge pitches, reasonable facilities, and just off the motorway. The only downside is there's limited places to eat after 7. 00 pm
  12. We had a lovely week on Churchill Farm site, near Buckfast abbey. Only 15 pitches, with EHU, toilets and good walking from the site. Totnes is about 35 minutes away, Plymouth about 45 minutes.
  13. We have to do it on next Sunday morning! French roads shown as yellow on the map can be great, or awful, especially the ones with high camber, and complete with potholes to test Alko's finest suspension swing arms! Will post a report from our stopover in Orleans.
  14. Try the Sytche site at Muck Wenlock. A smaller site with about 30to 40 pitches most with hook ups. The site is ideal for walking on Wenlock Edge. Much Wenlock itself is an historic place, and you can walk to a selection of hostelries from the site. Ironbridge is about 15 minutes away.
  15. There is a Tesco Extra in Kettering. I can't remember exactly which junction as there are more than one for the town. You will have to drive off the A14 for about half a mile to get to it. Google their website for info. Hope this helps
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