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  1. Mike, the blog is very good news for us, as we're off for a tour of Extremadura next May (not using the van, but by air to Madrid, then to Zafra, Caceres, Trujillo). We'll save Avila and Segovia for the year after, God willing. Great photos by the way!
  2. expackhack

    Caravan and Motorhome Club sites

    We were atCAMC Baltic Wharf earlier this week. Watched the occupants of a campervan opposite allow their beast to dump on the grass right next to their neighbour's caravan!
  3. expackhack

    Overnight stop Calais to Spain

    If your route takes you down the A20 autoroute, try the municipal at Vatan. Huge pitches, reasonable facilities, and just off the motorway. The only downside is there's limited places to eat after 7. 00 pm
  4. We had a lovely week on Churchill Farm site, near Buckfast abbey. Only 15 pitches, with EHU, toilets and good walking from the site. Totnes is about 35 minutes away, Plymouth about 45 minutes.
  5. expackhack

    Problem driving around Chartres?

    We have to do it on next Sunday morning! French roads shown as yellow on the map can be great, or awful, especially the ones with high camber, and complete with potholes to test Alko's finest suspension swing arms! Will post a report from our stopover in Orleans.
  6. expackhack

    Any recommendations for sites in Shropshire

    Try the Sytche site at Muck Wenlock. A smaller site with about 30to 40 pitches most with hook ups. The site is ideal for walking on Wenlock Edge. Much Wenlock itself is an historic place, and you can walk to a selection of hostelries from the site. Ironbridge is about 15 minutes away.
  7. expackhack

    Fuel stops along first half of A14

    There is a Tesco Extra in Kettering. I can't remember exactly which junction as there are more than one for the town. You will have to drive off the A14 for about half a mile to get to it. Google their website for info. Hope this helps
  8. expackhack

    sites near (ish) Corfe castle

    +1 Downshay Farm is charming, been twice in the last 2 years. However, we went after 1st September, as the camping fields are closed on 31st August. As others say, v good walking in the area!
  9. expackhack

    Think ive narrowed it to a CRV or CX5

    Does the CX5 have a spare and jack now? When I checked it in out in 2014 it came with a can of "shaving foam" to repair a puncture. The model I wanted also had the Bose amp gear in the wheel well. I bought a CRV in the end cos I insisted on a spare wheel being carried in the car. (We have 2 berth van, so space is limited in the van) I thought the CX5 was a sharper drive at the time.
  10. expackhack

    Isabella storm straps.

    I bought Fasty straps from Roofbox. co. uk They seem identical to Isabella's product in every respect, except the price of £7. 50 each!
  11. expackhack

    Mercedes Glc 250d Amg Line

    Livi, Please be aware of issues with this car on full steering lock - see Honest John web site for reports
  12. expackhack

    Car Insurance Rant

    Loonarloopy, Try Aplan brokers. After 30+ year as a Rep in a company car, I had to buy my first car ever. Honest John recommended A plan brokers, they got me a good deal. Later on, LV proved to be very competitive
  13. expackhack

    Fridge Gate!

    We returned from our French trip on Sunday with the Olympia (Vision). AT home, we opened the door of the van to discover that the Thetford fridge door was hanging on the floor, held in place by it's lock! Fortunately, not too much mess. The bottom hinge pin, which is threaded into the hinge plate, must have worked loose in transit. (There are some fearsome surface dips on the M25). Photos sent to dealer, awaiting repair, Anybody else had this?
  14. The only terrorists we've experienced are the ones on the autoroutes at weekends. Gotta get to that beach before everyone else. Seriously, we've been to Carcassonne for 14th July fireworks, and are now in the Drome, all is calm and delight!
  15. expackhack

    Fuel After Channel Tunnel French Side

    There is a Total station at the exit to the tunnel. Good luck!