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  1. What a palarva!!! Thanks for your input, Guys ~~~ much appreciated. Got there in the end ~~~ read the link - went to my unit - the Demo mode option was/is NOT available on this model! However, after some faffing about - pressing the 'Display' button did nothing! - BUT - pressing Src and Display together turned the unit OFF. Went back in again and 'inadvertantly' pressed SRC only and it switched off. To confirm - turned ALL power off and went through the entire process again - SRC + Disp had to be pressed together but on relaunching it would switch off by pressing SRC on its own!!! I need to lie down in a darkened room for a while
  2. Nice to know I am not alone ~~~ but it has performed OK until NOW!
  3. Coachman 460/2 VIP: returned from service - a 23 mile each way trip and the only trip so far this Covid year! Have opened the 'van for ventillation during this hot spell and tried the radio (Pioneer DEH-150MPG) as background... The dealer always turns off the Master Power and when switching back on the radio lights up - needs re-tuning - but won't/can't switch OFF - just continuous flashing red LEDs! Holding the 'Src' button for a few seconds is supposed to switch the radio off (always has done) but now won't! And...the initial display is 'English' but working through the menu system the rest of it is Cyrilic !!! Have taken the radio module off the set and reseated but no cure for the above. The only solution - so far - is to take the front panel off until required again but perhaps that still leaves other bits 'in power'??? Would welcome any suggestions for a fix. Ken
  4. If I may jump in here... Coachman 460/2 with Sargent Stinger 310 which appears to be NOT working! Caravan is permanently connected to mains when at home - also has a solar panel fitted which ensures the leisure battery is always in top form. Recently decided to check my alarm after a few disturbances from other 'vans during the night while away. My unit arms and disarms according to beeps from the fob but when 'active' we cannot make the alarm go off/make a noise when entering the 'van and even walking to touch the sensor at the front drawer/locker! The alarm battery is dated September 2016 but I would have thought that irrelevant due to the fully charged leisure battery permanently 'on'. Very puzzling! Any suggestions most welcome. Ken
  5. My Rally Air Pro 330 - now in its third season. The Gale pump inflates to 11 psi in exactly three-minutes. .. Ref the screw adaptor at the inflation end of the hose ~~~ sure it is a brilliant concept but a better system would be to have the same union at the pump-end (two floating unions). I have the greatest of difficulties trying to connect to the inflation point with the hose already connected to the 'Gale'. Connecting the hose to the inflation point first then attempting to connect hose-to-pump sometimes I think it would be easier to rotate the entire awning!
  6. Food for thought if more powerful LEDs are not an option! Thanks.
  7. Oooops! My mistake - 2014 model. .. Thanks for your very fast response - however, I do not see any references to the actual lighting other than saying it is there!
  8. In three days I am about to take my current unit for partex confirmation against a Coachman VIP 460/2. During the initial viewing my wife commented about the 'dim' lighting above the mirror/basin - there are 3 LED modules in the ceiling. ..apart from that she/we love everything else about the 'van. (The shower unit is fitted with an array of nice bright white LEDs.) The Demonstrator said that 'it may be possible' to string some extra LEDs above the mirror and would need to consult the techie guys on this. As I do not have any of the documentation on this 'new' unit and before commiting to any additional screws being inserted into the woodwork I am interested to know if it would be possible to install higher value LEDs into these modules - or any other (simple) method of increasing the lumens in tne gloom! Hoping I can draw on the vast knowledge base here
  9. Hi Guys ~~~ thanks for the interest and comments. .. Will try and find details of Hendon from 'Palace - maybe a call to the site office (?).
  10. Would like to visit the RAF Museum plus Science Museum, etc, etc, etc. ... As a country boy from up t't north would prefer NOT to use the car and partake of public transport and my bus-pass to get around Just wondering how "convenient" the bigger club sites are - smaller CLs seem to be thin on the ground. .. Any and all suggestions appreciated
  11. I always carry a spare water pump. When last changing the 'van I had to purchase a new spare (previous spare different fitting). A short time ago I had a pump failure and when (smugly) opening the package of my spare was somewhat surprised to discover the connection was totally wrong for my Swift Challenger I returned the incorrect pump to the supplying dealership but was refused an exchange or credit as the pump was (technically!) five years old. .. Apart from the package being opened - the pump is unused. Truma Crystal Water Systems: Crystal 3 Maxi Pump Assembly - marked at £39. 95. The bar code numbers are: 46110-01 2916. I have no idea which 'van this pump would fit - photo of connection attached. Anybody with a compatible 'van can have this item for £15. 00 (to include any postage charge).
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