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  1. When we both worked, we solved this by stopping at a CL at Horndon on the Hill. This Is just off the A13 eastbound, about 8 miles from the M 25 just before the. Elizabeth bridge. Has hook ups only. Good pub/ restaurant in village
  2. For what it's worth, the site we are due to visit in the Rhone valley in mid July contacted us via F B yesterday to say they were now open! ( Special measures for distancing, washing etc). Don't know if the whole site will be operating, or only chalets and caravans. Could be only for local clients outside the red zone i.e no clients from Paris and the Northeast where infection rates have been higher. We're more concerned about possible compulsory quarantine on return to Blighty, if we can proceed with our booking in mid July!
  3. Have a look at Grisport shoes and boots. I'm on my second pair(first still waterproof but soles getting worn after 4 years of use). Vibram soles, very comfortable and durable. Shoes cost about £75 or so.
  4. If you want a canopy that is easy to erect, try an Isabella Shadow. Basically, a sheet of strong polyester with awning bead and 3 glass fibre poles. Ours can be up or down in less than 10 minutes, and provides simple shelter for sun and rain. Various sizes are available. Not cheap, but very durable!
  5. I was a salesperson most of my life. At exit 19 on the M 6, on the shoulder by the lights,there was an astonishing number of large full bottles which went, I believe, under the classification of"driver Tizer"!
  6. Totally agree that Walker products are very high quality! We have a new Weekender sun canopy for our Valencia, and it is well made with material that is a bit heavier that the Isabella equivalent. We went with fibreglass poles. They are made by the same supplier to Isabella. Very good piece of kit and well designed.
  7. Can the forum advise us re porch awning on Unicorn Valencia S4. We would like to know what size other owners use. We do not want an awning that partially obscures any of the windows. Any help appreciated, thanks!
  8. Interesting. When we took out our new 2019 Valencia for the first time in October, we noticed this abrasion on the microwave frame, and when our excellent dealer, Cosford Caravans carried out snagging they replaced the microwave. I must check the frame again this weekend. I' m only a customer, but why did Bailey not fit a microwave with a stainless steel or polished metal interior in the first place?
  9. +1 for this dealer (2019 Valencia, squealing brakes changed 4 weeks after purchase).
  10. Try Gt Kargomax tyres. Had these on a Coachman for 4 years, running at recommended pressure 65psi. Size 185/70 102/104N. No visible evidence of wear or crazing/cracking during time we had the van. Someone on CT I think posted that these are standard fit on Ifor Williams trailers.
  11. We stay in the Rhone valley for a few weeks every year. We know many Belgian and Dutch families who stay on the site we use every year. What they mostly do is store their caravan under cover at a local farm, for about 300-350 Euros per year - this is known as hivernage. A call is made to the farm to take the van to the site, and after the holiday is complete the farm collect it. We have this is mind when/if we are unable/unwilling to tow any more!
  12. We've just part-exchanged a 2 berth 2015 Coachman Vision for a Unicorn Valencia. We decided we wanted a 4 berth with fixed bed, from a dealer near us in Telford. The Coachman was a very good van and we were sorry to see it go. However, we should have bought a Coachman 560 in 2015 with the same layout as the new Valencia! It could be that this is the last 'van we have, due to anypossible possible health issues down the track, or green/climate issues. If it's the last we'll take it to hivernage storage in the south of the Rhone.
  13. We are on our 2nd CRV, and currently have an AWD 17 plate 160 BHP model. I ve never had a problem with the suspension. The geometry seems pretty good, and we usually come back from France with the van at 90kg noseweight, and at least 100 bottles of the Rhones' best wine in the car, distributed between the floor behind the front seats, and the boot. The towball height drops by about 60mm at this load. We do this trip with the tyres set at full load pressure. Hope this helps.
  14. Seriously, try and get an Isabella shadow canopy. We have one and it goes up or down in less than 10 minutes. Various lengths available. Ours, second hand, cost £90!
  15. Is it possible to clamp the mirrors to the underside of the mirror housing? I had to do this on one of my (company) cars.
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